KGB and The Kirsti Grinna Collection – Defining Exclusivity and Luxury

TheGoose2KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection can be found at Molly Brown’s online designer swimwear boutique! The collections offer different styles while defining bikini fashions in their own rights.

KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection designer swimwear are made from exclusive European fabrics and manufactured, cut and sewn, in the U.S.

The KGB collection features an edgy and young style that offers sex appeal and luxury that appeal to the daring and contemporary young swimwear lovers. Bold prints, sexy cuts and gorgeous hardware and details are all offered in the KGB collection.

This season KGB has taken on a fairy tale theme for naming their designer swimwear bikinis, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pinacchio, The Ugly Duckling, Three Little Pigs and The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg!

The Kirsti Grinna Collection is made exclusively for “jet setter” designer swimwear fashionistas. The Kirsti Grinna Collection evokes the highest quality of luxury with an unparalleled style and production. The hardware and fabrics give the designer swimwear customer a sense of an exclusive high quality that cannot be found elsewhere!

The exclusivity of both collections make these designer swimsuits a must have by designer swimwear connoisseurs. Shop for all of KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection women’s designer swimwear at Molly Brown’s online boutique!

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George Pier Seurat – A Bikini that Flaunts Sheer Class

George Pier Seurat Swimsuit
George Pier Seurat Swimsuit

George Pier Seurat designer bikini exudes immense sophistication and panache. The swimsuit is not only sexy but also stylish and very fashion forward – Like all other Kirsti Grinna swimwear bikinis.

The designer bikini top and bottom combination is gray in color. Simply stylish and functional, the sexy Kirsti Grinna bikini will attract attention at once. The top is a triangle with string ties at the back and neck. The neck ties also have matte finish gold rings to add that tinge of glamor. The color and the design of the George Pier Seurat swimsuit are subtle yet very beautiful.

This designer swimsuit has a low coverage skimpy bottom that sits low on your hips. It has gold rings on the sides. Their design is such that they don’t pinch or dig in. The George Pier Seurat swimsuit is a comfortable wear and you will say that too once you adorn it.

Kirsti Grinna designer Swimwear – It is Stylish ‘n’ Sleek
Kirsti Grinna swimwear is always sleek and laden with panache but the George Pier Seurat bikini is a creation stimulated by finesse. Kirsti Grinna swimwear is for the damsels who grab attention just by being there. And this arty piece (read) George Pier Seurat will let you achieve just that.

Don’t let women’s swimwear become too common. Get it now and be the first one to catch all the attention. Why not when you can.

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Kirsti Grinna Andy Warhol Bikini – Warholian Visual Treat

Kirsti Grinna Andy Warhol Bikini
Kirsti Grinna Andy Warhol Bikini

Trust Kirsti Grinna swimwear collection to go where others don’t even dream of. Now who would have thought that the cultural icon, Andy Warhol could be the inspiration for a designer bikini? But Mr. Warhol can never be underestimated. The posthumous and sexy tribute to one of the greatest avant-garde artist of all times comes in the form of a Kirsti Grinna swimwear piece – Andy Warhol bikini. And girls – the bikini is in bubblegum pink – something you won’t find commonly.

This Kirsti Grinna bikini is as hard-to-miss as the artist’s imagination. Don this swimsuit on and you will be a piece of art – the most coveted if we may add. The bikini features a sliding triangle top and a thicker tie side bottom. Vivacious and vibrant, the Andy Warhol bikini is in bubblegum pink!

Kirsti Grinna swimwear bikini top ties at the neck and the back. So the fit, comfort and adjustability is efficiently taken care of. Plus you won’t have to bother about the ugly tan lines. The neck tie is thicker than the back one so there’s added comfort.

The magic of Andy Warhol in a Kirsti Grinna Swimwear bikini

The color, fabric and of course the cool print is teamed with silver hardware. These are silver plated rings present at the top of each triangle and on the bottom. Andy Warhol bikini bottom offers a skimpy coverage. What else can we expect from an Andy Warhol inspired women’s swimwear piece – minimalism! 😉

This funky, flirty and sexy Kirsti Grinna bikini will steal both minds and hearts. The bikini top fits beautifully, the bottom panels and hardware does not dig, the print is uber-cool – there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have this in your collection.

For the artiste among ladies – get the Andy Warhol rarity now!

For more info on the same and other designer swimwear bikinis, contact us at:

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Kirsti Grinna Peter Young – Lavender Lush

Kirsti Grinna Peter Young
Kirsti Grinna Peter Young

Kirsti Grinna swimwear’s Peter Young bikini is luxurious than luxury itself! Available in the luscious lavender this piece is simply and minimally defined gorgeous! A definition of what high-end swimwear fashion is all about, the Kirsti Grinna Peter Young swimsuit is not just luscious fabric around the body but a caressing experience that lets you know what dressing up and sporting classiness is!

Kirsti Grinna Collection is above the kitsch, sewed and tried! The prodigy designer swimwear label offers woman a completely new facet of swimwear and resort wear fashion. We know a woman wants lots of things and this posh express of a bikini gives you all – shiny featherweight chains in brushed matte silver too, instead of straps! Shiny, sexy and oh-so special – Kirsti Grinna Peter Young has everything to make a woman aware about her beauty.

Kirsti Grinna Collection’s Premier – Peter Young Bikini

The bikini top although a conventional triangle bikini top yet is totally transformed thanks to hardware details. Using chains instead of straps is perhaps the most stylish thing in the bikini. And the fit is to die for! Drape it to believe it! Offering a fantastic support and fabulous shape, the back ties won’t dig into the body.

