A Swimwear Care Guide by Molly Brown’s



While a swimsuit is a sacrosanct piece of clothing for avid swimmers and beach lovers, unfortunately if not taken care of that well. It is susceptible to deterioration because of the very fact that it is worn in the not-so-ideal places. Special care and proper guidelines that need to be followed are listed below for long-lasting and durable swimwear.


  • Identify material or fabric – Mostly, swimsuits are made up of either cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex or lycra. Usually these fabrics are blended to make a garment stronger. Having a knowledge of the materials used and reading the washing instructions helps in caring better for the beachwear.


  • Wash care – It is recommended that a swimsuit is rinsed with cold water or under running tap water immediately after use to get rid of the harmful chlorine and sand particles. Machine wash is a complete no-no and only hand wash is suggested that too with a mild cleanser.


  • Removing stains – Before going out in the sun, people apply a generous amount of sunscreen, which does sometimes can stain your swimwear. Sprinkling baking soda or dipping the stained part in one part white vinegar and three parts of warm water will do the trick. Also, avoid dry cleaning and bleaching as it might lead to discoloration.


  • How to dry – Avoid drying in a washing machine even after a handwash as twisting and wringing will damage the delicate fibres. Gently squeeze the garment and lay it down on a flat surface to dry in a well-ventilated area. Hanging wet swimsuits will make them lose their shape as excess water gets collected at the bottom.


  • Avoid hot tub – Hot tubs contain chemicals and excessive heat that tends to stretch the fabric of the swimsuit. If needed, go in for a 100 percent polyester and chlorine free suit, as natural fabrics will be badly damaged.


  • Also, try to alternate swimsuits while wearing rather than using a particular one for a longer period of time. Generally, a swimsuit requires 24 hours after washing, to return to its original shape.


  • Avoid rough surfaces to sit or lay and always use a towel beneath. If a swimsuit gets damaged due to all the wear and tear, it cannot be repaired.


Following the above mentioned checklist of swimwear care by Molly Brown’s will save your time, money and effort before your next vacation. So, do take out time to take extra care of your beach wear to prolong its life!



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