Fitting Swimwear Accessories at Molly Brown’s


For all you beach enthusiasts, choosing the perfect swimsuit should be as important as to how to accessorise it. Molly Brown’s has an array of swimwear accessories to make you look all the more glamorous head to toe without much effort!


Let’s take a look at all that is in store for you!


Bags – To most women, a bag means much more than an accessory wherein they can carry all the essentials. Starting with an SPF lip balm, sunscreen, moisturiser and all other quintessential beauty products. Pair your one piece or two piece bikini with a stylish bag to add some zing to your beach outfit.


Tote Bag



Belts – Be it a leather, embellished or a suede belt, the list is unending and it is the quickest and the safest way to up the glam quotient of your swimwear. Pairing a belt with your beach outfit is quite an unusual way of looking chic. Wear it confidently and look your beach best!


Swimwear Belt



Footwear – Whether on a beach or elsewhere, it’s important to wear comfortable footwear unless you like walking barefoot, experiencing the ticklish touch of the sandy shores! Choose from colorful flip-flops from Havaianas and make your exclusive fashion statement.





Hats – If you are not really looking to get sunbathed for a tan, begin by choosing a wide-brimmed trendy hat to protect the sensitive skin of your face and look sun-kissed in a subtle way. Pick an Odabash cowboy hat to carry a voguish look on your vacation or a cool pool party.


Odabash Hats



Jewelry – Accentuate your beach look by pairing your ultra sexy swimsuit with a glitzy neckpiece or fine feather earrings. Jewelry not only helps in sprucing up your look and leaving you looking drop-dead gorgeous, but also adds an element of elegance and appeal to your outfit be it beach wear or anything else.


Beach Jewelry


Currently, Molly Brown’s is busy replenishing the stock; both swimwear and accessories for the 2015 swimwear season. There is a possibility of new brands being added with fantastic stuff to sweep you off your feet. Keep checking the space for updates on latest fashion in swimwear!


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