Two Tickets To Paradise

Summer is officially in full swing, which means, the time to travel is now! Whether it’s Iceland or Bora Bora mother nature has so much to offer. The key to any great vacation is your wardrobe. It’s imperative to dress for whatever climate you’re in. Molly Brown’s has you covered when it comes to finding the perfect bikini for your dream vacay!


Lush Life print by Vitamin A
Whiplash Bottom by L*Space
Stitched Reversible Tri % Teeny Hipster by Pily Q
Rylie Top & Whiplash Btm by L*Space

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Easter Baskets and a Bikini

easter_eggs_8Easter Baskets and a Bikini. Is that such a bad idea? We don’t think so at all. Traditions derived from Easter bring us the Easter Bunny, beautiful arrays of flowers, tie-dyed hard-boiled eggs, pastels, an egg hunt and, at some point in the day, a basket full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. For the person spending Easter on the beach or at a pool, why not surprise them with an E22_r16_34_dbl_104b.dbl-203aster basket loaded with bikinis. In keeping with the tradition of bright colors and fun prints, we made a few selections for your loved one’s basket this year.

One of our most popular brands is PilyQ, from the beautiful city of Barcelona. The Reversible Strappy Troy top and Basic bottom we have selected comes in this eye-catching Dreamy tsplt16_ger_ts53c16_ger-copyBlue color scheme. We can’t think of a better color to show off that tan during Easter brunch.

L*Space designed a color scheme that works perfectly while participating in that beach side Easter egg hunt. This Platinum top and Hollywood bottom in the Geranium color scheme will have everyone looking. It just may be the brightest thing on the beach that day.

Who hasn’t tried making a blue and purple Easter egg during the annual egg dying event. The Iceberg Tri Top and Classic Bottom in Blue/Purple created by Dolcessa easily attains this goal. Beautiful and unique in its’ own right, this suit will be sure to attract attention during any event you attend that day. We warn you…do not wear this if you are trying to avoid onlookers.

Our next selection strays away from swimwear, but stays in the blue color scheme. Lady Lux has entered 2016 with this multi-functional Waterfalls Romper in Blue and White. Equally at ease on the beach, near a pool or attending a party, or feel free to wear it to all three.

Moving on, though not quite a pastel, we want to suggest this offering from Brazilian designer Agua Bendita. We went with the Cabo Top and Bottom in the perfectly named Hypnotic color palette. Your family and friends will be mesmerized by this suit no matter the setting. We feel this print will pair nicely with Jelly Bellies in any basket.


Easter is just around the corner, so don’t wait too long? Our website is updated and waiting for your order. Our phone lines are open. Our stores are fully stocked and ready for your visit. If these selections don’t meet your needs, then we will help find the perfect suit for you. And don’t forget to accessorize with our shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and bags. Have a Happy Easter!

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New Year New You. Bikini Fit for 2016.

Welcome to 2016 and another round of New Year’s Resolutions!!  We at Molly Brown’s are expecting a great year in 2016 and wish you the best as you move forward with your goals. One of the most common resolutions every year is to become healthier and more fit.  The mass exodus into every health club across the nation is proof of that.  Look again in February.  The number of people on the exercise floor will be considerably less.  To help with your fitness goals, we have come up with a few tips to help you succeed.


1. Set realistic goals –  Start small.  Setting a goal to run a marathon is admirable, but is it realistic?  Set short term goals that build up to you final goal.  Maybe setting a goal of running a 5k is more attainable early on.  You can then work up to a 10k, a half marathon, and eventually the marathon doesn’t seem so far out of reach.


2. Have a plan – Know what your ultimate goal(s) is and plan your new lifestyle around it.  Getting fit, eating healthier, or losing weight requires work on your part. Plan out your meals. Decide what days you are exercising and what type of activity you are going to do.  Determine how important that night out on the town really is.


3. Talk about  it – Let your family and friends know what your goals are and why.  They will be your best support group and hopefully motivate and support you as you move towards your goal.



