Sheer Genius.

When shopping for a great coverup, it’s sometimes nice to find one that allows you to show off your summer bikini bod AND the favorite bikini you’re wearing underneath it. We love the idea that covering up doesn’t mean you have to hide it all away, and these pretty dresses are as tasteful as they are sexy!

Fish Net Dress by SAUVAGE (also available in black)

Depending on your style and your what you’re dressing for, this dress can be worn in various different ways. You can pair it with a navy or red suit and go the nautical route or with a chic white, beige or nude bikini and go for the summer-tonal look. Either way, this dress is a winner.

From left to right: LA Coverup by DESPI, Cozumel Coverup by LETARTE

The detailed floral beading and metal & fringe embellishments on these coverups save them from looking too “bare-all.” They’re light-weight and versatile in their black and white, so they’re perfect for pairing all your swimwear to and perfect for hot hot summer, day or night.

XOXO Molly <3

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Rain, Rain Go Away…

All this Southern California rain has got us wishing we were  somewhere on vacation, somewhere hot and sunny where a luxury bikini and a wide brimmed sun-hat are necessities — a girl can dream!

From right to left: Wasabi and Yemen Coverup by DELFINA

We’ve recently received new shipments from Delfina and are absolutely stunned by the quality of their suits and the caliber of their fabrics. Plus, the bright pops of pink and orange are helping us cope with the rain clouds outside.

From right to left: Safari Tunic and Cozumel Coverup by LETARTE

Coverups from the Maui-based Letarte are a no-brainer when it comes to packing for a trip. No matter where you’re going this summer, you will undoubtedly find yourself reaching for one of their lightweight tunics or flowy dresses. They are exactly what we need to feel like we’re getting some R&R, put one on and it’s instantaneous.

XOXO Molly.

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Letarte – Hawaiian Inspired Designs

Crochet Shorts - Taupe
Crochet Shorts - Taupe

Designer swimwear label Letarte has recently made an appearance on Brooklyn Decker in the movie “Just Go With It”! Letarte, a top designer swimwear brand, has brought swimwear lovers around the world a Hawaiian flavor through exotic, eclectic and elegant bikinis and cover-ups since its debut.

This season Molly Brown’s is carrying an exclusive and highly sought after collection of Letarte’s designer swimwear and resort wear that emanates fabulous tropical flair.

Letarte has an irresistible collection of cover-up and dresses that will take you from a day at the beach to a night out. Letarte offers flowing dresses and pants designed with light fabrics that will accentuate your most fabulous features while offering comfort and head turning style.

Letarte’s intricately detailed crochet shorts are perfect for slipping on over your suit for a relaxing day at the beach and are available in the colors taupe, pink, white and black. You are certain to find a pair that will make a perfect match over your Letarte bikini.

Letarte bikinis will also draw all eyes to you with a bohemian chic styling. Letarte has created a variety of vibrant solids and beach inspired prints that are to die for! Each and every suit offers a unique detail that sets it above the rest. Skulls, animal prints, beading and lace are just some of the unique details you will find!

Wanting to see these fabulous pieces you have just read about from Letarte? Visit Molly Brown’s online boutique and let the shopping begin!

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Letarte Wicked Witch Bikini – A Swimsuit To Kill or Die For!

Letarte Wicked Witch Bikini
Letarte Wicked Witch Bikini

The Letarte Wicked Witch bikini isn’t Letarte’s usual magical self.. its better!! This time the magic seems to be black though well the name gives it away doesn’t it – Wicked Witch! Free with the purchase of any Letarte swimwear piece is a Letarte sarong.  It’s sexy, naughty and Witchy!!

However, no evil eye here but only pure fashion makes this Letarte designer bikini a definite thumbs up and something that Sports Illustrated 2010 edition couldn’t miss! Although a classic triangle top bikini yet there’s more to it then what meets the eye in this Letarte bikini.

Letarte swimwear always have that killer edge to them and with the Alohan awesome guiding their creative bikini designs, Letarte women’s swimwear offers women of all shapes and sizes many options to look good in!

(Letarte) Wicked is the new Sexy!!

The tie dye print, mini ruffled edges on the triangle top, gold embellishments and incredible moderate coverage makes this an amazing designer bikini to have in your swimwear collection. The triangle top features fully adjustable neck ties and the sexy bottom has comfortable tie sides. Still feel going Wicked is too much to ask for?

You may not find the regular Hawaiian Letarte in the Wicked Witch swimsuit but don’t worry Letarte has a lot other than only Hawaii in its creative kitty! Adorn this Wicked Witch bikini and glamor will be what will blinding others as you walk by.

