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Whether you haven’t been hitting the gym as hard as you could be or you don’t even know where the nearest one is, your vacation is only a couple days away! We get it, you’re busy… You could be juggling work, your kids soccer practices and play dates or maybe you were just a little too busy being a socialite this summer, life is exhausting enough as it is! Here is a quick and easy 2-3 day detox drink recipe to get yourself feeling brave enough to sport that hot new bikini. You’ll look great and feel even better after this cleanse, whether you’re going to Aruba or maybe just your in-laws vacation home (if the latter, maybe add a shot of Stoli in the mix…just kidding).


-2 Tablespoons of organic Lemon Juice

-2 Tablespoons of organic Grade B Maple Syrup

-1/10 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

-Fill the rest with pure filtered water, 10 oz total


A couple things to keep in mind while on the cleanse:

The lemon juice should be freshly squeezed.

Cayenne pepper will help increase blood flow and is a good source of B and C vitamins.



You can drink the above recipe 6-10 times a day or whenever you are hungry! It is recommended to add a plate of fruit or vegetables in addition to this cleanse to replenish your body with needed nutrients and energy!


Happy cleansing (:




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