4. Reward yourself – Making a lifestyle change shouldn’t be all work and no fun.  Reward yourself as you reach short term goals.  Buy yourself a new outfit, take in a movie with friends or have that dessert at dinner on Saturday night.


5. Track your progress – Keeping a workout and/or meal journal is a great way to track your progress.  It allows you to see the improvements you are making as you move forward.  It also helps focus on the end result.  Instead of focusing on the total weight loss goal, focus on the five pounds you just lost.  Congratulate yourself and move on to the next five.


6. Don’t beat yourself up – Realize that bad days happen.  You may miss a workout or eat an unhealthy meal.  It happens to the best of us.  The important thing is to recognize it’s going to happen, forgive yourself and move on to the next day.  Recommit yourself to the next 24 hours, then the next  24, then the next. One day at a time is the goal.


EIMG_9602 copy


7. Stick to it – Studies have shown that it takes 21 days for a new activity to become habit and 6 months to become apart of your personality.  All previous steps should help you reach step seven. Again, one day at a time.


8. Kbikini-cleanseeep up the good work – The old adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” falls into play here.  We didn’t get in the position we are in overnight, so you can’t expect change to happen overnight. Everyday should lead to the next.  Try a new activity, or sport, or fitness trend.  Try new ways of cooking your favorite foods.  Stay away from weight loss pills and diet fads.  Healthy eating and exercise are the ways to go.



Coach Greg Glassman, Crossfit Founder and CEO put being fit into his words.  Parts of his quote include the following: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep food  intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts, master the basics of gymnastics, bike, run, row, etc.  Mix these elements into as many combinations as possible. Routine is the enemy.”


Now, are we recommending you to follow all of these guidelines? Absolutely not.  However, everyone can take a little something from this excerpt and adopt it into their lifestyle changes. Remember, the ultimate goal is a lifestyle change of getting fitter which leads to a healthier you and a happier you.







*A special congratulations to our December Instagram #MBwishyouwerehere contest winner, Lara Reeves, who receives a$50 gift card from Molly Brown’s.  We also think she is great inspiration for living the fit lifestyle.




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2016 Hottest Trends

It may be cold now but 2016 swimwear is just heating up!

 All swimwear is not created equal.  Check out these trends from your favorite designer to ensure that you stay with it!

High Neck Hotties












This Quartz Top combines the hottest top trend with the sassy chicness that Beach Riot always brings to the table. Arguably the best thing about this top is the versatility that comes with it. Make it an outfit or take a dip!



















The Keyhole Top from Bettini’s has that to die for high neck style with a keyhole to show off some cleavage. Fixed in the back with ties around the neck make for a comfortable fit.










This Malibu Top offers a new styles from Acacia. Crochet threading down the middle of the bust. Fixed straps for an easy pullover fit.





Plunging Pieces













This neoprene one piece from Mikoh, the Kaneohe, is a deep plunge, with the top of the zipper starting nearly under the bust. The most slimming one piece of the seasons!
















The Marina one piece from Gypsy 05 features a deep V and a macrame braided detail in the back. A stunning print to go along with a stunning silhouette!















Who says a plunge has to be in the front! The Danny one piece from FELLA. offers a simple and sophisticated and reminiscent to a vintage one piece.














Rage On Rompers










This Solana Romper is Vitamin A’s sleek black take on a boho romper. Blousey sleeves with an open back and string detail. Dress this piece up or down for a relaxed look or a piece you’ll paint the town in!






















The Boho Romper is a classic one from Blue Life! This piece features a cinch at the waist for a tailored look. A comfortable romper that you can wear with wedges or sandals!



















The Lovestruck Romper from L*Space has a drape over look with a deep V.  Loose quarter sleeves make for a bohemian look. Also available in black!





With these trends being a part of every designer’s collection, you’ll be sure to find a trend that fits your exact taste!






