Winter Workout Tips

Molly Dolls!


Not only does winter bring oversized sweaters, they also bring oversized food helpings!

Trust us, we definitely know how easy it is to go back for the second helping of turkey is you plan on wearing a scarf the rest of the season, but here are a few winter workouts that will be sure to warm you up and help maintain your perfect self!

  • If you are a runner, be sure to do an indoor warmup to get the blood pumping before facing the cold.  Let your body adjust to the lower temperature by taking a break every thirty seconds for the first ten minute.

For your cool down, slow down your pace for only a few minutes then head back indoors to stretch…it’s called a cool down, not a freeze down!

  • Stay motivated and switch up your working out playlist or shopping for some new attire!
  • Try a completely new workout!

This is the best time of the year to try something new so you will stay engaged and motivated.

  • Keep a schedule of your workouts in your phone or calendar so it will become a normal part of your day!

Since it is getting colder and darker earlier, your day will already feel complete by the time the sun goes down.

  • Join a class or find a workout buddy.

Embrace the winter holiday spirit, the more the merrier!



These are just a few tips to get you ready for any winter off-season trips you are taking or simply want to make the bikini season a smoother transition.


Chances are you’re like the rest of us and won’t be running any marathons at the North Pole any time soon!

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