Shop Letarte bikinis or cover ups at Molly Brown’s Swimwear and get a free Letarte Sarong now. Hurry offer limited to stocks in supply.

For more info, contact us at:

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Free Letarte Sarong Offer Announced by Women’s Swimwear Store, Molly Brown’s

July 12th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

A Free Letarte Sarong will be given away with any Letarte swimwear purchase at the women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s. The Letarte Sarong offer is valid for both online Letarte resort wear purchases as well as in-store buys. Molly Brown’s Swimwear store is located at 2116, Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663. To view the Letarte swimwear collection online, visit:”Resort Wear” href=”” target=”_blank”>resort wear store include swimwear fashion moguls L Space, Letarte, Caffe, Vix, Despi, Vitamin A Gold, Silver and Signature, Odabash, Luxe and the recently added Tori Praver, Kirsti Grinna, Maaji, Zimmermann and the Agua Bendita.

The Hawaiian based swimwear designer brings the most exotic, eclectic and elegant flavor to beach and resort wear fashion. A favorite of many Hollywood celebs, Letarte has been among the top designer swimwear brands since its appearance. It has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on more than one occasion.

Limited edition Sarongs free with Letarte purchases feature signature Letarte romantic, luxurious and  aloha-inspired prints. A representative from Molly Brown’s also said, “Letarte Sarongs are as Hawaiian and bohemian as any other Letarte creation. So, Letarte lovers you got to have this one wrapped around you too! And when these are available for free you can’t but be thanking your lucky stars.”

Letarte’s 2010 swimwear bikinis offers lots of innovation in terms of colors and prints. From tropical tie dyes to aloha florals and fun, Letarte bikinis are a riot of tropical fashion! Also these would look super hot peeking from under the Letarte Sarong. Accentuate your curves and your sexiness with a Letarte Sarong that drapes the body perfectly. Shopping for Letarte rarely requires a reason so the Sarong offer is more of a reward than an excuse!” concluded another representative from Molly Brown’s women’s swimwear store.

Free Letarte Sarong offer will be running while supplies last and is applicable on any Letarte purchase. Letarte bikinis, swimsuits and dresses can be shopped at:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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Free Letarte Sarong with Letarte purchase at Molly Browns

Letarte Swimwear
Letarte Swimwear

Free Letarte sarong can be availed on the purchase of any Letarte resort wear at Molly Brown’s. The offer begins on June 26th and is valid till the supplies last. Free Letarte sarong with Letarte purchase can be viewed at :

Letarte swimwear collection is a favorite among the likes of Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Carolyn Murphy and various super models. The designer swimwear will lend a Hawaiian essence to your beach wardrobe. Free Letarte sarong is a cherry on the cake for all who were planning to splurge on Letarte’s fashion fantastic swimwear 2010! The Letarte collection will get your eye balls rolling for some beach fun.

Bikinis and swimsuits by the designer brand are flirty and feminine. You will fall in love with the cover-ups and beach dresses. These are breathtakingly gorgeous and classy. For all the high end ladies, Letarte has brought in a lot of variety for the summer.

Letarte has been on the cover of leading fashion magazines such as ELLE, Sports Illustrate’s Swimsuit edition, Cosmopolitan to name a few.

Letarte Swimwear – Grab the best

Letarte designer swimwear allows you to grab the best and the best buy options. The swimwear features lots of bead work, embroidery and detailed highlights which makes the collection stand out. The designer apparel is admired and desired by all.

Summers and beaches have dropped in. What are you waiting for? The offer will be running while supplies last which won’t be long seeing the Letarte swimwear 2010 craze!

Buy a sexy women’s swimwear piece now and let others follow.

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Letarte Heaven Sent Bikini – For a Beach Goddess Only?

Letarte Heaven Sent Bikini
Letarte Heaven Sent Bikini

Women’s swimwear is not made in heaven but Letarte designer swimwear label covers up for that quite effectively. Don’t think so? Check out the (literally) Heaven Sent bikini by the Maui based resort wear label. With all that makes Hawaii a dream destination is present in this Letarte bikini piece. So if you think you’re a goddess, then your divine swimwear piece has arrived!

Letarte Heaven Sent swimsuit is an in-your-face-beauty that may turn good girl friends into envious fashion rivals. So caution is advised before you lay your hands on this one! An absolute drop dead gorgeous, Letarte has went way ahead then it’s already progressive and creative bikini designs.

