Splash Some Color On – Vitamin A “Made for Spring” Swimwear Collection

It’s time to look around and enjoy the lovely blue sky, yellow sunrise, and the purple, green, pink, violet, peach, lemon flowers all round. Ring-a-ding-ding! Spring has sprung and quite beautifully you will too in the sumptuously vibrant collection of bikinis, beach dresses and beach pants by Vitamin A swimwear. Amahlia’s designs, with all their Californian charm, are back and this time hued in the season of colors.

Vitamin A brings sexy back with some of its signature designs in vivacious tones – predominantly blue (both azure and indigo), green (teal and sea green), yellow (lemon), orange (fiery sunsets and peaches), pinks (hot fuchsia and subtle baby pinks) and of course the feisty hot reds. Along with these, the collection also includes a perky set of printed and patterned bandeaus, rash guard wear and dresses in complete solid blacks, whites and olives which are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Looking at each and every Vitamin A “Made for Spring” piece, we wonder if it’s a work of art or a work of passion and love for colors. We would love to have our Molly dolls own and wear at least one stunning piece out of this incredibly fashionable collection:

Vitamin A Swimwear
Vitamin A Swimwear

For those of you who don’t know where to start from, we have the following top picks for you to get you started.

The sauve blue one piece – Who says elegance and glamor come only in shades of blacks and whites? No “blanche et noir” but this beautiful Brena Maillot – Carribe in fuller sky-shade will make you the pretty spot against the backdrop of the pearly sand and azure waves.

Brena Maillot - Carribe
Vitamin A Brena Maillot – Carribe

The Jade of all hearts bandeau bikini – Again inspired by the memories of seafarers, Vitamin A offers this irresistibly sexy Bel Air Bandeau & Paloma Hipster bikini in Jade. With this vibrant color on you, you are sure to cause ripples in the hearts of those looking at you. The knotted detailing on the back adds that playful spark to this otherwise subtle-yet-sexy two-piece.

Vitamin A Bel Air Bandeau & Hipster Bottom
Vitamin A Bel Air Bandeau & Hipster Bottom

The Lemon-dipped beach poncho/ dress – What’s a spring not hinting at summer? This creatively designed Marina Poncho – Citron is the perfect wear for a breezy evening at the beach or a lazy sunny Sunday at the pool watching your friends dip, flap and float while you relax and dazzle everyone with your laid-back prettiness.

Vitamin A Poncho Beach Dress
Vitamin A Marina Poncho Citron Dress

The Citrus Keyhole Bikini – Lemony and refreshing, the Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster will make your beach wardrobe complete with its electric hue! A sure-shot breath-stopper, this bikini scores on two things – stunning color and an attractive design. The keyhole and the strappy details make this bikini a bit bold but not outrageously uncouth. So enjoy for a glamorous day at the beach and if you are mistaken for a celeb, don’t be surprised.

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster - Citron
Vitamin A Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster – Citron

The Little blue mini dress – Playful, chirpy, flirty, girly, the Mila Mini Dress – Bluray – in a bold, dark shade of blue will become your best friend to escape dullness with. Ultra comfy, the dress just slips on and hugs your body in a beautiful embrace. The touch of which will brighten up everywhere you go – be it a sandy shore or a starry night out with your friends.

Mila Mini Dress - Bluray
Vitamin A Mila Mini Dress – Bluray

The Cassis Bikini – Just like the most precious wine in your cabinet, this Neutra bralette & hipster bikini will be taken out for the most special visit to the beach or a pool party thrown in your honor. While, the peep-hole design on the broad strap of the bralette enhances the top’s appeal, the keyhole design on the bottoms balances out the whole look most fashionably. Whenever you are in the mood for some queen-like luxury and fashion, this Cassis colored hotness will be your best bet.


The Peachy Sunset bikini – You can’t go wrong with this classic triangle top – the Gwyneth triangle top & pinup bottom in sunset hue – so the chances of you committing a fashion faux go down even more. Like a whimsical sunset on the horizon, this bikini is as dreamy as you’d like it to be. Straight out of a sartorial heaven and on your body; the picture in others’ eyes would be right out of a movie, with you slow-walking on the sandy shorelines. Snap out and make it happen in reality. Shop now.


Want to explore some more Vitamin A Goodness? See it right here.

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The Very Very Valentine’s Day Collection!

