Hair Care Remedies for Sand Dried Hair After Every Beach Sunday

Who likes sand dried hair after an amazing day at the beach?

Nobody does and it’s annoying to even harbour such thoughts during bright sunny days of summer. But the truth remains, how so ever much you love the sun, its ultraviolet rays in addition to the salty beach water will damage your hair a lot. Beach dried hair becomes frizzy, dry, tangled, unmanageable and absolutely a pain at the end of the day.

So what to do to protect your hair from the summer sun? A scarf? Not a pretty fashionable idea. Maybe a braid? Hmmmm, not sexy enough. What then? Maybe some hair care at home.

You can replenish and rejuvenate your hair with some easy hair care remedies post your beachy day and not worry about sand dried hair at all.

  • After a dip in the salty beach water, reach home and prepare some mango mush and apply it like a hair pack on your hair. If mangoes aren’t available, try milk and honey. You’ll get your smooth hair back in the first application.
  • Try olive oil at the ends of your hair strands and leave it for an hour or two. Wash and deep condition your hair after that for smooth hair.
  • Another hair replenishing fruit is avocado. Slice and mash an avocado and apply it as a hair pack to soften your dry hair.
  • Hot carrot oil smoothens dry hair and has lasting effect on them. Wash and dry your hair after beach and apply hot carrot oil overnight for best results.
  • Hair masks (Of a brand you like) twice a week is the mantra for beautiful hair throughout summers. Will save hair from beach dryness as well.
  • For a hair pack after a beach Sunday, try bananas and olive oil massaged well into your hair strands. The massage is relaxing and hair becomes really soft.
  • For super lazy lads, just deep condition your hair for 15-20 minutes after every beach day. Let conditioner be in your hair strands for as long you can let it stay.

Some hair care tips to protect hair from the summer sun and the beach surroundings:

  • Try spraying diluted sun tan lotion in your hair before you get into water. It creates a shield on your hair strands and protects your hair from a lot of damage.
  • You can also comb a deep conditioner throughout your hair strands before you jump into the beautiful beach. Acts as a protective layer and doesn’t let your scalp dry.
  • Try a smoothing serum when at beach. You can apply it more than a couple of times to keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Apply a body butter at the ends of hair strands, tie a bun or a pony tail and splash into the beach without any hitches. Your hair will get wet and salty but the damage will be lesser.

These remedies will moisturize your dry hair to look and feel better. Until then, you can also try stylish hats at the beach. Designer hats by Caffe, Fox, Lost, Odabash, Vitamin A, TLC at Molly Brown’s swimwear are great to protect hair and skin from ultraviolet rays of the scorching summer sun.

Designer Hats for Beach

We suggest, don’t wait for a salon appointment to get your dry frizzy hair fixed. Try some hair remedies at home to rejuvenate your hair and allow them to breathe.

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