Surviving New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve!! This annual event can turn into the best party of the year or the most stressful, sometimes both happening at the same time.  Molly Brown’s has come up with a few tips to help survive this one night.






1. Plan out everything.  How to get to and from your event?  How long to stay at each location? What should you bring? And most importantly, what are you going to wear? Not every New Year’s Eve Party requires a formal dress. Molly Brown’s has many offerings available for the informal, casual or beach party on New Year’s Eve.









2. Install a “find my phone” app.  Let’s be honest here, too many of us have our whole life stored on our phones.  And why wouldn’t we with the capabilities available today.  Credit info, boarding passes, address books, social media.  Everything is at the touch of a button.  Losing that capability for one day can be a sour start to 2016. Once inhibitions go out the window, who knows where our phones may end up.




3. Travel safely or find a hotel.  Designate a driver, hail a cab, or if available, utilize transportation companies such as Uber or Lyft.  AAA also has a great holiday safe ride program that offers free rides home until the early morning hours.  Getting home safely is of utmost priority on this night.  If you don’t plan on doing the above, then the next best idea getting a hotel room.  The options are endless on a safe space to stay following the evenings celebrations.  Of course, if you happen to be in Vegas, you can come visit us in The Cosmopolitan.








4. Utilize a Traffic-Aware Navigation App.  Even a sober evening can be ruined by drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve.  If you must drive, a good navigation app (Google Maps, Waze) will keep you up to date on busy areas, including avoiding heavy traffic, accidents and police cars.












5. Ease your hangover on New Year’s Day.  Not all of us have the self-control required to avoid the dreaded hangover.  Obviously, the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink too much, but let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve is not always the best night to start your resolution.  There are all sorts of myths and tricks to cure a hangover, but in short you need to drink re-hydrate (drink water), replace electrolytes (coconut water, gatorade), eat a decent breakfast and try to avoid coffee and more alcohol.




These are just a few tips available to have a stress free evening.  We are positive that there are many more ideas out there.  Feel free to add your tips to our list.  Have a great New Year’s Eve and here is too a successful and exciting 2016!!!



















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