Melissa Odabash Cammy Cover Up – pampering the diva in you

“Each swimsuit I design is like a work of art” says Melissa. “The harmony that exists between the design and the female body needs to be complete in order to project the desired inner confidence and inspire admiration”.


It’s no surprise that Melissa Odabash is popular with A list movie stars. Women who are in the limelight need a head turning bikini or cover up to accentuate their figure and make a fashion statement. This beachwear label is for the women who appreciate subtle, exquisite designs – where less is more and the beauty lies in the details.


Cammy Cover Up by Melissa Odabash

The exotic, glamorous and sensual designs are must-haves for the respectable globetrotter. Besides looking exquisite, this Melissa Odabash Cammy cover up is exceptionally comfortable. Due to her former swimwear modeling days, Melissa has gained a finely-tuned nose for how women want to feel in their swimwear.

This beautifully-designed cover up boasts with its timeless style. Cut from superior fabrics, it is designed to make you look and feel your best.



Dose your look with a pinch of instant glamour by donning this retro-chic Melissa Odabash cover up. It’s a modern day take on the hippy look with just the right amount of chic detailing. Chill out on the beach in this laid back yet effortlessly elegant Melissa Odabash Cammy Cover Up.


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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Coconuts Top & Rockies Bottom – Mikoh Swimwear

Hi there, pretty sunshine!


Greetings from MollyBrown’s 🙂


Ready to rock and roll on the weekend!


We have just the perfect bikini for your weekend excursions to the beach or the pool in this week’s pick at Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays.


Wanna know which is the bikini which took the crown?




It is the Coconuts Top & Rockies Bottom by Mikoh Swimwear.



Mikoh Swimwear is inspired by the sea and one can totally see the designers’ love for the ocean and the deep waters reflected in almost every Mikoh bikini. The Coconuts top along with the Rockies bottom is no different with its mermaid like magical ensemble.




Both the Coconuts top & Rockies bottom come with crochet detailing and are available in a variety of aqua-inspired colors, such as seaweed green, oceanic blue and even reds and whites. The Coconuts top is a simple halter triangle top, the ties made by crochet. The Rockies bottom has crochet details on the side, flaunting yet graceful at the same time.




Pick your favorite color out of the four different options offered by Mikoh and flaunt what you got lady!


Until then, Keep it stylish Molly Dolls! 🙂


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Green July – Our Top Green Bikinis For This Month! (Women’s Swimwear Special)

The color green, in our opinion, has been overshadowed by its bolder and brighter counter parts. One can see it in the stores, on the ramps and even around us, but it’s rarely ever acknowledged like the orange and the blacks! Anyway, we decided to give the humble yet honorable green its rightful due by showcasing bikinis and swimwear in varying shades of the beautiful and refreshing green! We decided to celebrate July as the Green month because this month is mostly a harbinger of verdure and rains in many parts of the world.


Let’s go!


The Vix Bia One Piece:

Vix Bia 1 Pc Swimsuit

We’ll unveil this envy-inducing list of green bikinis and swimwear with the magnificent – Bia 1 Pc from Vix swimwear. This one piece is made for the goddess of the beach. Exuding elan and loads of style, the Vix one piece swimwear has a satiny sheen which is further enhanced by the metallic hardware detailing and also by the solid spread of green. Sizzle when you step out on the beach wearing this Vix piece and give people a reason to think beyond the hot pinks or the sunset oranges.


The Pily Q Zen Halter and Braided Bottom:

Pily Q Zen Halter & Braided Bottom

Cute, perky and the cause of so much envy, the Pily Q Zen Halter and Braided Bottom is aesthetically sexy. With its cuts and contours, the Zen Halter bikini features braided detailing both on the halter top and the skimpy bottom. This Pily Q bikini is in pristine pistachio – the sweetest green that you can find. Need we say more? Oh yes, get it right here.


Dolcessa Coins Underwire Beachwave Bikini:

Dolcessa Coins Underwire Bikini

This bikini is splashed with the sea – literally. Imbued in beachwave colors of soothing blues and the greens, the Dolcessa Coins Underwire bikini will be your special pick for a special day out at the beach. Single ladies most definitely should own the padded and ruched bikini underwire top and scrunched bottom. What makes this bikini absolutely indispensable to a wardrobe is its ability to crush boys’ hearts at a single glance.


Cecilia Prado Rendado Dress

Cecilia Prado Rendado Dress

Green, green crochet dress, makes you look like a beach princess! Behold the Rendado beach dress by Cecilia Prado. This beautiful piece of cloth is to be worn only when you’re surrounded by endless sea and sand. A refreshing designer outfit, it puts you in the right spot whether you like it or not.


Planet Blue/ Blue Life Summer Night Dress

Planet Blue Life Midnight Dress

This dress starts off as a maxi dress and comes just a bit lower from mid-way, turning into a sexy killer with a slit that hits right where it hurts the most. If you believe in following your own rules and swagger, this Blue Life dress is the one that will provide the confidence and the right attitude for you to stand tall among the rest. Wear a sexy bikini underneath when you are are ready to unsettle some waves and are tired of smoldering the sand.


So there you have it: the green apples of our eyes. Could have July been some other color? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ and we’ll cover the color that make your smiles bigger and eyes brighter.


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Look Sensual and Classy in Crochet Bathing Suits – Be the Beach Diva



Crochet bathing suits are a hot swimwear this season. The summer of 2014 is flooded with various swimwear styles and crochet bathing suits, cover ups, dresses and pants hogging limelight. And why not? Crochet with its peek-a-boo and sexy weaves has always been a pick of the fashion forward ladies!




Crochet pieces looks charming and sexy. The fabric and design has a vintage appeal to it and designers do not let even the last thread go waste when creating a masterpiece, especially if its swimwear. Though crochet bathing suits are definitely more revealing and sensual but then, it’s going to be worn at the beach! The place for all of us to look our sexy best!


Beaches and summer are all about sexy bikinis, tote bags, flip flops, beach games, sunbathing and a lot of fun and crochet beachwear fits almost into all the above aspects. Although there may be people who find it a bit revelatory yet many wouldn’t blink an eye to admire someone wearing it. Come to think of it, all sorts of swimwear are revealing in their own way. A lot depends on what swimwear design and cut you pick. There is a very thin line between looking sexy and looking tasteless and unabashed. You can look very trendy, chic, sensual and super hot in a bikini if you pick the right one for your body type. However, at the same time you can look tasteless, vain and gaudy if you pick the wrong bathing suit.




So make sure you’re picking the correct bathing suit and crochet will do as much justice to your beach look as any other swimwear fabric would. Still, if you think it’s a little more revealing than other swimsuits, then we ‘d like your shy self to be a little bolder this summer. Summers and beaches are all about shedding your inhibitions, looking sexy and playing along the waves! So, just go out there, pick the skimpiest crochet resort wear and scorch the beach looking smoking hot.


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