Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A

Hello all of you!

It is Fridaayy! And even better, it is Good Friday!

Are all of you finished decorating your Easter eggs and hiding them in the garden?

Ready for the weekend?

So are we! And we are also ready with our pick of the week!

Drum rolls please…

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster



This week’s pick is the Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A.

This cutout wrap is quickly becoming the rage, simply because its easy to wear and is undeniably stylish. Modernistic cutouts paired with an architectural silhouette make the Serra Keyhole Wrap pretty desirable. And the way the wrap is constructed gives you maximum cleavage and ultra glam looks!

Serra Keyhole Wrap

Pair the Serra Keyhole Wrap with the Neutra Hipster and you have a stunning bikini that is simply too good to resist.

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster

Hop over to to peruse our 2014 collections and get ready for the beach season!

And as we always say, keep it stylish ladies 😉

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