How To Overcome Spring Break Withdrawals…


We’ve all experienced it.


1_coco_seabreezeYou spend all of this time planning and preparing for your perfect spring break. Weeks and months have gone into this: its the reason why you spent half-months rent on a new wardrobe, it’s the reason why you got a spray tan and lied about it, its the reason why the guy at Domino’s Pizza has forgotten your name.
You go on the trip, you have the time of your life, got an amazing tan, and maybe even had a spring break romance.
And just like that…it’s over. The amount of time spent planning for this is in no way equally proportional to the actual time spent on break.
But hey, just because spring break is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!
Here are some tips to make life after break, a little less miserable.

1) Leave your spring break romance in spring break.  

It was fun while it lasted has never rang more true!  Your surroundings were perfect therefore that romance was perfect.  You can still love the moment, but get over the person.

2) It’s called a break for a reason.  

You knew this was only temporary! You planned this trip in order to get away and feel rejuvenated upon return.  And remind yourself that the reason you’re so sad to be back is because you had an amazing time! Kudos to you.

3) Plan a day to get away.

Even if it’s just a weekend, a day, or a few hours, extracting yourself from the monotony of every day life will help to soften the blows of reality! This will also make you appreciate your home more as well.


DISCLAIMER: These tips won’t bring you

back to the beaches of Cabo or Florida,

but they can help you get back into the

swing of things!


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