More than just Bikinis

We are much more than just bikinis!  Molly Brown’s takes great pride in being one of the hottest retailers of high-end specialty swimwear AND apparel on the planet.  To the casual shopper, you may mistake us for selling only stylish bikinis and one-pieces.  On the contrary, we are so much more.  Our excellent sales staff prides themselves on being able to wardrobe you from head to toe for your next vacation, event or day trip.  Let us introduce you to some other outfit options and the vendors we showcase.




Cover-ups and Dresses – With every good swim suit, there needs to be an equally appealing cover-up or dress.  The perfect outfit will allow you to transition from the beach to lunch and to a night out on the town. With choices from our chosen vendors, such as PilyQ, Blue Life, L*Space and Bettinis, you can be prepared for any event you come across.










Hats – Whether it is a sunny day on the beach or music festival in the desert, a good hat may make all the difference in the world. We can offer options ranging from Glitzy Bella Fedoras to TLC Sun Hats and Odabash floppy hats.  Pick the one right for you.


60_r16_110_tan-909sShoes – Different occasions require different shoes. Sometimes all in the same day.  We can help you transition from casual, with our Ipanema and Havaiana flip-flops, to a more dressy style of shoe provided by Melissa Shoes or Ondademar.


2_full-gold1Jewelry – No outfit is complete without the proper accessories.  We can offer a nice selection of jewelry from selected designers TLC, Calinana and Body Jewelry.  Add to your wardrobe with a beautiful necklace, bracelet or anklet.  You could always add some spice with a cool body chain.




– Situations dictate the need for a good towel.  Allow Mara Hoffman’s Starbasket towel helpyou keep sand where it belongs. We can also see this as a great romantic picnic setting.





caffe-41Bag – Finally, you will need  the perfect bag to help transport all these items throughout your day.  We have wonderful bags available from Caffe and Tigerlilly that are more than able to get you from dusk to dawn.

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Surviving New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve!! This annual event can turn into the best party of the year or the most stressful, sometimes both happening at the same time.  Molly Brown’s has come up with a few tips to help survive this one night.






1. Plan out everything.  How to get to and from your event?  How long to stay at each location? What should you bring? And most importantly, what are you going to wear? Not every New Year’s Eve Party requires a formal dress. Molly Brown’s has many offerings available for the informal, casual or beach party on New Year’s Eve.









2. Install a “find my phone” app.  Let’s be honest here, too many of us have our whole life stored on our phones.  And why wouldn’t we with the capabilities available today.  Credit info, boarding passes, address books, social media.  Everything is at the touch of a button.  Losing that capability for one day can be a sour start to 2016. Once inhibitions go out the window, who knows where our phones may end up.




3. Travel safely or find a hotel.  Designate a driver, hail a cab, or if available, utilize transportation companies such as Uber or Lyft.  AAA also has a great holiday safe ride program that offers free rides home until the early morning hours.  Getting home safely is of utmost priority on this night.  If you don’t plan on doing the above, then the next best idea getting a hotel room.  The options are endless on a safe space to stay following the evenings celebrations.  Of course, if you happen to be in Vegas, you can come visit us in The Cosmopolitan.








4. Utilize a Traffic-Aware Navigation App.  Even a sober evening can be ruined by drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve.  If you must drive, a good navigation app (Google Maps, Waze) will keep you up to date on busy areas, including avoiding heavy traffic, accidents and police cars.












5. Ease your hangover on New Year’s Day.  Not all of us have the self-control required to avoid the dreaded hangover.  Obviously, the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink too much, but let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve is not always the best night to start your resolution.  There are all sorts of myths and tricks to cure a hangover, but in short you need to drink re-hydrate (drink water), replace electrolytes (coconut water, gatorade), eat a decent breakfast and try to avoid coffee and more alcohol.




These are just a few tips available to have a stress free evening.  We are positive that there are many more ideas out there.  Feel free to add your tips to our list.  Have a great New Year’s Eve and here is too a successful and exciting 2016!!!



















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How much of a Fashion Faux Pas is it to carry a tote wearing a bikini? Let’s Find Out

Think beach fashion and you can imagine yourself being bombarded by a truck load of bikini images, beach accessories and even style statements that may look great on the ramp but fall flat on their shining heads when they reach the sand and the sea. Not every look you see on magazines, tabloids or even TV will work for you and you’d better be a discerning judge when trying them out just as they are. When it comes to finalizing your look for your next beach visit because it may not come without scrutiny.


