Top 10 essentials you need to carry in your beach tote bag

With the summer in full blast, the beach is definitely one of the top places to hang out to beat the heat; whether you are going to get a little of that gorgeous sun tan or to chill with your best pals. The tonnes of visits to the beach means a chic and huge beach wardrobe, full of chic swimsuits and trendy cover-ups and swim dresses.


But there is one thing that is the most important part of your beach wardrobe. Your beach tote bag! Mostly because you put everything in that bag. If you haven’t already gotten one, we have a great selection of beach bags that you can peruse.


Then comes what is inside that beach bag of yours. Every single thing that you might need on the beach will be put in the beach bag, except maybe sun umbrellas 😉 But what should you really throw in that bag? Here at Molly Brown’s, we have compiled a list consisting of our most important beach must-haves!


1. A cute pair of Sunglasses: One of the most important accessories on the beach is a stylish pair of sunglasses. They will not only help you beat the heat while protecting your eyes from the harsh sun, but will also add glamour to your look and complete your outfit. A piece of advice: do not carry expensive designer glasses, instead opt for some reasonable ones, so that your heart does not break, even if your sunglasses do.


2. Sunscreen: We all have read and heard about how you simply must not get out of the house without applying sunscreen. It is even more important on the beach. Get a waterproof one with good SPF protection, so that it stays on even when in the water. And you can lather up anytime you want! You could even get a spray/ spritz sunscreen for easy application.


3. A wristlet or a Zippered Pouch: This beauty will help you store essentials like your keys, cellphone or lip balm while keeping them dry and safe! Make sure you get one that is waterproof so that you don’t find your phone swimming in the water at the end of the day!


4. Beach Blanket/ Towel: For those in between rests, a beach blanket or beach towel will help keep sand out of your body and you will not burn yourself sitting directly on the hot sand.


5. Sun/ Beach Hat: No beach outfit is complete without the beach hat. It keeps the sun away from your face, keeping that gorgeous skin safe and you look super hot! Grab a wide-brimmed chic hat to wear on the beach and afterwards.

6. Water Bottle: It is important to stay hydrated on the beach. Make sure you carry plenty of water to drink, so that you aren’t left thirsty if there are no refreshments available nearby.


7. Snacks/ Munchies: Pack in some granola bars or some crackers to eat when hunger strikes on the beach. If you plan to spend the entire day on the beach, you can also pack a picnic hamper with sandwiches, some candy bars and juice. But keep something to eat handy in your beach tote bag, for that emergency hunger pang!


8. Wet Wipes: A great way to get the sand off your feet and hands before getting in the car. You can also wipe away dust from your face and get a fresh look in seconds. Ideal if an impromptu plan is made on the beach and you have no time to run back home!


9. A Good Book: Since you visit the beach to unwind, keep the phone away for a while and read a good book, one you’ve been meaning to read since a while.


And last but definitely not the least…

10. A Cute Swim Dress: For those unexpected plans to party after a long relaxing day at the beach! Simply throw on a swim dress on your swimsuit, dab on a little bit of makeup (stored in your pouch!) and you are ready to rock! You could opt for a short dress with a flirty hemline or a long maxi dress with a sexy slit!



Did we miss anything?


What does your beach bag contain?


Share your beach bag essentials with us in the comments below!

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