Lisa Lozano: Back In The Game



Designer Lisa Lozano is back in the swimwear world and with her work already cut out for her!

She is considered a veteran amongst designers with her first swimwear line, TNA, and her equally successful children’s line Lilo Tati.


“TNA was a great experience for me, it was my first foray into designing swimwear, and with that history I felt it was the right time to bring something new to the market,” states designer Lisa Lozano.


This season, Lozano has caught on to one of the hottest swimwear trends: neoprene.  The line speaks to the woman’s body, a moving combination of strong and feminine.  She enhances the woman’s body in a bold way, flattering and complimenting every curve.  Her pastels call out every girl’s flirty side and features modern color blocking & cutouts.


“Because I come from a graphic design background, I focus my designing on interesting color combinations, pattern play and contrasting piecing,” states the designer.

This bikini speaks to the flirtiness of the 2015 Lisa Lozano brand.  The smocked mint top ties at the neck and back.  With other tops where you may need a little padding, this top provides the smocked material where it is not necessary.


This bold and blue neoprene bikini highlights every part of the body.

Bandeau fits like a glove and clasps in the back. Bikini bottoms are made to cling and stay put.


Simple, fun & flirty! Perfect for water activities or laying by the pool!

Browse through the rest of the 2015 Lisa Lozano line!





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Lisa Lozano Wrap ‘N Snap Bikini – Incredibly Stylish!

Lisa Lozano Wrap N Snap Halter Bikini
Lisa Lozano Wrap 'N Snap Halter Bikini
Lisa Lozano Wrap ‘N Snap Bikini is a sprightly and flirtatious halter swimsuit that is sure to catch your attention with its sizzling and irresistible semblance. It features an exceedingly sexy design and strikingly playful cuts that are sure to create ripples in the designer swimwear world!

With such an aura of chicness and glam, this Lisa Lozano Wrap ‘N Snap swimsuit is a must-have for all the swimwear fashion fanatics! Buy this fabulous halter bikini for yourself at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station and startle your onlookers with its to-die-for appeal!

Lisa Lozano Wrap ‘N Snap Bikini – Go for it!

This amazingly sexy Lisa Lozano halter bikini features an ultra hot halter top with interchangeable lycra snap bands. Its incredible designing and cuts flatter your figure regardless of your body type!

The stylish hipster style Brazilian bottom features the same interchangeable color bands on each side of the hips. These trendy lycra bands can be adjusted for a custom fit or can even be removed altogether for slightly more coverage.

Grab this ultra feminine Lisa Lozano bikini at our online portal, and get set for a perfect beach-day!

Email us your queries related to designer swimwear at

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Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby Bikini – A Subtle Stunner

Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby Bikini
Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby Bikini
Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby is soft, delicate and beautiful. Accentuating subtlety, the sliding triangle top in tiny polka dots is ultra-feminine and looks super-sexy. It features a cute ribbon butterfly in countering positions at the top and the bottom.

Lisa Lozano is quite known for her teeny-weeny and itsy-bitsy bikini pieces in the fashion circles and its clients swears by the line’s beautiful colors, modern prints and the sexy Brazilian fit.

Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby – Caper Around!

Lisa Lozano Butterfly Baby is both cute and sexy. Paired with a low Brazilian tie-side, this string bikini is a sure thing to lay your hands on. Subtlety is blended well and enhances the chic appeal with right cuts and cute ribbon butterflies.

Lisa Lozano is available at Molly Brown’s and offers all kinds of styles and designs such as sexy halters, twisted bandeaus, string bikinis etc.

Molly Brown’s has one for everyone – from subtle to sexy, from ultra-feminine to casual – you’ll find it all here. Pick your favorite style and label from Molly Brown’s; the subtle stunner Butterfly Baby bikini is a rocking option to start with.

We, at Molly Brown’s, are happy to hear from our customers. Send in your queries to

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Lisa Lozano Lollies Bikini – Get a Style of your Own!

Lisa Lozano Lollies Bikini
Lisa Lozano Lollies Bikini
Lisa Lozano designer swimwear line has been creating a furor in the swimwear world with its classy and contemporary designs. The killer silhouettes crafted by this designer swimwear brand need no introduction.

Lisa Lozano Lollies bikini further enlivens the spirit of the season with its enchanting and to-die-for appeal. The gorgeous swimsuit features a sliding triangle top and Brazilian side-tie bottoms. Don these out-and-out sexy Lisa Lozano swimsuit as the beach-world looks on in envy!

Lisa Lozano Lollies – Perky & beautiful!

The sexy, sliding triangle top features the oh-so-refreshing polka dots that lend a subtle feminine appeal to this otherwise playful and chic bikini. The lycra band detailing above each triangle is just incredible! The lively colors of this sexy Lisa Lozano Lollies bikini proclaim the ‘pick-me’ message very effectively!

The ultra hot, Brazilian side-tie bottoms feature matching lycra band detailing on each side. The sexy cut and the stunning design of these swimsuits are sure to make men go weak in their knees! No wonder, you will feel like a beach goddess wearing one of them!