Kudos to Kirsti Grinna for designing a sheer masterpiece! The bottom too; classic yet cutting edge, covers just enough. It’s rests low on hips and has the same chain hardware for side panels. These beautifully contour around your waist without pinching and digging. Women’s swimwear at it’s elegant best 🙂

So if perfection is what you want to flaunt this summer then get the Kirsti Grinna Peter Young bikini now!

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Maaji & Kirsti Grinna 2010 Swimwear Collections Now On Offer at Molly Brown’s

April 23rd 2010, Newport Beach, CA

2010 swimwear collection at Molly Brown’s ( now features Maaji and Kirsti Grinna Collection. The new additions – Kirsti Grinna Collection and Maaji – to the 2010 swimwear inventory at the designer swimwear retailer can be viewed at:”Maaji Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Kirsti Grinna ” href=”” target=”_blank”>Kirsti Grinna Collection can now be purchased at the leading women’s swimwear and resort beachwear store. Inspired by nature and botanicals the 2010 Maaji swimsuits line available at Molly Brown’s presents floral patterns, unconventional colors and cuts (Brazilian and hipster styles), ruffles and much more. Maaji bikinis can be pre-ordered at Molly Brown’s.

Kirsti Grinna Collection bikinis and swimsuits offering a direct contrast to Maaji, are a stylish melange of luxury, modern, urbane and sophisticated cuts and designs. Kirsti Grinna, daughter of a well known swimwear designer Tara Grinna, debuted with the controversial yet highly successful KGB (Kirsti Grinna Bikinis) label. However, Kirsti Grinna Collection, launched after the KGB and now on offer at Molly Brown’s features less kitsch and more luxe swimsuit designs and cuts.

Donna Allen, owner of the swimwear store, while introducing Maaji and Kirsti Grinna said, “Molly Brown’s is proud to offer swimwear sensations Maaji and Kirsti Grinna. Both the labels define bikini fashion in their own rights. If one carries the all natural, arty and ultra feminine appeal then the other is an edgy, bold and irresistibly luxurious collection. Women will really have a hard time deciding which one to choose!”

Kirsti Grinna swimsuits and bikinis are made in U.S from Italian fabrics. High-end and modern, the highlight of the collection is the use of hardware and lining. Maaji on the other hand is an internationally renowned bikini label with the women’s swimwear being found in countries as far as England, Italy, Aruba, Australia and many more.

“Both Maaji and Kirsti Grinna fit perfectly with Molly Brown’s theme for 2010 swimwear which screams of sexy, unconventional, daring, stunning, unusual and high-end. So if being different is your mantra for the season, then Molly Brown’s has got you covered! Other designers pouring in their best and latest at the store are Luli Fama, L*Space, Despi and many more. Enjoy the sun, beaches, breezes and waves in full-of-summer bikinis from Molly Brown’s!”, concluded Donna

Bikinis from both Maaji and Kirsti Grinna Collection have been featured in the Sports Illustrated magazine. Apart from Maaji and Kirsti Grinna two other new designers have also be added to the inventory at Molly Brown’s – Tori Praver and Zimmermann swimwear.

Free Ground Shipping offer is valid for any purchase of $100 or more. The Maaji swimwear collection can be reached at:
To view the Kirsti Grinna Collection, visit:”Molly Brown’s ” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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Kirsti Grinna & Maaji Swimwear Now Available at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

Kirsti Grinna & Maaji Swimwear
Kirsti Grinna & Maaji Swimwear

Hard-to-resist bikini temptations by top designers Kirsti Grinna and Maaji swimwear are now on offer at your favorite women’s swimwear and resort beachwear store, Molly Brown’s! For all the lovely ladies who want a little this and a little that this summer, Molly Brown’s brings Kirsti Grinna Collection of bikinis and Maaji swimwear!

And nope it’s not the KGB but the Kirsti Grinna Collection available. Although KGB would have been nice – Controversy and bikinis have a thing or each other ;). May be sometime in future. The suave and the snazzy Kirsti Grinna Collection of swimsuits and bikinis is a total knockout! If you’re planning to go for a classy look this beachwear season then Kirsti Grinna bikinis are your ideal pick!

One glance at Maaji swimwear bikinis and you will be thanking first that you are a woman and second that there is a Maaji in the world! Inspired by the myriad colors, shapes and sensual delights of nature, Maaji bikinis steals the flowers, leaves and puts them on your bikini tops and those flirty bottoms.

Kirsti Grinna Collection & Maaji Swimwear – Vintage & Vogue

Molly Brown’s 2010 swimwear inventory is not just trendy, sexy, sweep-you-off-your feet (like always) but also new! With not only Kirsti Grinna and Maaji adding to the zing but Tori Praver and Zimmermann bikinis upping the glamor quotient by great degrees! Tori Praver and Zimmermann swimwear are two new additions to the store (if you didn’t know it already.. but it’s doubtful that you wouldn’t).

Coming back to Kirsti Grinna and Maaji – the two are like vintage and vogue with loads of luxury, lusciousness, creativity and sensuality thrown in. Both the swimwear designers work with halters, triangle tops but lend a fresh and fab appeal to these. Hardware, unique details and funky prints are only some of the things that will make you swoon over these two revolutionary resort wear.

Check out the 2010 swimwear collection at Molly Brown’s swimwear. Pick bikinis, accessories, dresses and fabulous cover ups! Take a splash into beauty this summer with Molly Brown’s swimwear

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