Meet Dolcessa’s Katya Leoncio at Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays!

Good day Ladies!


Hope you are enjoying these lazy summer days and getting that gorgeous skin tanned at the beach.


Well, since its the weekend and all, we thought why not give a treat to our favorite people of all!


Yep, that’s right, a special surprise coming right up ladies!







Okay okay, the wait is over.


Hold your breath, put your hands together..


Already done?


Oops, my bad!


Alright alright, won’t make you wait any longer!


Well grab your heels and rush to Molly Brown’s Las Vegas store and meet the super talented Katya Leoncio of Dolcessa Swimwear.




It is going to be a super fun affair with personalized fittings and champagne πŸ˜‰ because how can anything be fun without alcohol!

Katya has redefined Luxury swimwear for the world with her stunning designs that have taken over the swimwear world and are seen on celebrity and hotties alike!


Know what ticks for Katya and where does she take her inspiration for the gorgeous swimwear pieces that she creates.


Katya Leoncio
Katya Leoncio


Oh and you will also get a free gift with your purchase plus a chance to enter the Dolcessa Raffle and win a gift bag worth $500!!!


Yay yay yayy!!


So what are you waiting for? Las Vegas is calling you!


The clock is ticking.


Get out of your house and come over to Molly Brown’s for the Fashion Friday of a Lifetime! πŸ˜€

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