Swimsuit Myths: Fact or Faux

“Black bikinis are always slimming!”  “I’m a DD-E bra cup, so I need underwire.”  “I’m so flat chested…I need padding!”  “Bandeaus can be a hard fit.”  “I don’t want a white bikini, they’re always see through!”



Some of the most notable bikini legends, debunked!  Whether its color or style, padding or underwire, we took a look at swimsuit myths passed down since the dawn of swimsuit time that we still hear countless times in the fitting room!




  • Black is always slimming- Faux:  Contrary to what you hear, black isn’t the only thing to make you look like a skinny mini!  Darker neutrals and even prints can give you that streamlined look.





  •  Bandeaus can be a tough fit- Fact: Finding the right bandeau can be challenging, but don’t let that discourage you!  Swimwear is constantly evolving so that a bandeau isn’t just your average bandeau!  With corset tie backs, neck straps, sweetheart shapes, straight across styles…etc! If at first you don’t succeed, try try on again.




  • Large chests need underwire- Faux: Often times bikini tops with underwire can make for a hard fit!  If you’re in between sizes, you may end up spilling out of the top or not filling it out enough.  A top without underwire tends to form to you, not you trying to form to it.







  • White bikinis are see through- Faux: Sure, according to any white T-shirt contest, white becomes see through once wet.  Most white bikinis come double or triple lined, and keep an eye out for perforated or textured styles!




  • All swimwear stretches- Fact: When buying a swimsuit, you are going to want it to be a little snug on the first wear!  As swim material gets wet, the fabric stretches a quarter of an inch.  Since you want to get the most of your bikini, keep this fact in mind!













  • Small chests need more padding or ruffles- Faux: Embrace what you got!
    You get to fit into tops that larger chests wish they could!  Excess padding can become troublesome and if ruffles aren’t your thing, why start now?!


So forget these swimsuit myths next time you go shopping!



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