Beach Hair Don’t Care






Missing your perfect beach waves already?  Have no fear, these styling tips and inspiration will keep your locks looking sea salt kissed all year round!

Even back in the day, braids and messy buns were you best bet for beach hair perfection.  Take a look at the updated looks:







-Not All Braids Are Created Equal


  • For long hair, try this messy French braid.  Dirty hair? Doesn’t matter.  Apply a small amount of dry shampoo, brush through, and braid for a relaxed flyaway lookloosebraid









  • For a more put together look, opt for the fishtail braid.  This keeps hair out of your face for any occasion, and when you take it out you’ll have a crimped look ready for easy styling for the next day!




















-Tail of A Pony

  • A ponytail is nearly everyone’s go-to hairstyle when you’re on a time crunch and still want a polished look.  For this pony, take a strand from the section of hair, wrap it around the rubber band, and pin it under.  Just like that you’ll have a no fuss ponytail to last you the day!



























-Hats: Always an Easy Fix

  • For those of you who just are having a super bad hair day and don’t even want to mess with the mane, just put on a hat and hit the door!  Sunhats are great because they can add the finishing touch to any outfit and offer sun protection!










Remember these easy styles when you’re over your do!



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