Here we’ll cover a commonly seen trend on the beach and conclude whether or not it is a fashion faux pas. We are talking about the tote and bikini combination.


So let’s make a picture for you. Imagine a beautiful sunny morning and the best beach of Europe. Ibiza, you thinking? Ibiza it is then. Now imagine you catching a sight of a beautiful bikini-clad girl’s side profile. Love her bikini? The color, the hair everything? And wait till she turns to face you and BLOP! In your face.. a beach tote hanging on the other side. Of course it’s not as bad as irregular tan lines or socks with sandals, mankinis, Hawaiian style shirts and shorts, yet it can still be a sight for the sore eyes even when it’s matching the outfit like a perfect square peg. Especially for the connoisseurs of the swimwear world.


Think about it. What does a bikini signify? Freedom and independence from clothes and the license to forget the worries of the world and dive right in to the cool blue waters. Doesn’t it? Then why carry a cumbersome tote to ruin that couldn’t-care-less vibe going for you.

Of course, we’ve heard and know it all. How totes are so wonderful, so functional and even that they are super stylish. And they indeed are but when hanging on an arm of a bikini-clad women all they seem are chunky, avoidable and not trendy. Totes are to bikinis what heels are to a football ground, forgivable but not fashionable.


But then, not carrying a tote to a beach in unimaginable! Where are you supposed to keep your sunscreen, phone, towel and other essentials? So what’s the middle ground, the remedy? Simple. Enter the beach wearing a sexy flowy cover up or a beach dress over your bikini and leave all your add-ons behind – your dress, your tote, etc. when it’s time to reveal your bikini self.


At Molly Brown’s we have bikinis, totes and the cover ups to get you started on the practice of leaving your totes behind when its time to flash your bikinis. Here’s a triptych that may impress.


Bikini, Cover Up and Tote



The bikini and the cover dress in the image are Cecilia Prado pieces which you can view and purchase by clicking the link. The Tote is a Caffe creation and can be picked up here.


P.S – Don’t be naïve to leaving them any and everywhere, make sure there’s somebody watching your things when you are diving or being a swimwear diva.

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6 Days to Go, 6 Coverups that Flow!

It’s not bikini season yet, but Christmas is on its way! 6 days left and we’ve got 6 flowy dresses that’ll make the perfect addition to any one of your lady-friend’s swimwear closet. From long column dresses to floral chiffon, there’s something for everyone!

Left: Positano Dress by ACACIA, Right: Celeste Dress by CHIO

Left: Nicola Coverup by AQUA DI LARA, Right: Swept Away Coverup by CAFFE

Left: Biarritz Dress by MIKOH, Right: Malawi V Long Dress by VIX

Whether you’re shopping for your friends or just gearing up for summer, these flowing maxi dresses are the answer! Ready for a destination Christmas? Weeeeee are! <3 Molly

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Out for Spring Break!

It’s that time again, the kids are out of school, the sun is visiting more frequently and spring fever is in full effect! Weather reports are predicting this year to be extra sunny, so we’re planning lots of day trips to the beach. Here are some of our spring picks:

From left to right: Mary Bag, Chelsea Bag both by CAFFE

When it comes to trekking to the beach, convenience begins with the perfect carry-all. These straw beauties by Caffe do just the trick. Just large enough to carry all the essentials, from your beach towel to your sunnies and fashion mags!

From left to right: Stila Palette by L*SPACE, Panama Classic Hat by GREENPACHA

We like to keep it simple make up-wise when it comes to a day at the beach, and this palette is all we’ve been reaching for as of late. Call us lazy, but it’s got everything necessary to achieve that sunkissed, beach-glow look, with natural colors and cheek highlighter. The key to retaining that beachy glow is definitely sun protectant, and these Greenpacha hats are a quick and chic fix. The brim isn’t overwhelmingly wide, so you can wear it while laying out at the beach or as you run errands during the day!

From left to right: Lilac Peace by MELISSA SHOES, Lido Espadrilles by ONDADEMAR

If you haven’t already gathered, we’re all about beach glamour, head to toe. Which is why come summer, we’re ditching all our boots and pumps for season-friendly sandals and espadrilles. These lilac Melissa Shoes have become fast favorites as they’re totally water-proof (perfect post-dip) and also provide that desired lift! The dark brown upper and natural espadrille lower of OndadeMar’s Lido shoe make the perfect combo, easily dressed up or down for summer activities day or night.