Magic mirror on the wall who is the sexiest one of all? The diva on the beach with a Molly Brown bikini on her, of course! This Valentine’s Day – it will be sexy ruling the bedrooms, the beach and the exotic resorts along with love. We have hand-picked a fine collection of bikinis and cover ups that will turn men into lovestruck and wide-eyed smitten teen boys.

A V-Day all-day fest, pool party, a private promenade or an all-ladies fun day/ night visit to the nearest beach, our collection offers some scintillating pieces worthy of your loving self and your beloved eyes.

Charming, cute, skimpy, subtle and daring – we have stocked various styles for all kinds of avatars that you would like don this V-Day.

Molly Brown’s Valentine’s Day Collection

Our experts at the store have put together this Valentine’s collection so that you don’t need to walk store to store or browse e-shop to e-shop to find the look that works for you. To make it even simpler, we have created a new page with the best bikini and swimwear products that embody the spirit of sexiness.

How to Shop from the collection:
If these become too overwhelming and all bikinis seem too pretty to leave out, then we’d suggest you go through the following themes and choose the one that works best for you. We wouldn’t want you to spend your entire V-Day budget on a bikini so that you can plan that special dinner and an exquisite gift for him. 🙂

By Color:

If cliché doesn’t offend your preferences then we have red stunners in this collection! Dipped from the straps to the cups and the tie sides to the bottom covers in hot molten and stimulating shades of red, the red bikinis from Despi, Lulifama and Vitamin A are made for Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry even if a red bikini is a bit of a cliché, the ones in our collection are sexy: triangle tops, bandeau, mesh cover up dresses and other styles of red swimwear.

Valentine’s Day Red Bikinis
Bikini from the Valentine’s Day Collection

















Apart from the sexy yet safe red options you can be a little different with the pinks, nude colors, whites and printed swimwear in our line up to surprise and show that you can pull off more colors than sunset, paprika and bombshell red.

By Style:

Style totally depends on you and your plans for the day. We have bikinis for girls who want to go with the “less is more” approach and for those who want to ditch skimpy this time and leave something for the man’s imagination. Fringe tops, ruched and crochet bottoms, bralettes, full cover, keyhole bikini tops are some of the other options you have apart from the usual triangular tops.


















By Brands: 

This collection gathers all the sexiness the beachwear industry has to offer: Luli Fama, Mara Hoffman, Vitamin A, Despi, Maaji, Lady Lux and Pily Q. As you can see these are the top players and their 2014 designs are the hottest ever! So for this special day make sure you are buying from the special ones.

            and more.

There are hardly any days left for your day of love! Start your Valentine’s day shopping right away. Find matching accessories here.

A note for the single ladies: Cupid may be blind but the boys are not 😉

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Fashion Fridays – Molly Brown’s pick of the week – Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Hello Ladies! It’s finally Friday and the much awaited weekend is here! And you know why Fridays are special right?

Because Fridays are Fashion Fridays! And this week we bring you our pick of the week.

This week’s must have item is the Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova. As you probably already know, this gorgeous cover up dress was seen on Jennifer Aniston in the movie, “Just Go with It (2011)“. Beautiful as she is, Jennifer wears this dress perfectly, with the right footwear and hair. Now, who wouldn’t like to wear something that was worn by the lovely Jen.

Marissa Tennis Dress by Anna Kosturova
Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Crochet is the hottest thing right now, and this dress does crochet like no other. With a tassel ended drawstring waist and cap sleeves, the Marissa Tennis Dress will go perfectly with any swimsuit. Wear it over a bright colored bikini and let the colors shine through. A laced up neckline adds subtle sexiness to this chic cream colored dress.

Love this dress? Pick it up for yourself at Molly Brown’s and just go with it! 😉

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How to ace the perfect beach look and what do you need for it.


Corsica Top Tortola Bottom
Corsica Top Tortola Bottom

The beach season is just around the corner and swimwear stores are abuzz with activity, bringing out the latest collections of major swimwear brands to display. But before you dive right into shopping to upgrade your beach wardrobe, you might want to make a list of what all you need to set the temperatures soaring at the beach. Lucky for you, we have done the homework. Without further ado, here goes:

A stunning bikini: This, of course, is the most important item of them all. With scores of designs and options available, from monokinis to bikinis to mix and match bikinis, pick one that describes your personality best. Check out the latest collections available at Molly Brown’s and pick the perfect bikini for you.

