June 21st 2014, International Surfing Day for the Soul Surfers


It’s International Surfing Day today and you can’t be missing out the fun at the beaches! Water and waves are the first love of a surfer and International Surfing day is held annually to encourage the sport and bring together soul surfers for some adrenaline rushing rides on the waves. June is also the World Ocean Month, and it’s so apt considering the tempting beaches luring us to take a dip.


International Surfing Day started in 2004 and is celebrated worldwide sporting various beach events. Surf contests, film screenings, beach sports, barbecues and other surf related activities are performed to have a day full of fun and excitement.


A surfer or not, 5 things you must do this International Surfing Day are:


  • Go surfing. It’s adventurous, exciting and worth a try!
  • Participate in beach activities/sports if you’re not a surfer.
  • Read and learn more about oceans and why surfers love what they do.
  • Read about surf etiquettes (interesting) and share them with your surfer/non-surfer friends.
  • Hit the beach with your friends, grab a beer, cheer the surfers riding the waves and have a fun day.


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Also, Molly Brown’s has a stunning rashguard swimwear collection to woo the ladies. The rashguard swimsuits by Pily Q and Vitamin A are ideal for a surfing day at the beach. For men, Lightning Bolt swimwear has boardshorts designed for utmost comfort when taking a dip in the water. So, let the water lover in you shed all inhibitions and dive in the ocean to experience waves in full current.




Have a great surfing day! Meet people and enjoy surfing stories from people around you.


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