Mollybrown’s Dining Guide – Newport Beach edition

Working at Mollybrown’s Swimwear, we are constantly answering one of two questions… what style of swim suit works the best for me and where is a good place to eat. With our outstanding customer service and swimwear knowledge, we are confident that we can find the perfect suit for each person coming through our doors. Fortunately, through trial and error and plenty of practice, we are also able to make mouth-watering suggestions for great local eaurlting establishments. Why we don’t suggest that these places are perfect for everyone, we do recommend trying them all just for the sake of your stomach.

Our first two suggestions fall under the Deli category and compete for our lunch money daily, Dory Deli and Sessions West Coast Deli. The Dory Deli, which opened in January 2015, is located just steps from the Newport Beach Pier on Oceanfront Drive. The name and concept is derived from the historic Dory Fleet Market and in honor of that their dishes are made daily with love. Using the freshest produce and highest quality meats and cheeses, everything is prepared to your order.


Sessions West Coast Deli is the second deli on our list and being local have embraced the areas surf culture.  Sessions has one mission: to serve the best sandwiches to ever hit your lips.  The term “west coast deli” is their way of describing their marriage of a high quality deli menu with the chill vibe that appeals to area locals and tourists alike.  With an extensive deli menu made fresh daily not a single member of your group will go hungry.

Our next selection is a personal favorite of one of our staff.  Crowburgerkitchen is the perfect example of combining fine food and great beer. All burgers contain 6oz of a top-secret proprietary blend of prime chuck, short rib, brisket and hangar steak, all ground daily in-house and never frozen. Pair one with the perfect micro-brewed beer and the day just got a little better.


What would visiting the coast be without that perfect seafood stop? The first selection is the Bear Flag Fish Co. Founded in 2007, they specialize in serving the freshest seafood in town. They have dedicated themselves to providing their customers with a healthy, high quality dining experience.  A fish market for the new generation, they provide a modern ambiance and focus on a healthy seafood cuisine.


A second seafood joint is literally  right next door, The Crab Cooker of Newport Beach.  Besides being favorite of tourists’ photo logs, The Crab Cooker is famous for proudly serving the finest Pacific caught Dungeness crab, Alaskan King Crab, cold water Australian lobster, King Salmon and much more. Promoting and using safe hook and line caught fishing methods, they bring in fresh fish daily for their menus. If you love seafood, you can’t go wrong here.


Next on our list is a local favorite for the Italian meal lovers, Mama D’s Italian Kitchen. Using old-fashioned and time-tested family recipes with only the finest ingredients, Mama D’s believes every meal is a delightful celebration. They are devoted to ensuring that you truly enjoy your meal and hope you have a “wonderful and memorable” experience.


Last, but my no means least, on our list is another personal favorite. You may have to drive a little to get there, but Sabatino’s Sausage Company will be more than worth the drive. Famous for their own unique sausage created by the Sabatino family in 1864, all of their food is created Sicilian style, fresh to your order. With outstanding customer service and a flavorful menu, Sabatino’s is a wonderful dining experience.


Well, there you have it. Seven suggestions to meet all of your dining needs. Just make sure you stop and visit Mollybrown’s Newport store for your new suits before you hit one of these establishments. We have a strict “final sale” policy and buying a suit after you eat at one of these dining establishments may affect the fit slightly. Just kidding!!



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