Fit Guide: Bottom for the BRAZILIAN Lover.

If you aren’t afraid to show a little skin, we think Brazilian bottoms are the most flattering, whether their cinched, ruched or just your basic bottom.

From left to right: Romano and Paris by PILY Q

The ruching on the back of these two styles enhance the rear, and also come in a variety of newly released summer colors! Easily one of our most popular styles, these come with ties on the side or a classic smooth hip.

From left to right: Fantasy by CIA MARITIMA, Athens by DESPI

We understand that the ruched back design isn’t for everyone, even those that aren’t afraid of smaller bottoms, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the perks of a Brazilian bottom. Cia Maritima and Despi are two lines that are actually made in Brazil. They offer the flattering benefits of minimal coverage, but without ruching in back!

XOXO Molly.

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Fit Guide: Tops II

Yes, tops again. But this time we’re focusing on what can be done to enhance a not-so-full bust. The options might seem limited, but doors open once you know what you’re looking for, so here are some easy style tips to think about when looking to find a flattering top for a smaller chest:

1. The Bandeau – Natural Accenting or Sleek and Chic

Left to right: Cartagena Bandeau by Pily Q, St Thomas Bandeau by Mikoh

Far too often we hear fit specialists tell smaller busted women to ex-communicate the mere thought of trying to wear a bandeau, but we are full believers that as long as the bandeau top fits correctly, it can be flattering. The balconette top at the left is totally wearable, and the three key factors why are: 1. the molded cups will accentuate your natural curves, 2. the sweet heart-shaped neckline gives the illusion of a fuller bust, and 3. it actually has a built in underwire AND pushup structure!

The strappy taupe bandeau just works. No really, it does, and the fact that you have a smaller bust actually works to your advantage here! The style is unorthodox – cut straight across – but we find that many that are hesitant to try it on end up falling in love. The material is ultra soft and the horizontal lines of the cut draw the eye across, creating a fuller look. Let’s be honest though, while the top doesn’t add too much size-wise, we think the look is flattering nonetheless: sleek, chic and model-esque!

2. Details that Add Body

Left to right: St Barths by diNeila, Pearl City by Agua Bendita

Subtle (or not so subtle) details like a ruffle or floral applique can do a lot to add body, as evidenced above. If you’re looking for a more traditional ruffled bikini, this minty green one and cream-colored one also work under the same principle!

3. Bold and Charming Prints

Left to right: Splendid Treasure by Maaji, Fantasy by Cia Maritima

Patterned tops really draw the eye upward, and can be extra helpful when paired with a solid neutral bottom. The fixed band on the Maaji top lifts and pulls together to create cleavage while the strategically placed stripes create the illusion of a fuller bust. The solid piping on the green top outlines your natural shape and the classic triangle styling gives you just the right amount of fabric to do so.

The idea is to not overwhelm a small frame with too much material. Most of the time with a smaller bust, the hardest part in choosing a top is getting the right size.  As a general (but not completely strict) rule, stay away from thicker halter tops, the extra fabric adds too much where there is none and can actually make you look smaller. And when trying tops with molded cups, bring your size AND one size smaller to the fitting room, a lot of the time tops with molded cups run slightly larger than normal and these tops work best when they fit snugly!

XOXO Molly

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Cia Maritima Pieces Cover Up Dress – Flowy, Fabulous & Fitting!

Cia Maritima Pieces Dress
Cia Maritima Pieces Dress

Cia Maritima Pieces cover up is an ultra soft swimwear piece that provides the ease of comfort as easy as it does the glamor and the style. Wear it on and you will all set to cruise through the beach season in pure flawless fashion!

Cia Maritima swimwear had recently showcased its 2011 swimwear collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week recently held at Miami, Florida and won many accolades from swimwear fashion pioneers. But who will wait till the 2011 summer season to dawn, why not don the Cia Maritima fashionable charm right now while you can and steal the show wherever, whenever!

Get Cia Maritima Pieces Cover up – Dress to Relax in Style!

Cia Maritima Pieces dress has a boat-neckline featuring a sneaky yet sexy keyhole in the center. And if you’re worried that the cover up will hide your hard-earned curves and contours then don’t bother because there’s a cinch belt detail at the waist that is perfect to tighten where it should and let your body form a sleek silhouette through the flowy Cia Maritima cover up dress.

The fit is great and print of the beach dress is even greater. Wear it over a knock-out designer bikini and you will be turning heads for sure. The length of the Cia Maritima Pieces beach dress falls short enough to stir a sensation!

An ideal wear for the pool, on the sands or even in the water. This beach dress with you in it, will light the gathering in the day, night or whenever!!

And once you wear it on, you wouldn’t be taking it off!! Order it now, for more info drop in an email at:

P.S – Looks great with a sexy pair of jeans or a short skirt!

