Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

Sequined swimwear is only fitting given that today is New Year’s Eve! 2012 was a great year, and we hope the growth and fun only continues into 2013! New Year’s Eve is always filled with shiny, pretty things– champagne, confetti, sequins and glitter– and the sequin-adorned suits popping up from many of this season’s top designers have us giddy for the countdown!

L: La Ciudad Caftan by THE COLLECTION by L*SPACE

R: Wild Indulgence by LULI FAMA


Whether you’re ringing in the new year sipping bubbly or watching the ball drop in Time’s Square, these sparkling beauties are hard to resist!


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6 Days to Go, 6 Coverups that Flow!

It’s not bikini season yet, but Christmas is on its way! 6 days left and we’ve got 6 flowy dresses that’ll make the perfect addition to any one of your lady-friend’s swimwear closet. From long column dresses to floral chiffon, there’s something for everyone!

Left: Positano Dress by ACACIA, Right: Celeste Dress by CHIO

Left: Nicola Coverup by AQUA DI LARA, Right: Swept Away Coverup by CAFFE

Left: Biarritz Dress by MIKOH, Right: Malawi V Long Dress by VIX

Whether you’re shopping for your friends or just gearing up for summer, these flowing maxi dresses are the answer! Ready for a destination Christmas? Weeeeee are! <3 Molly

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7 Days ’til Christmas, 7 Monokinis for your Wishlist!

One week left ’til Christmas! This season tis the season for the ONE PIECE! We’ve been seeing more and more innovative onsies on the runways this season, and now covering up doesn’t have to mean looking unfashionable. Whether you’re just looking for a little more coverage or wanting something for a more active lifestyle, we’re happy to say we’d wear any one of these sexy playsuits!

Honey Comb 1pc by L*SPACE Gorgeous color, sexy balconette style, and flattering black trim!

Sweetheart 1pc by Vitamin A CA Flirty wavy edging and straps that X in back!

Amore 1pc by CHIO A sleek black beauty with sexy plunging neckline and strappy detail on the side.

Isla 1pc by SALT Amazing lace up detail featured on the back.

Tropical 1pc by DINEILA Amazing wrap detail featured on the front! 😛

Fringe 1pc by MARA HOFFMAN Ahh, the fringe that is so hard to resist

Macrame 1pc by DESPI Charcoal grey makes for a still neutral alternative to classic black.

xoxo, Molly

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Chio Di Stefania D Resort Wear – Italian Sheen

Chio Swimwear
Chio Swimwear

Chio Di Stefania women’s swimwear brand will take you on a trip to glamor land. Yes, the swimwear collection talks about style, panache, poise, sensuality and class. The designer swimwear has an x-factor that you maybe striving for.

Made from pure Italian fabrics, Chio designer swimwear is elegant and is made for the likes of the high end. The Italian swimwear is known for its hot and sexy cuts and patterns. Chio swimwear features fine detailing and a fusion of American and Italian designs make the label stand out and preferred.

The designer sisters have a modern and chic perspective to swimwear fashion. Swarovski crystals, laser cut-outs and delicate palettes are hand stitched by the best artisans to deliver the amazing work on the swimsuits.

Chio Designer Swimwear – Fashionably Forward

Designer resort wear by Chio is one of the most sought after brands in the fashion hub. The collection is admired and adorned by various celebrities and socialites. The designer label has also made it to the cover of various leading magazines including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Chio 2010 swimwear collection is versatile as bright colors and solids make it a head turner. With so many options available, take a decision fast and get ready to steal away the show.

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Chio Dominique Bikini – Be the Cherie of Everyone’s Eyes

Chio Dominique Bikinia
Chio Dominique Bikinia

Chio swimwear has always brought us the Italian (read pure luxurious) indulgence! However, the Dominique bikini by Chio is a step up from the standard that Chio swimwear and women’s resort wear has set. This designer swimsuit is not just your regular bikini piece but a license to become the cherie of everyone’s eyes.

