Katin Swimwear – surfing the waves since ’54

Katin Swimwear

You really have to take a serious look through the Katin collection. Don’t spend all of your time shotgunning beers with your surfer dudes. In addition to all of the great vintage looks around here, the gents behind the shop have been maintaining the Californian surf culture for six decades. And to commemorate the countless waves you’ve jumped and the sunny days you’ve spent on the beach, they’ve made these limited edition Kanvas by Katin surf trunks. But before you pop open the next Bud, let’s share a small piece of American Surfer history:


“In the late 1950′s Nancy and Walter Katin were in the business of making boat covers. In 1959 they were commissioned to produce a swim trunk that would stand up to the durability of California watermen. The swim trunks were a huge success and became the uniform for watermen worldwide. These trunks are produced with rigid fabric that is from the same fabric vendor that these trunks were produced with in the late 1950s and 60′s. The swim trunks are made from the original patterns from the 60′s.”


Word of Nancy and Walter’s creation quickly spread along the coast, and the couple was suddenly in the surf trunk business and thus the American surf wear industry was born!


By the time the ’60s hit and surfing boomed in popularity, due to the Beach Boys craze, Katins were already well-footed as the grooviest surf trunk on the West Coast. They kept making high quality surf trunks and sold them from the surf side store and a network of surf shops all over the western hemisphere. By the ’70s, almost every top surfer wore Katin. And they were very proud to appear in surf magazine ads wearing their favorite trunks.


With the same mind-set, Katin continues to provide clothing inspired by the American surf heritage putting a strong emphasis on quality products that are Made in the USA.


“Quality, durability and good looks has long been the Katin motto and it’s our attention to detail which continues to separate Katin from the rest of the surfing pack.”

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