Rejuvenate Your Winter Skin!



During this winter season, everyone’s skin takes a beating.  Now if you’re like me, you may stock up on moisturizers that you use about half of, never touch again, and you’re left with an absurd amount of half used bottles of moisturizer.

A way to fix this problem is to use what you already have in your home!  Home remedies are the perfect solution to dry skin and not breaking your bank.  Here are my top 3!






1) Milk: An anti-inflammatory agent and has soothing properties for treating dry and itchy skin. Plus, along with lightening the skin, the lactic acid in milk exfoliates dead skin cells and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Soak a washcloth in cold milk.  Put on skin for five to seven minutes.  Take a different washcloth, run under lukewarm water and wash off the milk.















2) Oatmeal: The high protein content in oatmeal leaves a protective layer on the skin, which prevents water loss and helps maintain moisture.  It also contains antioxidants to promote the overall health of the skin.


Pour one cup of plain oatmeal into your bathtub filled with warm water. Add a few drops of lavender oil. Soak in the bath water for 15 to 30 minutes.












3) Avocado: packed with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that help improve skin on the inside for long term effects.


Drink a glass of an avocado smoothie daily to increase your intake of healthy fats that will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.








Be sure to exfoliate regularly and incorporate some or all of these steps into your weekly routine!

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