Motivation for Healthier You

“I’ll start my diet Monday.”

“I’ll work out first thing tomorrow.”


These are all typical phrases that we all catch ourselves saying.  So why is it that we always put off a time to finally get our lives together?

Better get our lives together now before someone else gets it together for you!

Here are some healthy lifestyle tips and new 2015 bikinis for some motivation.


1) Walk Before You Run

If your friends give you a Del Taco gift card for your birthday or you can’t remember how to spell “gym” then feel free to take it easy!  The key is to make it a lifestyle change, not a crash diet and become a crazy exercise feign!  That is the quickest way to give up and call it a day by 11am.

The L*Space Byrdie Bandeau & Monique Bottom is the perfect motivation to kick off this list!







2) Partner Up

Studies show that working out with a buddy increases not only your motivation and but also how hard you work out.  Next time you wanna hit the gym or go for a run, BYOF (bring your own friend!)

What better bikini to encourage partnership than a gemini piece: the CA by Vitamin A Dakota Racerback & Luna Bottom in Gemini








3) Create a new playlist

The best way to freshen up any routine is to mix up the soundtrack to your life!  Check out some new tunes, press that shuffle button, and you rock out while you work out!

The inspiration for this is the hot new Blue Life Cannes 1 Pc Lace in Black.









4) Change of Scenery

Go on a hike! Break out of the monotony of your usual neighborhood run or gym session.  Experience some fresh air, take a different turn! Chances are, you may like the road less traveled after all!

The bikini featured for this motivational tip is the Tiger Lily Tribal Detailed Top & Miranda Bottom.











5) Balance is Beautiful

All life is made up of is one long balancing act.  Between genius and madness, ying and yang…you get my drift! Moderation is one of the most important factors when leading a fulfilling life.  This means having your diet consist not only of celery sticks or not only of gallons of ice cream.  Balance is the best way to build healthy habits.

The bikini featured for this is the Dolcessa Triangle Top & Strappy Bottom in Gold Carnival.


As you work hard to achieve your goals, remember these tips and use these 2015 swimwear styles as your motivation!


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