The Nautical Style Sperry Topsider Designer Bikinis – For the love of the ocean


Nautical styles go hand in hand with the sun, sand and the sea. And what better style than Sperry Topsider to wear on the beach, a style that represents the surf lifestyle better than everyone else.


Paul Sperry was born in a family that loved the sea. A sailor for life and inventor by nature, he gave the world its first boat shoe. The boat shoe by Sperry went on to become world-famous with almost every sailor wearing the Sperry boat shoe. And Sperry Topsider was born. The company later delved into apparel and swimwear, all centered around the nautical theme and love of the sea.


Sperry Topsider swimwear is, in one word, nautical. Yes yes, we’ve thrown around that word quite a lot now, but really, it truly is nautical. See for yourself if you don’t believe us!






Sperry Topsider designer swimwear embodies the sea like no other brand does. Whether it’s the classic stripes or colors reminding you of the cool ocean breeze or the enchanting patterns or the little details thrown here and there, you can definitely see and feel their love for the ocean.


If spending time on the beach, listening to the waves and enjoying the vibe of the beach is your favorite thing to do, then Sperry Topsider bathing suits are truly made for you. Made from the finest fabrics and designed to ensure perfect fit along with comfort, Sperry Topsider swimsuits are one of the best things you can get for yourself this beach season.


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