Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A

Hello all of you!

It is Fridaayy! And even better, it is Good Friday!

Are all of you finished decorating your Easter eggs and hiding them in the garden?

Ready for the weekend?

So are we! And we are also ready with our pick of the week!

Drum rolls please…

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster



This week’s pick is the Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A.

This cutout wrap is quickly becoming the rage, simply because its easy to wear and is undeniably stylish. Modernistic cutouts paired with an architectural silhouette make the Serra Keyhole Wrap pretty desirable. And the way the wrap is constructed gives you maximum cleavage and ultra glam looks!

Serra Keyhole Wrap

Pair the Serra Keyhole Wrap with the Neutra Hipster and you have a stunning bikini that is simply too good to resist.

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster

Hop over to to peruse our 2014 collections and get ready for the beach season!

And as we always say, keep it stylish ladies 😉

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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week!

Bonjour Mademoiselles!

Doing good? Loving the fact that it is finally Friday?

We know how you feel, and trust us, we are ecstatic it is Friday, for reasons more than one!

Of course, we are talking about the Pick of the Week!

Excited? We are too! And this week’s winner is…

The Rothko Halter Top & Neutra Hipster by Vitamin A!

A super comfortable and highly sensual bralette paired with a California cut hipster bottom, this bikini will make you look and feel like a million bucks! With the sexy styling and chic, minimalist designs, it is a look that you must rock this beach season.

Hop over to our online store and browse through the super awesome and sexy Vitamin A 2014 collection and you will definitely have an overflowing beach wardrobe within minutes!

And as always, stay sexy & stylish!

Happy Weekend you all 🙂


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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – One Teaspoon Swimwear

Why Hello there!

How are you doing gorgeous!

Ready to take out all the stress of the week and let off steam with your girlfriends?

Ready to know the Molly Brown’s pick of the week?

The swimwear brand which takes the crown this week is One Teaspoon swimwear.

One Teaspoon Swimwear is made for the rebellious girl, who is not afraid to break conventions and does what she wants.

One Teaspoon bikinis and cover ups are unique, with an edgy, dangerous feel to the designs.

Are you ready to rock those wave over this season?

As always, have a great weekend lovelies! 🙂

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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Lady Lux Swimwear

Hello to all you pretty women!

It’s the last day of the week and the onset of the much awaited weekend. But it’s not just that is it?

Of course not! It is time for Molly Brown’s Pick of the week!

Can’t live without our weekly dose of fashion now, can we!

This week’s pick is the ultra luxurious and sensual Lady Lux Swimwear.

Lady Lux Swimwear

Lady Lux Swimwear is known all across the world for their scintillating bikinis which are as sexy as they are luxurious. With little but important details such as embellishments, strategic cuts to enhance your figure and sophisticated designs, Lady Lux Swimwear is definitely a must-have this swimwear season!



The finest quality fabrics are used in making Lady Lux bikinis, which them all the more desirable.

Get your own piece of heaven with Lady Lux Swimwear, available at your favorite swimwear store, Molly Brown’s!

And as always, Have fun ladies! Happy Weekend! 🙂

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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Eberjey Swimwear

Ola Ladies!

How’s it going? It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing. Fashion Fridays!

Excited? Want to know which swimwear brand takes this week’s crown?

Without keeping you all in anymore suspense, we present Molly Brown’s Pick of the week, Eberjey Swimwear!


Two friends found the lack of lingerie frustrating and wanted to do something about it. Hence, Eberjey was born. At first, Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito created Eberjey to provide pretty and useful lingerie to women but later the brand expanded into Eberjey swimwear and loungewear.

Eberjey swimwear is flirty, casual, chic and above all, will make you feel like the queen that you are!


Grab your own Eberjey bikinis and dresses at Molly Brown’s before they go all out!

P.S. Happy Friday Everyone! Rock the world! 🙂



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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Water Glamour Swimwear

Hi there gorgeous!

Once again, it is time for Molly Brown’s pick of the week! Are you as excited as we are to know the pick of this week?

Well then, Drumrolls please!

The Fashion Fridays pick of the week is Water Glamour Swimwear.


This swimwear brand from California is fun, funky and supremely gorgeous. A riot of bright colors and vibrant patterns, mixed with muted pastels here and there, Water Glamour bikinis are irresistible!


Grab your own Water Glamour bikini at Molly Brown’s and set heartbeats running and eyes glazing with envy over your hotness.

You go Water Girl!


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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Beach Riot Swimwear

The most blissful days of the week, otherwise known as the weekend, are here again. No matter from which part of the world you are , it’s sure as hell that it makes you happy!

And as always, we bring to you Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday Pick of the week.

This week’s crown goes to Beach Riot Swimwear – The perfect brand for the Californian girl!



The hot and sexy Nicole Hanriot is the creator behind this relaxed and incredibly chic swimwear line. Growing up in Newport Beach, she lived her whole life around swimsuits and beaches. And she took that love along with her passion for swimwear and made her dream come true by creating her own swimwear line.

Nicole describes Beach Riot as the California Beach babe swim brand, a mix between contemporary chic and surfer girl. And this statement couldn’t be any more truer. The designs are a mixture of edgy and cute which make them stand out in the crowd.

Browse through the Beach Riot Collection at Molly Brown’s and pick up your favorite one before they go all out!

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Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the week – Blue Life by Planet Blue

Ola ladies, we meet again! It’s Friday and time for the pick or should I say picks of this week!

This week’s crown goes to the amazing Blue Life by Planet Blue swimwear collection. One look at the collection and you will fall in love with the amazing, contemporary designs, vivid colors and bright patterns. A true blue Californian style brand, Blue Life by Planet Blue started off as a local boutique in Malibu. Today, Blue Life is known for its lazy, Californian feel and distinctive fashion style.

Shop the Blue Life collection at Molly Brown’s Swimwear and let the Californian free spirit encompass you completely!


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Fashion Fridays – Molly Brown’s pick of the week – Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Hello Ladies! It’s finally Friday and the much awaited weekend is here! And you know why Fridays are special right?

Because Fridays are Fashion Fridays! And this week we bring you our pick of the week.

This week’s must have item is the Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova. As you probably already know, this gorgeous cover up dress was seen on Jennifer Aniston in the movie, “Just Go with It (2011)“. Beautiful as she is, Jennifer wears this dress perfectly, with the right footwear and hair. Now, who wouldn’t like to wear something that was worn by the lovely Jen.

Marissa Tennis Dress by Anna Kosturova
Marissa Dress by Anna Kosturova

Crochet is the hottest thing right now, and this dress does crochet like no other. With a tassel ended drawstring waist and cap sleeves, the Marissa Tennis Dress will go perfectly with any swimsuit. Wear it over a bright colored bikini and let the colors shine through. A laced up neckline adds subtle sexiness to this chic cream colored dress.

Love this dress? Pick it up for yourself at Molly Brown’s and just go with it! 😉

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