Mismatched Bikini Top and Bottom – Time to play with colors

The carefree and effortless aura at the beach never goes unnoticed. The summer vibe makes you feel amazing when you lighten your mood and be the girl who likes to shed all inhibitions and break some rules. And a beach fashion trend that allows you to do exactly that this season is mismatched bikinis.


The clash of colors and prints is definitely ‘in’ this summer. It’s just so cool to to add your own sense of fashion to a designer bikini by mismatching it with other swimwear that you may have. It’s spontaneous and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to be random and yet grab all the attention.


Mismatched bikini top and bottom is not about uniformity but a splash of colors and a dash of out-of-the-box beach fashion. Though it is about how you go at it yourself, yet we’d love to share a few basics of mismatching bikinis.



Read below to have your own mismatched bikini look ideas:


Stripes and Florals
This is one mismatch that will never go wrong. Horizontal stripes and florals look lovely together. All you have to do is pick the right colors and you’re ready to look awesome.


Solids and Prints
The safest mismatch swimwear option is a solid bikini top and a printed bottom. This looks fashionable always and lowers the risk of the experiment  being failed. Perhaps, you can mismatch for a more trendy look.


Single Dominant Color
This one is a bold mismatch but looks super sexy on the beach. Mismatch a printed bikini top and bottom with the same dominant color and you have your beach diva look ready. Like, if your bikini top’s print has purple on a white base, go for a bikini bottom that has purple as the dominant color too. A smart mismatching tip 🙂


Polka Dots and Stripes
Very simple yet very chic. Polka dots and stripes bikini always works on the beach. And these two are readily available in our swimwear closet, so why not trend up the beach look with stripes and polka dots as a cute mismatch.


Color Blocking
This one is again simple and no longer new. You do it all the time for your casual clothing. Pair complementary/clashing colors for a superb and sexy mismatched bikini look. A tip to add more spark to the look – Go for bold colors, neons, brighter shades and look stunning at the beach.


Now you know the tricks to look sexy and stunning in a mismatched bikini this summer. So, give it a shot and create your own fashion statement. After all, it’s all about being spontaneous.

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