Chio’s Dominique bikini is a triangle top paired with a low rise bottom. The bright yellow and sleek grey combination makes it hard to miss and perfect for the season. Helios (sun god) will either be all envious or rosey-eyed spotting a sun-goddess (read: you in the Chio Dominique bikini) on the beach.

What’s our verdict on this Chio 2010 swimwear stunner? Well if you haven’t  figured out till now then you got to buy it to know. This a must have for the summer. And it’s not just it’s beauty that will draw you towards it. Once you slip on this chic bikini, you won’t be taking it off for a long time!!

Chio Swimwear must be proud of the Dominique bikini

Chio resort wear has made its own unique place in the women’s swimwear world and no other designer swimwear seems to come close to the amazing styles, swimsuit designs, luxurious fabrics that Chio uses. Like the Dominique, the 2010 collection of Chio swimwear promises a lot for the ladies.

There is ruching on the top and gathering slides in grey on the bottom of this Dominique bikini. The straps and back ties of the bikini top are also grey in color. Awesome to the core, this bikini has all the ingredients to make it your staple swimsuit for the season.

Get hold of this head-turner now and embrace the chic fashion with Chio’s Dominique bikini!

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Chio Cha Cha Dress – Adorably Cute!

Chio Cha Cha Dress
Chio Cha Cha Dress

Chio Cha Cha Dress is an enrapturing creation by the talented designer swimwear line, that has been ruling the designer swimwear realm with its intelligent designs and sprightly streaks! Needless to say, Chio bikinis and swimsuits exude a distinct style-statement of their own, blending  beautiful designs with bewitching appeals!

Carrying forward the exquisite Chio tradition is the Chio Cha Cha Dress. The enticingly sexy mini-dress is a perfect pick for trendy fashion followers, who believe in staying in line with the latest trends of the designer swimwear world!

Chio Cha Cha Dress – Cute and sexy!

Chio Cha Cha Dress features a deep V neckline and an adjustable waist band that accentuates your natural curves in the most flattering ways! No wonder, this sensationally beautiful dress is cut to flatter your figure and make you look ravishingly sexy.

The chic sleeveless design and light weight material of this dress makes it an ideal pick for your summer transitions. Wear it on a cool night-out or on a fun-filled beach spree, and make the most of your time!

Grab this cute and sexy mini dress at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station. It will be available in mid-February.

Feel free to send across your designer swimwear queries and suggestions at

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Chio St. Barts Bikini – Colorful Indulgence!

Chio St. Barts Bikini
Chio St. Barts Bikini

Chio St. Barts Bikini is a sizzling creation by the Chio designer swimwear line that has been ruling the surf world with its snazzy designs and high quality fabrics. Riding high on the popularity wave, Chio is one of the most exclusive and press featured swimwear line in the whole of Europe.

The endearing bikinis and swimsuits by this talented designer swimwear line have always been a big hit with the dedicated fashion followers all round the globe. The latest to flout this spell is the charismatic Chio St. Barts bikini.

Chio St. Barts Bikini – Stylish and frisky!

Chio St. Barts bikini features a versatile bandeau style top that is just so beautiful that you will have a tough time taking your eyes off it. This sexy top can be adjusted and tied many different ways for sensationally different looks! You may choose to tie it around the neck or in a bow or even knot for an ultimate bandeau. This Chio bikini is a must have for all the foxy ladies out there!

The trendy bottoms would woo your heart with their outstanding oomph factor! The super soft , imported fabric of this ravishing swimsuit feels like heaven against your skin! Not to forget, the exquisite watercolor pattern adds a dash of colorful elegance to this head-turning swimsuit.

Grab one for yourself at Molly Brown’s online portal, and be a part of the Chio fever.

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Chio Virgin Island Bikini – For an Unforgettable Look!

Chio Virgin Island Bikini
Chio Virgin Island Bikini

The Chio Virgin Island Bikini is a remarkable swimwear piece that would woo your heart with its peerless charm and poise! Chio swimwear has been creating unique, uncompromising designs ever since its introduction. Its collections exude chic Italian designs, coupled with a distinguished versatility that make them a perfect hit at the beaches around the world.