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Cia Maritima’s Mystical Beauty – You Got to Have it On

Cia Maritima Mystic Bikini
Cia Maritima Mystic Bikini

Have this magical and enigmatic bikini on you and enjoy the attention! You can also say that ‘attention’ comes in the package with the designer bikini! Cia Maritima’s Mystic bikini is a mystery that you have to unveil or let others do the trying and you enjoying all the admiration.

The Mystic bikini top is a bandeau offering an absolutely amazing fit. It is comfortable and features thick back ties. The bandeau bikini top lifts and trust me, it mesmerizes. The top is an abstract brown print on white base. It is different and something exclusive.

In addition to all this, the bikini top has removable neck ties too! Use them for added comfort and remove them for a perfect tan. Do you find anything missing?

The bottom of the designer bikini is a solid black. Fitting low across the hips, it is a typical bikini bottom that covers perfectly and fits amazingly. The bottom also has gold accents as an addition, if by any remote chance something went missing!

Designer Bikini by Cia Maritima – Absolutely Amazing

Cia Maritima’s designer swimwear collection has always surprised its regulars with something new and unique. Mystic bikini does the same this time too! It is a perfect show stopper bikini that makes you look nothing less then a super model!

The designer swimwear store is enamored by sensational stuff! Get some of it or enough of it now.

For more info, contact us at:

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Cia Maritima ‘Pieces’ Bikini with Wild Snake Print – Sinfully Sexy

Cia Maritima Pieces Bikini
Cia Maritima Pieces Bikini

Cia Maritima Pieces halter bikini is truly a sun-kissed wonder. Wanna shine all summer long, get noticed on the beach or be ‘the belle’ at every pool bash then this Cia Maritima swimsuit is the one you have got to get! The wild snake print is the USP of this halter bikini; making it look sleek and oh-so seductive.

Feel excited from the moment you see it to the moment you have the Pieces bikini on you and after that it will be the onlookers finding it hard to not look at  you. It’s one of the best swimsuits offered by Cia Maritima in the 2010 swimwear collection.

The halter bikini top and the flattering bottom sculpts your body and is sure to make you look like a goddess.

Cia Maritima Pieces – Of Elegant Designer Swimwear

Pieces by Cia Maritima swimwear tells a story of well crafted elegance. The wild snake print complemented by the gold hardware (both in the bikini top and the bottom) sprinkle a dash of sensuality and ensure adjustability. The gold accents on the bikini top can slide up and down to make the halter top fit perfectly.

This Cia Maritima bikini is sure to stand out on the beach during the day and the dusk and also draw enough attention at a pool party. A bikini for all occasions, moods and midsummer tropical adventures – Pieces bikini is a show stopper.

If you have an appetite for designer swimwear then the Cia Maritima is by far the sweetest slice of the pie. Don’t forget to lay your hands on this one.

For more info/ answers, contact Molly Brown’s at:

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Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini – Abstract Beauty

Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini
Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini
Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini attracts attention at once due to its abstract print and color splash. The sliding triangle top bikini is done in a beautiful Brazilian jersey fabric that feels like second skin. With comfortable back and neck ties, this Cia Maritima bikini gives you a perfect fit.

Cia Maritima blends aesthetics with technology; incorporating the detailed handiwork, fine embroideries, crystal beading and the intricate trims.

Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini – Simply Splendid!

Cia Maritima Tainted Love Bikini – you’ll just love slipping in to this two-piece. With its abstract and vibrant print, this sliding triangle top bikini by Cia Maritima is definitely a show-stopper. Paired with a low Brazilian cut bottom, it is fully adjustable. The sexy tie sides make it even more adorable.

Molly Brown’s is the hottest retailer that has all the big labels and brands. You may pick your favorite Cia Maritima or can lay your hands on anything from Poko Pano to Letarte.

Known for its aesthetics and the chosen pieces, Molly Brown’s has the best suits for your swimwear collection.

You can reach our customer service department by sending an e-mail to us at

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Cia Maritima Anaconda Bikini – For His(s) Love!

Cia Maritima Anaconda Bikini
Cia Maritima Anaconda Bikini
Cia Maritima Anaconda Bikini features an incredible Brazilian snake print jersey with a removable neck-tie to avoid those ugly tan lines. The wild twist style bandeau bikini has a perfect padding that contours your curves just like second skin. The thick back tie and the neck strap make this designer bikini a perfect fit.

Cia Maritima is usually admired by fashionistas for its detailed handiwork, crystal beading and intricate trims. Each piece by the label is quite different yet it maintains the swimwear label’s signature style.

Cia Maritima Anaconda Bikini – The Ultimate Seduction!

Cia Maritima Anaconda bikini is all about seduction. The skimpy Brazilian bottom makes you look simply irresistible and inimitable. Done in jersey fabric with string ties connecting to the golden snake at the front of each hip, the Brazilian tie sides add tremendously to your hotness quotient!