A stunning coverup: Gone are the days when a cover up used to be simple and just something you throw over a bikini. Cover ups have evolved into ultra sexy ensemble of fabric and are a fashion statement themselves. From dress cover ups to kaftans, cover ups are definitely something you need to shift your focus on. Experiment with long or short cover ups and watch how men and boys drool.

Beach hats: Not only do beach hats look uber cool, but also save your pretty face from the sun. Get a wide-brimmed hat for the perfect beach look.

Beach Bags: A good bag can make quite an impression. The 2014 collections have beach bags of all kinds, from printed totes to embellished ones to the unique jelly totes. Pick a beach bag that is large enough to hold all your supplies.

Accessories: No look, beach or otherwise, is complete without the right accessories. On the beach, you need to match your accessories with your bikini and coverup. If you are a fan of plunging necklines, get a statement neckpiece and simple stud earrings. Bracelets, rings and earrings are all accessories you need to be careful while using. Pick one unique accessory and let it do all the talking.

The Right Kind of Makeup: On the beach, natural looking makeup works best. Overdoing it will only make one look caked. Keep it simple. Have a light shade of lipgloss on your lips, ideally one that is a lip balm as well. On the eyes, stick to eyeliner and mascara only and do not go over the top. Stick to the style that suits you best. Add a slight blush to the cheeks and voila! You’re ready for the beach! Also, do not forget sunscreen. You do not want crazy tan lines!

The Right Kind of Hair: Loose waves, slick straight, top knot or a messy bun. On the beach, you can experiment with your hair, as you feel comfortable. Let them loose, mess them up occasionally or tie them up in a cute braid/ bun and pair some hair accessories with them. This one, do what your heart desires.

And, The Right Footwear: Beach footwear must be functional and stylish, so that you can frolic around in the sands and the sea without having to worry about spoiling your footwear. For this, we suggest getting flip flops, as they serve as the best beach footwear of all times. Browse through our footwear selection to pick one for this beach season!

There! This is pretty much what you will need to perfect the sexy, sultry, sun kissed look. Did we miss anything? What are your essentials to get ready for the beach? Share them in the comments below! 🙂



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Is 2014 About Bikinis or Cover Ups?

January is almost over but still you can sense the Euphoria in the air. Especially since the beach season is fast approaching! We have all seen the latest designs and collections and are now ready to try them on at the beach and see what happens!

The 2014 swimwear collections have mixed bright colors, bold cuts and silhouettes with funky, vibrant prints, incorporating embellishments into the designs and creating some really amazing bikinis. But another trend has emerged. And that is of the cover-up taking the center stage than ever before.

2014 Bikinis
2014 Cover Ups


















Earlier cover ups were just an accessory and one did not see much innovation in them. But now, cover ups have become haute couture with more and more designers paying more attention to the swim cover up. There are Kaftans, embellished cover ups, beach dress cover ups in bright hues and bold whimsical prints.

But is 2014 the year of the bikini or is the spotlight going to shine on the cover ups? The bikini is and will always remain evergreen, with slight changes in the designs or styles. But 2014 is definitely the year of the cover ups. We are seeing a lot more versatility in the designs, the flowy fabrics used, the silhouettes to even the length and the sexy cuts. The newest addition are cover up dresses which can even double as an evening dress for the hot date you scored in the beach! The cover up is evolving and we’re loving it!

Browse the 2014 collection of beach dresses at Molly Brown’s and get ready to sizzle more as you cover up!

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Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store All Set For 2014

It’s only going to get hotter now! Fellow Americans, we know how the record breaking temperatures have made us all sun-starved; but not for long because Molly Brown’s promises to bring some real steamy hot respite as the year progresses.

What’s on the platter for January?