Enjoy your weekend, we’re off to the beach!

XOXO Molly. <3

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Fit Guide: Tops

Greetings from 2012! A new year, a new you… Every New Year, after over indulging in holiday feasts and treats, we say we’re going one size down in EVERYTHING and never eating again! But really, we’re just kidding. We love our bikini bods! And think all shapes and sizes should be celebrated. Today we begin our guide to finding the perfect bikini, top to bottom — one that flatters your body and shows off your best assets!

Today we aptly begin with TOPS. Somehow, no matter your size, the grass-is-always-greener mindset always seems to plague us, meaning the bustier ladies curse their neck problems and wish they could wear a bandeau, while the smaller chested women yearn to ditch the old triangle top and finally fill out a sexy balconette.

Here are a few rules of thumb and some suggestions to consider when looking for a top that will support a larger bust:

1. The Fixed Top

Left to right: Paris by Odabash, Marquesas by Caffe

An underwire is going to be ideal…we know, you’ve heard. But what also works great are these “fixed” tops. They are named so because they are fixed along the bottom (as opposed to sliding) and work wonders where a mere string just won’t cut it.

2. The Unexpected Molded Cup

Left to right: Bel Air Bandeau by Vitamin A, Glam it Up Top by L*Space

The secret to why we think this particular bandeau can work for bigger busts, and also the reason why we’re absolutely smitten with it, is in the genius construction of the bandeau itself. It’s got ONE molded panel across the front (instead of two separate cups) that just lifts, supports and shapes like no other bandeau. Plus it’s got a removable neck strap, incase you need the extra support.

Contrastingly, the molded cups on this white top are separate. While this might not fit as snugly as the bandeau, the sexy cleavage the separate cups allow for might be worth the trade. The cherry on top is that you control the fit, as it has a functioning tie, front and center. Since it doesn’t have any push-up built in, you get the shaping and contouring of the cups without being put over the top. (This one can also fall under the “Fixed” category above!)

3. Over the Shoulder Straps

Left to right: Paulina by Charlie, Montauk by Acacia

Understandably, pressure and tension pulling at your neck while you’re trying to relax at the beach — not fun. So these are great simply because the straps go over the shoulder instead of tying at the neck.

Stay tuned for what to do if you’ve got the exact opposite problem and we’ll show you what styles work best for enhancing the bust!

XOXO Molly

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Thanksgiving at Molly Brown’s!

Happy (overdue) Thanksgiving! Now that we’ve  had a few days to digest the slew of frenzy that accompanies the holidays, (we’re talking about the crazy family more so than the food ;)) we’ve had time to reflect on what we’re thankful for this season, as well as what keeps us inspired through the winter months as we pine for the sun to come back! Here are 5 things we are THANKFUL for! <3

1. Our amazing clientele! Year after year, you fashion forward ladies keep us inspired by continuing to shop our unique range of quality swimwear. We love you for it and every season we promise to strive to offer you the industry’s best! [beautiful blue bikini by Mikoh]

2. Vacation time. We’d like to remind everyone that it’s always summer somewhere in the world, and we think your holiday cruise or christmas trip to Mexico requires an outfit so bold you can’t even remember what rain clouds look like! For us, these high-waisted beauties by Charlie are definitely covet-worthy! (available in Leopard and Black)

3. Magazine features! There’s nothing like seeing our favorite pieces showcased in a magazine, let alone prestigious MAXIM Magazine. Maxim’s December issue is featuring three sultry looks by L*Space, so if your trip to the Bahamas is postponed until next Christmas, we say flipping through this is the next best thing! See all three on our What’s Hot page!

4. Warm, earthy tones a la Crystal Jin. While Autumn/Winter swim collections seem slightly counterintuitive, we think the edgy-rustic feel of Crystal Jin’s 2012 campaign is right on point!

And lastly, 5. The launch of our new, re-designed website. This one might seem a little out of place, but you know what? We LOVE our new site and hope you do, too! It was designed with you in mind, and made to provide you with an unmatched shopping experience! Love/Hate the new look? We would love to hear what you think! [sleek beaded bikini by Caffe]

Thanksgiving might be over, but that means Christmas is on its way! If you’re on the nice list, we just might just have something in store for you so stay tuned!

