Look What We Fetched For You From the 2014 Salon Allure Tradeshow!

Molly Brown’s feels so privileged to be partnering with the 2014 Salon Allure! Not only did we get an up close and truly amazing view of the show but also some of the high-fashion pieces due for the 2015 swimwear season. All the Salon Allure bikinis and one pieces available with us will be shipped in early November of this year and can only be pre-ordered for now.


But that’s good enough! Believe us when we tell you that selecting their designs wasn’t easy at all! We were bombarded with glossy, glamorous and true blue beach fashion like never before! If the Salon Allure is to be considered then the 2015 swimwear fashion will be a shot with an unprecedented emphasis on personality and character. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this Issa de Mar 006 stunning number and you’ll know that the future, a year from now, belongs to exclusivity and non-conforming style.



Let’s take Issa de Mar 006 for example and investigate its style trends further:


Issa de Mar 006

Issa De Mar is a bandeau piece, technically, but the strap detailing that begins from the bodice up to the neck is quite uncommon and also rarely attempted in bikini designing. The neck is quite common for maxi dresses but on this 006 Issa de Mar number, it looks absolutely refreshing.







Also, going perfectly well with the unique neck mesh detailing is the indigenous print reminding us of our earthy roots. The piece looks both inspired and inspiring. Girls who do not want ascribe to a certain swimwear style must own this. It’s a beautiful looking bikini with a lot of thought put behind designing. If the bikini top is overtly fashionable and striking then the bottom is a balancing act. It’s a simple skimpy bottom with solid side straps.







This bikini is what happens when bohemian meets fashionista. At Molly Brown’s, we have various haute couture pieces from the Salon Allure. See, select and shop.


Remember, that like the Issa de Mar 006, all other Salon Allure bikinis and one piece swimwear are only available for pre-sales right now and are expected to be shipped in November 2014.

So if you like, all you have to is book it for the 2015 summer.

Being ahead of times never hurt anyone 🙂

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