Chio swimwear is designed with nothing but high fashion in mind, using only the best Italian fabrics. Not to forget, it superbly blends Italian glamor with American style, for a unique, modern and chic look.

Chio Virgin Island Bikini – All Eyes on You!

The Chio Virgin Island Bikini features a knit striped halter, that can perfectly shape any bust size. It ties at the back and lifts flawlessly, with a thick neck tie and a sleek gold ring joining each cup.

The flirty and frisky bikini bottoms are side tied, and cut moderately for a look that can be worn anywhere for an unforgettable semblance. The side ties are cut in contrasting, head-turning styles, and fit perfectly.

The Chio collection, including the incredible Chio Virgin Islands Bikini, is available at Molly Brown’s, designer swimwear station! It would be available in mid-November. Grab one for yourself and get set to be a glam doll!

Feel free to send in your designer swimwear queries and suggestions at

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Monteseraat Cover up – A Vibrant Chio Creation

Chio Monteseraat Cover up
Chio Monteseraat Cover up
Chio Monteseraat coverup is a strikingly beautiful swimwear creation by the ever-evolving designer swimwear line. Chio continues to win hearts with its incredible blend of Italian glamor and American styling.

The famous designer swimwear brand has been credited with introducing the concept of haute couture to beachwear. The pleasing and stunningly unique designs continue to leave their mark on the swimwear fashion scene.

This time around this gorgeous Chio cover up seems to be not just continuing the stylish legacy but also exceeding it! So when this becomes available in mid-November make sure that you are not left behind in getting your share of plushness!

Chio Monteseraat Cover up – Drape yourself in colors!

Chio Monteseraat cover up is a 100% silk beauty that would make onlookers green with envy as you flaunt a vibrantly rich color stream along the pool-side. Beautifully adorned with a volley of colors, this amazingly sexy and stylish coverup is a cool pick for those on a lookout for glamorous swimwear pieces.

The striking Monteseraat cover up features a sexy plunging neckline and attractive long flowing, bell sleeves that lend a delicate touch of femininity to its overall semblance! The short length of this gorgeous dress makes it ultra snazzy! The fine quality silken material makes it perfect for layering it over your favorite bikini and enjoying the heavenly caress against your skin.

So, don’t just sit back and watch. Buy the Chio Monteseraat cover up for yourself at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station and revamp your gorgeous fashion wardrobe.

Feel free to send across your designer swimwear queries at

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Chio Virgin Island Cover up – Sense and Sensuality

Chio Virgin Island Cover Up
Chio Virgin Island Cover Up
Chio Virgin Island Coverup is a perfect swimwear dress to set your heart on! Coming from the designer house of Chio swimwear, this incredible dress has an exquisite charm about itself that sets it class apart among other contemporary dress designs. This stunningly vibrant Chio Virgin Island Cover up will be available in mid-November on Molly Brown’s.

Crafted out of the finest knit fabric, the gorgeous Chio cover up exudes a never-before vivaciousness that is equally appeasing to mind, body and heart. An amazing pick to spend some leisure moments in, at the beach or for a fun-filled day out. It is bound to fetch you unfathomable admiration from the womenfolk and a lot of attention from men!

Chio Virgin Island Cover up – Go for it!

Chio Virgin Island Cover up features attached silver rings around the neckline which add a dash of elegance and lend it a glamorous style. The incredible and vibrant designing of this super-cute Chio Virgin Island dress speaks volume of its refreshing and eye-appeasing appeal.

The flowy sleeves and a fitted mid-thigh length further enhance its designer appeal to all together different heights. Needless to say, the volley of colors adorning this super-sexy designer swimwear piece is just superb and makes it look even more attractive!

Buy this out-an-out sexy dress at Molly Brown’s and enjoy the magic of Chio’s swimwear creations. If you have any queries regarding bikinis, designer swimsuits or swimwear in general, then email us at

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