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Beach Riot
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Born out of Newport Beach, Beach Riot swimwear is an audacious brand that’s the brainchild of blond bombshell, Nicole Hanriot.

Though Hanriot comes across as soft-spoken and shy, she’s far from timid when it comes to hopping on the fast track to making her dreams a reality.

As the new kid on the block of swimwear fashion, Nicole transformed her dream into reality when she decided to create her own brand, Beach Riot. Its style is a contemporary chic meets surfer girl with bright color combinations and a sporty style.

Beach Riot bikini designs are playful and sexy with an unexpected, yet beautiful touch of crochet and lace.

Starting out from it’s infancy as a trend-setter, Beach Riot swimwear encourages their fans to “Riot on the Beach, Party in the Street” and wear their beachwear to music festivals or as ready-to-wear looks.

We have gotten our hands on this exciting collection, here at Molly Brown’s, so that women can actually wear Beach Riot bikinis in their street looks.

Beach Riot
Beach Riot
Beach Riot

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