Waist Cinching Swimsuits – Look Slimmer and More Confident

Waist cinching swimsuits visually trims down the fat enhancing areas of your body making you look visually slimmer and narrower. Just like girls use shapewear to hide their flabby areas under their clothing, waist cinching swimwear helps you tighten the extra flab, allowing you to have fun at the beach or at a pool party more confidently.



Many swimwear labels feature waist cinching bands in their bikini bottoms that tuck in the flab and offer full torso cover for an amazing look. The same way, full torso covering swimwear that includes tankinis, high waisted bikinis, midkinis and ruffle tops also help you hide the fat that otherwise becomes your bete noir.




Along with the waist cinching swimwear, there are other ways to look slimmer in bathing suits:


Pick the correct prints
Swimwear in vertical prints and embellishments make you look slimmer; drawing attention up and down, instead of left to right. Also, deep, v-necks and plunging necklines rather than round necks also discourages the eyes to move horizontally on your body.


Also, if you are fairly big, you should go for medium to large prints on bathing suits. Prints that are too big to overshadow your body structure make you look smaller.


Bands and Shirrings
Waist cinching bands around the bust or the torso help you tuck in the flab in a swimwear piece. The same way shirring up a garment (beach dresses, cover ups and ruffled swimwear) also helps you conceal the stomach bumps.


Cover Ups and Beach Dresses
Swimwear cover ups and beach dresses are a sexy and sensual way to look slimmer and more compact. Choose a resort wear that’s skimpy and doesn’t take away from your beach diva look.


Dark Colored Swimsuits
Solid color swimsuits in shades of black, dark green, dark brown, darkest blue, maroon, brown etc. visually minimize your body frame. Solid black swimsuit is a classic and never fails to give you a diva look at the beach. You can enhance the solid colored swimsuits with sequins, beads, accessories etc.


Waist cinching swimwear has become a trend of late and is a great way to boost confidence when some extra pounds are pulling you away from enjoying at the beach. Figure out what’s most comfortable for you on a beach day out and have lots of fun looking stunning as always.


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