Molly Brown’s Celebrity Swimwear – Guaranteed to Turn People Into Paparazzi!

Forget the glasses, the hats, the handbags dangling from the forearm, the swagger in the gait and just remember how sexy they looked with their hair down, splashing in the pool or on the beach in that to-die-for swimsuit! Yes, we are talking about celebrities who once in a while trade the light-flooded red carpets, the gowns and become totally themselves in their favorite swimwear albeit retaining the elan, the glamor and the panache they possess.

Behold, the celebrity collection at Molly Brown’s – a stellar line of swimwear: bustiers, bandeaus and corsets in beautiful designs, fabrics and prints made for the stars!

Pily Q Bustier


These are those snazzy designs that caught their fashion fancy and made it to the tabloids. Whether you are a star-gazer or a detractor – you’d agree to one thing that this swimwear assortment is as amazing as the beach itself! Worthy of your beautiful bodies and your own glamor quotient, the bikinis and one pieces in this collection are sure to make your heart skip a beat. And wait till you step out on the sand wearing these pieces of beauty and have all the people there turning into paparazzi!

Our hot and spicy menu of Celebrity style swimwear includes the best of the best from these brands:

Pily Q – S.E.X.Y is an understatement when referring to the Pily Q Fringe skirts and bustiers. You cannot go wrong with them. If you have the mind and the confidence to carry them, surely you’ll be writing your own Cindrella story, minus the glass slipper. See how Nicki Minaj sizzles in the Pily Q Fringe skirt.

Pily Q Fringe Skirt

Vitamin A – When talking about celebrities, you can’t keep California out for long! The true blue Hollywood-bred Californian spirit is stitched in every thread of Vitamin A swimwear pieces – be it the innovative rash guard swimwear, bandeau, the triangle top bikinis or their signature Californian cut cheeky bottoms.

Vitamin A Neutra Bralette Sunset

Mikoh – The pieces in this collection are for women who love being unique and exclusive without the drama, the airs and pretentiousness of being a celebrity! No fuss, no vanity but your very own playful beauty donning the style thats perfect for you. Mikoh designs create a one-of-its-kind, nonchalant appeal that’s not just hard to replicate but to wear as well. Not everyone can be a Mikoh girl but if you think you are made for it, then you’d be the one walking with a swing in your step as everybody bends, turns and stretches to catch that last glimpse of you.

Mikoh Kahala Top


Minimale Animale – Not featured in the collection but still a huge hit with the A-towners because of its retro-chic-bold designs. Not baring-it-all but leaving very little to the imagination, the Minimale Animale swimwear is everything you thought you’d see only on television or in the tabloids. The swimwear pieces are no mysterious outfits that tease, but a truly blatant display of curtly creativity that’s neither shy nor apologetic. It is an embrace of the rebellion that we all love to manifest at some point in our lives. Be a walking sensation with Minimale Animale and get out of your comfort zone!

Minimale Animale

Trust Molly Brown’s to bring you everything that can cause ripples, waves and that shocking flutter in the hearts of those who look and admire while you dress up and be.


Here’s to the celebrity that’s tucked into a cozy corner within us. XO

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