Sexy, skimpy and sensuous – this designer bandeau bikini is sure to make you fall for it. You can either choose the Anaconda or from its ilks like Cia Maritima Year of The Cat, Python, Zebra or Cobra.

Molly Brown’s has all the big-wigs of the fashion industry. A renowned name, the online swimwear store has been into business for the past thirty years now. Grab your favorite Cia Maritima Anaconda swimsuit from Molly Brown’s and be the glam queen when it comes to the beachwear.

Molly Brown’s Customer Service Department takes up your queries and orders. Send us an e-mail at

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Cia Maritima Swept Away Bikini – For Svelte Beauties!

Cia Maritima Swept Away Bikini
Cia Maritima Swept Away Bikini
Cia Maritima Swept Away Halter bikini is (to say the least!) exclusive! The knotty bikini top is fully reversible from cute striped red to sophisticated navy blue and looks gorgeous both ways. The Brazilian triangle top provides great support and coverage for all bust sizes.

Cia Maritima is one of the hottest and most sought-after bikini brands and is known for its chic styles and cuts. With a constant flair for something new and innovation, Cia Maritima has grown by leaps and bounds.

Cia Maritima Swept Away Bikini – Wear your attitude!

Cia Maritima Swept Away Bikini is sure to sweep the onlookers off their feet with its cute knots and sexy cuts. The triangle top is paired with luxurious Brazilian bottoms which are simple yet define sensuality in their own way. The Cia Maritima bikini is a swimsuit that is specially designed for you to enjoy every bit of your beach getaways

Adorned with chic gold hardware, the luxe bottom is definitely going to make you look hotter than ever before. Available at Molly Brown’s, your one stop-shop for swimwear, grab this one before it is Swept Away!

Molly Brown’s has been into the business for past thirty years and assorts best of the bikini labels. It has a whole gamut of bikinis and the swimwear to choose from. If you’ve any queries, we are here to help. Send an e-mail to our Customer Service Department at

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Cia Maritima 2009 Swimwear Collection Available at Molly Brown’s

Cia Maritima 2009 swimwear collection is being offered at the designer swimwear store, Molly Brown’s ( The collection featuring gorgeous bikinis, swimsuits, cover-ups, tunics and other dresses; can be viewed at””>designer swimwear brand continues to be an eye-popper in swimwear circuits around the world. With its innovative and out-of-the-world designs and great emphasis on detailing, it continues to be the most sought-after swimwear line in the Brazilian lands.

The notable innovations in the Cia Maritima 2009 Collection include appealing handcrafted tie-dye and animal prints. The colors used in Cia Maritima swimwear pieces, that would be making it big in the swimwear world, include lavender and coral; with soft touches of graphite, olive and coffee. With such soothing colors floating around, the Cia Maritima fever is sure to grip the swimwear fashion enthusiasts.

“The 2009 Cia Maritima Collection epitomizes femininity and sensuousness in true sense of the words! The designs are inexplicably jaunty and captivating. Excellent designing and intricate detailing is the wow-factor that paves way for the swimwear line’s soaring prosperity.”, shares Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s.

“Cia Maritima creations always bring out the best in me. I think I am in love with their chic designs and voguish cuts!”, quips Lizzy, an excited customer.

For more information on 2009 Cia Maritima Collection, visit””>

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Cia Maritima Tiffany Swimsuit – Floral Elegance!

Cia Maritima Tiffany Swimsuit
Cia Maritima Tiffany Swimsuit
Cia Maritima has been taking the beach world by a storm with its ever-so-fresh swimsuit designs and gorgeous silhouettes. The renowned swimwear line came into existence courtesy Benny Rosset in 1990. This time around, it is the Cia Maritima Tiffany swimsuit that is gaining accolades in the swimwear fashion circuit.

Cia Maritima Tiffany Swimsuit is a gorgeous swimsuit that is bound to make you go weak in your knees with its unparalleled charm and enticing appeal. The sizzling swimsuit can be picked at Molly Brown’s, the one-stop station for all your designer swimwear needs.

Cia Maritima Tiffany Swimsuit – If looks could kill!

Cia Maritima Tiffany bikini features a beautiful floral bandeau that sports a gold ring at center, a thick back tie and padding that provides amazing contouring and perfect fit for any bust size! You will be charmed by the incredible Brazilian jersey rose print fabric of this out-and-out sexy swimsuit.

The bottoms are low and have a Brazilian hipster styling. The sexy gold side rings fit comfortably across the hips without digging and are the perfect accent to this Brazilian beauty bikini! The ravishing appeal of this beautiful swimsuit is bound to leave your onlookers spellbound.

Grab the amazing Tiffany swimsuit at Molly Brown’s, and get set to become an eye candy!

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