Salon Allure – Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday Pick Of The Week

A beautiful Friday to y’all, our lovely Molly Dolls!


It’s that day of the week where we let our hair loose and wait for the evening to unfold fun, frolic and unbound entertainment that lasts till the Sunday night dawns or sometimes till the Monday morning.


But before the fun raises its intoxicating head and drowns you into weekend oblivion, we’d like you to pay attention to this piece of fashion forwardness before you do away with all your gadgets and drop off your laptop to neverland.


For this week, we wanted our choice to be an explosion of fashion so we decided on the newest addition to our Molly Brown’s store, the swimwear collection from Salon Allure Tradeshow! Yes! Molly Brown’s is proud to be associated with the 2014 Salon Allure Tradeshow.


To explain Salon Allure Tradeshow in three words, I’d like to use luxurious, avant garde and unabashed!


Just take a look at these swimwear beauties and you’d want to wear them for your last swim or beach escapade this year!


Issa de Mar                                       Yemaya One Piece



Salon Allure bikinis and one pieces are a great combination of eclectic fashion, functionality and personality. You can find a variety of designs that you’d like to own. No matter whether you want to play it down a bit or go totally out with your confidence and boldness, there will be a bikini and a swimwear piece from Salon Allure to manifest your mood of the day.


Mirame Hi-Waist                                              House of Au-Ora
So why wait? It’s already August and there are still warm waters wanting you to try them out! Get going and prepare for the weekend.

Visit our exclusive Salon Allure collection for a brand new swimwear or bikini. Pick from brands such Issa de Mar, Koru and others.

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