Until then,

XOXO Molly

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2011 Caffé Now Available at Molly Brown’s

Born To Be Wild
Born To Be Wild

This year’s collection of Caffe designer swimwear is sure to impress, encompassing luxury, elegance and sophistication with its unique handmade women’s swimwear and resort wear.

Caffe designer swimwear has created the perfect fit, shape and print for your swimwear panache! The suits attribute enchanting vibrant, and chic colors adorned with some of the most exquisite hardware and detailing on each and every piece.

This “Born To Be Wild” suit features a blend of blues and greens with the most glamorous gold accents. Simply putting on this suit will make you feel luxurious and sophisticated. The triangle top features a gold outline that continues into the neck strap illustrating elegance and lavishness.

At the tops of the triangles is an exclusive wrapping detail that is reflected on the waistband. The bottom carries out the same vibrancy of color with gold accenting the waistline; low, sleek and sexy.

Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store is also carrying exquisite silk cover-ups, elaborately detailed bags and a striking one piece; all guaranteed to turn heads! Visit our online boutique to shop for the latest from Caffe at Molly Brown’s.

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Caffe ‘Risky Business’ Bikini Covered in Oprah Magazine Now on Offer at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

July 26th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

‘Risky Business’ bikini by Caffe, covered in Oprah Magazine is now on offer at the swimwear store Molly Brown’s ( The Risky Business bikini by Caffe is available at:”Caffe Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Designer Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>designer swimwear label, Caffe has been covered in many leading swimwear magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Style and others.

The women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s along with the ‘Risky Business’ swimsuit carries an exclusive collection of Caffe 2010 bikinis. Other designer swimwear labels retailed on the Molly Brown’s store include L Space, Vitamin A, Letarte, Despi, Chio, Maaji, Zimmermann, Tori Praver and many more.

Swimwear labels such as Cia Maritima, LuliFama, Poko Pano featured at the recently held Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week are also available at Molly Brown’s.

A representative from Molly Brown’s said, “’Risky Business’ bikini in the O Magazine means its got to be on your body too! This Caffe stunner is perfect for a day out at the beach or for lounging on a yacht. The color scheme and the design of the bikini makes it a complete stand out. No wonder that the editors at O couldn’t miss it!”

Women’s swimwear Caffe allows great fit and features a lot of detailing with embellishments and bead work. Swimwear collection plays with a lot of colors and they are well able to create the desired magic.

“Caffe is famous for its handmade swimwear. Beautiful European prints are worked on solid tricot Colombian fabrics for that amazing look. The Risky Business bikini’s uniqueness lies in its braided straps, long side ties and fabulous cuts! Caffe is a perfect blend of sophistication and sexiness”, concluded the representative.

The glamorous Risky Business bikini by Caffe can be purchased:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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Caffe Risky Business Bikini – O (prah) M (agazine) Goodness!!

Caffe Risky Business Bikini
Caffe Risky Business Bikini

Caffe bikinis are a great pick when the world needs to be acquainted with the classy you. Imagine yourself cruising on a yacht, soaking up the sun and having the wind caress your hair. What suit did you imagine yourself in? Bet it was a Caffe bikini beauty! If not then, Caffe has brought out the perfect bikini for that picture perfect moment right and its called – Risky Business!

Don’t go by the name, it’s risky business for whosoever sets eyes on you wearing that piece of Caffe’s luxury. And when a bikini makes it to the Oprah Magazine you know that it’s already out of the ordinary zone.

Caffe’s Risky Business swimsuit is classy, melt-your-heart pretty and got-to-have-it sexy! And if you get past the initial amazement of looking at the hot color combo then the design will mesmerize you even more.

Risky Business to Not get this Caffe Sizzler!

Caffe women’s swimwear worked its magic pretty well to come up with such a show stopper of a bikini design for the 2010 season. The gorgeous triangle top features multicolored woven straps that tie at the neck. Add to this a low fitting bikini bottom with the same multicolored (as the straps) upper seam along with thick side ties. Does it ever end? We think not because when Caffe plays with luxury swimwear, it  knows no bounds.

So if there’s a celebrity styled beach getaway or a lavish pool party planned for the summer then this Caffe swimsuit is your ideal pick!

Shop for other Caffe 2010 swimwear bikinis too from Molly Brown’s at:

Want to know about this swimsuit? Or some other Caffe bikini then contact us at

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