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It’s Official! Molly Brown’s 2016 Campaign Arrives


Molly Brown’s Swimwear officially welcomes you to our 2016 Campaign,

#MBwishyouwerehere.  We want to reward you, our valued1_163tcat_167bcat_1-rw-rgb customer, for taking Molly Brown’s with you as you travel the world enjoying the top beaches, hotels, pools and vacation destinations. This years campaign wants to encourage you to share your travels and adventures with everyone.

















We can’t wait to see you showcasing the exciting new collections created by some of the top designers in the world, including Vitamin A, L*Space, PilyQ, Acacia, Mikoh, Luli Fama and Agua Bendita.  Molly Brown’s will also introduce you to exciting new designers such as Pacific and Driftwood, Minimale Animale, American Honey, Ale’ (designed by Alessandra Ambrosia), Amuse Society and Fella.


Our first Instagram event of the year is underway! Tag us in your new bikini or outfit purchased at any of the Molly Brown’s stores or website to win!  Photos must include the purchased item(s) and be in the “lifestyle” setting of your choosing; a beach, pool, party, night on the town.  Each month, we will select our favorite postcard and send them a $50 Molly Brown’s gift card.  Posts must contain #MBwishyouwerehere.  No in-store photos will be considered.


Each monthly winner will be entered to win the grand prize: a beach bag full of  vacation essentials chosen by our talented sales staff (valued at up to $1,000).  Grand prize winner will be announced in September 2016.


Molly Brown’s is as excited to show you the great creations for 2016 as you are to wear them.  Stay tuned for additional promotions and events throughout the year as we help outfit you in search of the Molly Brown’s lifestyle.












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We’re Talking Body

Buying a swimsuit can be one of the most daunting things a woman can do, especially nowadays! Strings, high necks, wrap arounds, underwire etc., the style list goes on and on!  On the bright side, more styles means more fits for every body.  And thankfully, we’re here to help you find the perfect suit for your perfect body!






Tiny Top– For those of us who don’t have the upper half of Kate Upton

  • Embrace your chest or lack therof! Less chest means less support. You can get away with tiny bandeaus and scoop necks

Vitamin A- Neutra Bandeau & Hipster













Large Bust– For girls with the girls, try this style!

  • Molded cups, thicker over the shoulder straps give support and won’t create neck strain


Vitamin A- Bella Bustier & Sasha Hipster







Perfect Pear– Bootylicious is a real word!

  • Stay away from boy shorts, extra material will draw attention where you may not want any!
  • Go for a top with an added detail or design to avert the eyes upward!


L*Space- Jaime Top & Itsy Bottom













Athletic- Straight and narrow

  • Bold prints and detail draw attention and create a curvature to your body where there may not be one


Luli Fama- Crystal Wavey Triangle & Tieside Bottom








Curvy- Coke Bottle Body

  • Color blocking and patterns bring in your waist and flatter your curves

Pily Q- Embroidered Phoenix 1Pc



At the end of the day, wear what you feel most comfortable in & embrace your body whatever shape it may be!

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FELLA. Simply Swim



We are extremely excited to be carrying FELLA swimwear this upcoming season.  With high quality fabrics and simple silhouettes, make a statement without shouting it.  Refined design with subtle rebellion.










Take the Phoenix Top. A front-closing bralette that comfortably flatters all bust sizes! Over-the-shoulder straps connect to beautiful lattice detailing in back. Italian Fabric. Elastine Polyamide Nylon.













Below we have our 70s dream suit! The Mad Max one piece.  Sleek and understated in front with a sophisticated high neck line and mesh hip inserts. Amazing long over the shoulder straps, low back design, and a cheeky coverage. Wear it in the water, or pair it with shorts or pants and wear it as a bodysuit.




“We felt the swimwear market lacked a label that was simplistic but sophisticated. We do not like frills or padding. We are about high quality fabrications and well tailored patterns. We have designed swimsuits that create support from their construction and are functional from day to night.”Designers Rosie Iffla and Christine Tang

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Be Kind To Your Suit: Swimwear Care

Much time and effort goes into the buying process of your swimsuit…There’s the shopping and browsing stage, the always favorite trying on stage, and finally the decision making stage.  Any one of these stages can be rough, but everyone can agree that once the ritual is over, you’re happy with the result and it was all worth it!