The USP of this bikini is definitely the super sexy print and color combination. The skull toile and leopard print mixed together looks incredible!

Letarte Heaven Sent swimsuit has to be bought!

And you better do it soon because like all things heavenly it won’t be easily available after sometime. The triangle bikini top with neck and back ties features a ring accent in the center but that’s not all. Adding the panache and exclusivity to the Letarte swimsuit is the brown bow detailing on top of each cup. The same cute bows are also on the front of the bikini bottom.

Wait there’s more! The skimpier Brazilian bottom which makes the bikini super hot! Minimal coverage and string ties, cut to contour around the bottoms with perfection – and you have a hard time keeping other’s off your back 😉

The bottom is fully lined and so is the triangle top. Pad pockets are available for a great fit and support.

Great design, great fit – the Letarte Heaven Sent bikini is for you to wear and others to admire!

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Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress – Elegance Reincarnated!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress is a charming, classy and sexy creation by the esteemed designer swimwear line that has been creating ripples in the swimwear fashion circuit with its bewitching and coltish pieces. Being touted as one of the most versatile dresses in the designer swimwear domain, it is sure to capture hearts with its drop-dead-gorgeous appeal!

This irresistibly enticing dress is an ideal swimwear piece to stay on the beach without taking a dip in the inviting blue waters! You will be floored by its peerless pick-me-appeal! Grab this amazing dress at the Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and get set to hit the beach-world draped in this exquisite Letarte beauty!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress – Beautifully Yours!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress has a leopard lining and gorgeous fleur-de-lis pattern that add a dash of glamorous elegance to this Letarte marvel. It features a funky feminine gather at the center and an adjustable neck strap that can be worn around the neck or tied to be worn strapless.

Needless to say,this Letarte swimwear piece is a perfect pick to revamp your swimwear fashion wardrobe. So, go ahead. Buy one for yourself at Molly Brown’s and get set to be a beach diva!

In case of any query about designer swimwear, feel free to contact us at We would be happy to answer!

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Letarte Mint Skull Fleury Bikini – Stylish and Sensational

Letarte Mint Skull Fleury Bikini
Letarte Mint Skull Fleury Bikini
A Letarte bikini that would just sweep you off your feet with its enticing charm and stunningly sexy appeal is here. In case you happen to be passionate about sultry swimwear and compromise on nothing but the best, then the sensational Letarte Mint Skull Fleury bikini (which has it all) is an ideal pick!

From the designer house of Letarte swimwear, this hot bikini stands out among the rest courtesy its attractive design, amazing cut and explicit aura. Inspired by the French fleur-de-lis, this gorgeous bikini would surely compel your spectators to look on in envy! Go for this hot bikini at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and get set to grab the attention!

Letarte Mint Skull Fleury Bikini – Get, Set Sexy!

Letarte Mint Skull Fleury Bikini features an impressive triangle top that has adorable ruffle accents and subtle gold hardware. It has an amazing signature Letarte fit! Once again, Letarte admirable dedication to cuts and fit steals the show!

The moderate coverage bottom features an attractive thin ruffle edge trim along the waistline and ultra sexy string tie-sides with matching gold accents. With such amazing design and fit, this sexy bikini is sure to be a treat for the eyes.

Grab one for yourself, and experience the Letarte magic! You can also pair this stunning bikini with the Letarte Skull Fleury Dress.

In case of any query about designer swimwear, feel free to contact us at We would be happy to answer!

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Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress – Dress to Tame!

Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress, the fabulous mini dress is done in cunning leopard print promising to make you look wilder and trendier! With an adjustable neck-tie, you can keep the neckline low or high as per your liking. The sexy mini dress features a gorgeous silk fleur-de-lis inspired fabric that is layered on the leopard print.

Letarte always manages to create ripples with its one-of-the-kinds swimwear pieces and is therefore a hot-favorite with celebs and fashion editors. With this Letarte mini dress, the swimwear fashion will certainly incline toward the untamed style!

Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress – Unleash your Wilder Side!

Letarte Skull Fleury short dress is ideal for evenings and lounge parties. Its unique wild leopard print is definitely above- the-league and gives you a look you’ve always been craving for. A neck-tie that can be customized and the gorgeous silk fleur-de-lis makes it simply irresistible.

Molly Brown’s has an entire range of the label. You can pick and choose your favorite piece from the hottest retailer. Apart from Letarte, Molly Brown’s has all the big labels to choose from.

In case, you’ve any query, you can send in an e-mail to our customer service department at

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