5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Father’s Day – Molly Brown’s Top Picks!


Father’s Day is just around the corner and almost all of us are either biting our nails and trying to figure out what to get our beloved Daddies for their special day. Now, some people are so easy to shop for, and some Daddies have everything you can think of. What to do?


Fear not damsels/ dudes in distress, for we are here to solve this dilemma for you. And just in no time!


Gifts do not always have to be store-bought, you can make something thoughtful and gift it to your dad and he will love it all the same. For example, create a photo collage and make him relive the amazing times he’s spent with the family. Or get him coasters of his favorite movie series/ superhero for his office.


More ideas? Here are Molly Brown’s top gift ideas for Father’s Day. Get cracking kiddies:


Father’s Day Gift Cards

Father's Day Gift Coupons
Father’s Day Gift Coupons

An ingenious idea we stole off the internet. Make handmade coupons, such as free car washing, garage cleaning, scrumptious dinner and the likes, bind them together to make a  coupon book and gift it to your dad. He can use it whenever he likes to! Make sure you have already decided who will do what 😉


Make his Day Special

If your dad already has everything he needs, then why not make his day an amazing one. Since it will be a Sunday, you can start with a yummy (his favorite of course) breakfast and serve it to him in bed. Then, plan the day around his favorite activities, or maybe even a small day-trip nearby. If he loves golfing, take him to the best golf course and spend some quality time with your dad. In the evening, plan a family dinner, get all your siblings to write down something for your dad, a handmade card maybe. Make reservations at a fine restaurant and let him relax with his loved ones. You get the idea, make the day all about him.


Upgrade his Surf/ Swimwear Collection

Molly Brown's Men's Swimwear
Molly Brown’s Men’s Swimwear

Does your dad love the sea and the surf? Is the beach his favorite destination? Then why not get some cool new board shorts or tees for his wardrobe. It’s the perfect Father’s day gift for the dad who loves sun, sand and sea! He would probably put them on and head to the beach right away! Board shorts like this one, this and this one and then t-shirts like this one, this and this one are good ideas! You can also browse our Men’s swimwear collection for more ideas.


DIY Comic Book Coasters

DIY Comic Book Coasters
DIY Comic Book Coasters

For the Dad who has always been and will be your favorite superhero, we found this awesome idea – Superhero Coasters! Very easy to make and perfect to remind him everyday that he will always be your hero 🙂 Easy step-by-step instructions are here: http://modpodgerocksblog.com/2011/09/crafts-for-men-comic-book-coasters.html


Personalized Ties

No Father’s day gift list can be complete without the iconic tie! Many of us had thought of this, why not make this age-old yet evergreen gift more personal. Get your dad’s initials monogrammed on the tie and watch how his face will light up each time he wears it on.


More than anything, it is the thought that counts and feelings that matter, the gift, not as much. All you have to do is convey to your father how much you love him and the special place he holds in your heart. Just do that and he will be very happy!


Happy Father’s Day to all the super-awesome dads out there. Thank you for what you do 🙂

 *All images sourced from the internet
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New Year, New Designer Swimwear!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is officially January 1st, and swim season is inching closer every day! We’re still getting brand new 2013 collections everyday in all of our locations and online, but we’d like to take a second to highlight all of our newcomers this season.

Edgy Fox Swimwear and American Honey

Sexy and sophisticated Greenlee Swim and Salt Swimwear

and the already famous tribal Mara Hoffman

2013 is already looking to be a great year with swimwear collections featuring quality fabrics and truly innovative designs. We’re still offering our free shipping on orders of $50+ so get shopping!! (Valentine’s day is right around the corner 😉

Hope everyone had an amazing New Year’s Eve. <3 Molly

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Cozy Up!

December always flies by, and this year is no different. Is it 12/17 already?? The days are rainy here in Southern California (and then nights freezing!) so forgive us for dwelling on how to transform our swim wardrobe into winter-appropriate attire. Here are a few we’ve already mentioned to start, but these will work just as well!

1. Two wonderfully cozy, knit coverups by ODABASH– and neutrally toned too! Dress these up, down, during the day, night. The possibilities are endless!

Right: Reyna Coverup, Left: Coleene Knit Coverup

2. Comfy loungewear by FOX. Right: Pride Zip Sweater, Left: Dreamer Pants

Comfortable loungewear — necessary during all seasons. Though we warn you– if you fall asleep in these, it may be difficult to get up and out of them. Ever.

XOXO – Molly

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