Now who wants all of that hard work to go to waste? Swimwear is made with many delicate fabrics and are built to last when taken care of properly!



  • NEVER, and we mean NEVER, put your suit in the washing machine.  This is sure to compromise the suits material, color, or any decorative elements of the suit.
  • Don’t sit on rough surfaces, this may cause delicate materials to snag
  • Avoid harmful detergents.  Chemicals in detergents can break down the coloring and cause fading.
  • Wait until your sunscreen, body lotion, tanning oil, etc., dries before putting on your suit.
  • Alternate suits!  Most swimsuits have memory fabric in order to maintain their integrity, allow 24 hours for your suit to bounce back!



  • It is important that you rinse your suit after every wear!  Things like dirt, sunscreen, chlorine, and salt water can eat away at the fabrics of the swimsuit and lessen the elasticity.  If there is a shower at the beach or pool you’re at, just hop in for quick rinse!
  • If you have the time, fill your sink with cool water and let soak for about 20 minutes
  • Do not wring out your swimsuit! Roll your suit up in a towel or lay flat out of the direct sunlight
  • For any stains, we’ve found that OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover has been the best helper!  Spray directly on the the area and rinse through gently





It can be rough out there for your suits!  The forces of nature are against you, but following these care steps will keep your suit looking as good as new and in tip top shape!

Happy Caring!



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Bikinis, Bumps, & Babymoons

Carrying a baby can be equally the most terrifying and exciting thing someone can do… but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a bikini for 9 months!  One trend that has caught on among couples around the world is the partaking of a “babymoon.”









A babymoon, similar to a honeymoon, can be defined as a period before the baby is born, where couples will take a vacation or retreat of sorts as one last hurrah before their paychecks go to diapers and swimming lessons.

Parenting is no easy feat, so this escape allows the couples to reconnect again before their lives are dramatically ended, I mean, changed forever.  The second trimester of the pregnancy, between 18 and 24 weeks, is considered the safest time to travel.




















Now, packing for this babymoon trip may look a little different… at this time in the pregnancy it may be a little difficult to hide the fact that you have another person growing inside of you.  Put away that potato sack you may have been clinging to for the past month and rock out with your bump out!














 L*Space is all about embracing the “Ls” in your life, no matter what they may be!  Since you have a little one on the way, it’s possible that you may have had to go up a size in the top or bottom.

 Haley Top is a perfect adjustable halter top that offers great support for all chest sizes.  Paired with the Estella Bottom that features an invisible seam for a no pinch fit and moderate coverage for your to-be-mommy-body.


















Whether it’s the white sands of Jamaica or a lake in Michigan, your babymoon should be a place that you and your significant other will not only agree upon, but remember forever!










The Riviera Poncho from Pily Q is your ultimate dash of easy to bring on your vacation!  Lightweight material that is perfect over any suit!  Comes with a removable belt for babymoon versatile wear.




All these things and the most supportive companion will make your trip the perfect debrief before welcoming a new life into the world!

Happy Babymooning!



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Swim Collective Here We Come!

Molly Brown’s hit up Swim Collective this

week!  From florals to neutrals, all

brands are making their mark for the

2016 Cruise Season!












 Check out our contest winner @jordyntnelson_ at the Indie Soul booth with designers Tim & Diana!




























 Looking boho fabulous as ever once again @jordyntnelson_ !





















  This new floral bikini from Agua Bendita has the perfect hints of exotic and flirty!

















Get those cheeks ready for these Mikoh bikini bottoms!


















  This high neck Pily Q pairing will be a favorite for the flower child!



























 Black and white is always right!  Another stunning crochet bikini from Pily Q.  Lace up detailing in the back with neck ties makes for ultimate adjustability and a slimming effect!















Here’s to another jaw dropping season

bikini lovers!











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