Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday Pick of the Week – The Jambo Collection By Vix

Ola Ladies! Are you feeling it? #TGIF?


Not yet? Still wrapping up things at the work desk? Well before you head out for the weekend don’t forget to take a look at Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday – pick of the week – which is guarantee to make you scream TGIF on the top of your voice – The exquisite Jambo Collection by Vix.


And also, since it is from our WEEKLY SWIM collection, if you buy a bikini or a dress of your choice from our today’s picks, you can get them at 20% off! Use coupon: WEEKLYSWIMSTEAL at the time of checkout to get a discount. If that’s not the stuff of beach dreams then what else is?


Weekly Swim Steal

Before further ado, we’d like to present to you the Jambo Collection from none other than the stellar swimwear designer Vix!

Vix Jambo Long Dress
Vix Jambo Bia Bikini

























Check it out – Blance et Noir (black and white) stripes are back and they are sexy as ever!


We have triangle top bikinis, full length maxi dresses and so much more for you to choose from and all are at 20% off! Just for today, though!


So see it, buy it, slip into it and turn that pool party over the weekend or your beach escapade with family and friends into your favorite memory!


Have a fantastic weekend, Molly dolls! 🙂

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