Brand new designer swimwear brands! We have the latest 2014 collection from all leading designer swimwear and new high-end brands on the block, as mentioned below:

  1. Boys + Arrows – Yes, this spunky bikinis and swimwear brand can now be found at your very own Molly Brown’s store.
  2. Cecilia Prado – This brand offers prettily cut and flirty feminine cuts that can give any old player a run for his money in the swimwear industry; watch out for this sexy range in 2014.
  3. Beach Riot – This brand couldn’t have been named better. Perfectly designed so that whenever you step out in the sand or sun wearing a swimwear piece from this brand, you will cause a stir, nothing short of a riot.
  4. Bettinis – We thought we had seen all the ‘sexy’ out there. But Bettinis put us in our place with is stunningly sensual line of 2014 bikinis.
  5. Frankie’s Bikinis – Cool, casual and effortlessly stylish, Frankie’s Bikinis are for all those laid back beach girls who want to look good but don’t want to stress about it.
  6. Lolli – Have you wondered what would it be like to gift wrap yourself in sexiness? Well that’s exactly what Lolli swimwear pieces are –cute and sexy wraps for the sexy you.

The list is long! We have Eberjey, Fox (Swimwear and activewear), Dolcessa and we are also overloaded on beachwear and swim accessories! If there’s anything that you can be sure of in 2014, it’s about looking your best ever self on the beach with a little help from us!

And Boys: This year Molly Brown’s big basket of amazing beachwear fashion also includes sporty and manly men’s swimwear too! We have added a huge stock of men’s board shorts, beach tees, hats and other apparels. Yes, men will have another reason to visit our web store now 😉 – to shop!

So get up and ready to stock for the summer months! Shop online or at any of Molly Brown’s in-store locations in California: Newport Beach and Laguna Beach; and Nevada: Las Vegas.

Before we forget: All the latest 2014 women’s and mens swimwear are available for purchase at our online store.

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

Sequined swimwear is only fitting given that today is New Year’s Eve! 2012 was a great year, and we hope the growth and fun only continues into 2013! New Year’s Eve is always filled with shiny, pretty things– champagne, confetti, sequins and glitter– and the sequin-adorned suits popping up from many of this season’s top designers have us giddy for the countdown!

L: La Ciudad Caftan by THE COLLECTION by L*SPACE

R: Wild Indulgence by LULI FAMA


Whether you’re ringing in the new year sipping bubbly or watching the ball drop in Time’s Square, these sparkling beauties are hard to resist!


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2013 Collections Unveiled!

NEW! Yes, it’s October, but now is the time we’re getting in our NEW collections for next season! Stay tuned as we unveil next seasons collections one by one 🙂 So far we’re seeing dreamy neons, and some fierce animal prints and lots of hanging tassels! 🙂


Shop our 2013 collections HERE > Look for the 2013 tag for the goodies.

xo, Molly <3

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Sheer Genius.

When shopping for a great coverup, it’s sometimes nice to find one that allows you to show off your summer bikini bod AND the favorite bikini you’re wearing underneath it. We love the idea that covering up doesn’t mean you have to hide it all away, and these pretty dresses are as tasteful as they are sexy!

Fish Net Dress by SAUVAGE (also available in black)

Depending on your style and your what you’re dressing for, this dress can be worn in various different ways. You can pair it with a navy or red suit and go the nautical route or with a chic white, beige or nude bikini and go for the summer-tonal look. Either way, this dress is a winner.

From left to right: LA Coverup by DESPI, Cozumel Coverup by LETARTE

The detailed floral beading and metal & fringe embellishments on these coverups save them from looking too “bare-all.” They’re light-weight and versatile in their black and white, so they’re perfect for pairing all your swimwear to and perfect for hot hot summer, day or night.

XOXO Molly <3

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Molly Brown’s Is Now Offering 2011 Martha Rey

Dance Colony
Dance Colony

Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store is now offering the 2011 MarthaRey swimwear collection! MarthaRey is new to Molly Brown’s (https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com/)
and is bringing in fun, funky and fabulous pieces for swimwear connoisseurs everywhere!

MarthaRey has gone back in time, reviving retro tie die in every way you could dream of! Bright and vibrant colors are splashed, swirled, and outlined all over these fantastic modern cut suits and avant-garde cover-ups!

MarthaRey luxury swimwear is native of Columbia. It is known for creating bohemian hand-dyed luxury swimwear for modern and fun spirited women.

This one of a kind sensation is ultra chic and playful! MarthaRey Dance Colony incorporates a vibrant color palette complete with tie-dye and neon outlining; with a super sexy and modern cut thick tie side bottom! This is a suit that gives you the opportunity to show off your inner playful and lively spirit!

Check out more of MarthaRey evocative collection at Molly Brown’s online swimwear boutique http://mollybrownsswimwear.com/

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