Grab these at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear portal, and immerse yourself in the sea of admiration that comes your way!

Also if you know about any swimsuit, bikini or a cover up; contact us at We’d be more than happy to help!

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Lisa Lozano Bubble Yum Bikini – Smart and Attractive!

Lisa Lozano Bubble Yum Bikini
Lisa Lozano Bubble Yum Bikini
Lisa Lozano Bubble Yum Bikini is an ideal pick for those who believe in collecting swimwear masterpieces! This immensely vivacious and tempting Lisa Lozano bikini is a cool pick for enjoying an exciting dip in the blue waters on a memorable day out!

Lisa Lozano swimsuits have been capturing millions of hearts in the designer swimwear surf world with their unique designs, beautiful colors and sexy Brazilian fits. Lisa Lozano’s impressive attention to embellishments and detailing makes this amazing triangle top swimsuit stand out among its contemporaries. Its sprightly semblance is sure to set the temperatures rising on the beach.

Lisa Lozano Bubble Yum Bikini – Chic, Sexy and Cute!

This flirty Bubble Yum bikini features a bewitching sliding triangle top in basic white. It has exquisite beading detail on each neck strap; fixed in place by knotting. To add to its beauty, the enticing contrasting chocolate piping along the inside edge of each triangle further enhances its semblance.

It features a frisky, Brazilian hipster style bottom with bubble yum inspired polka dots that makes it cute beyond comprehension! Grab this awesome bikini at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear portal, and get set to be a trend-setter!

Want to know about Bubble Yum bikini or any other Lisa Lozano swimwear delight, then write to us at:

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Lisa Lozano Frenchie Swimsuit – For a Trendy Beach Beauty!

Lisa Lozano Frenchie Halter Bikini
Lisa Lozano Frenchie Halter Bikini
Lisa Lozano Frenchie bikini is another sizzling creation by the designer swimwear line. The sliding halter bikini is bound to receive overwhelming admiration from the passionate followers of swimwear fashion. With its utterly playful and frisky design and vibrant colors, the Lisa Lozano Frenchie swimsuit is a must have for any beach bunny.

This sexy swimsuit features a sliding halter top with a sleek, Brazilian hipster bottom. Ideal for spending some casual moments at the beach, this super-cool swimsuit is a perfect blend of sexy and sporty appeal.

Lisa Lozano Frenchie – Get yourself noticed!

Lisa Lozano Frenchie swimsuit features a sexy, sliding halter bikini top with coltish horizontal stripes. Needless to say, you will be awed by the illusion cast upon by these impeccable stripes. Besides lending an absolutely chic and playful look, this halter bikini top offers great support and fit, for all cup sizes. The Lisa Lozano halter top also features comfortable neck and back ties.

The irresistible, Brazilian hipster bottom features contrasting colors that add a dash of glamorous chromatic look to it, and has an attached lycra belt for lending a frisky and frolicsome appeal.

Shop for this hot swimsuit at Molly Brown’s and get set to enjoy a perfect beach-day-out!

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Lisa Lozano Swimwear Collection can Now be Purchased at Molly Brown’s

Lisa Lozano swimwear line is now offered at Molly Brown’s (, a leading online swimwear store that provides top of the line designer swimsuits, apparels, accessories and cover ups. Molly Brown’s offers surf world’s leading designer swimwear at the online beachwear store.

Lisa Lozano signature doesn’t need any introduction and the raving success of the swimwear brand speaks oodles of it. Lisa Lozano has always gathered immense kudos for her ruffle oriented bikinis and teeny-weenie designs. The swimsuits are ultra feminine, super unique and imbued with totally unconventional embellishments. She has been actively offering innovative creations to the surf world and wowed fashion moguls year after year. Molly Brown’s displays a wide range of Lisa Lozano assortments, like cover ups, swimsuits and bikinis.

Lisa Lozano swimwear can be viewed at:””>swimwear brands which can convert our first time buyers into long term clients. And that comes only if what we exhibit is promising enough to delight them”, shared Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s.

“Lisa Lozano is one swimwear designer, I always look up to. She comes up with some one-of-its kinds swimsuits, which are outrightly feminine. Her 2009 creations also spell novelty and are totally adorable. Well, an amazing swimwear line like Lisa Lozano getting housed at one of the leading swimwear stores like Molly Brown’s is something that doesn’t really come as a surprise. It’s well deserved! Looking forward to visit the store sometime soon”, shared Rayna, a regular customer.

Molly Brown’s deals with the most sought-after and top of the line swimwear designers and picks bikinis, apparels, cover ups and accessories that are produced out of exclusive fabrics and custom hardware. The online store has an on-ground store in Newport Beach, California. Molly Brown’s has featured on major news networks and in countless fashion publications quite often.

The online shopping portal has a separate blog section which can update you with recent swimwear news and the products that Molly Brown’s offers:

For further information on Lisa Lozano swimwear, visit:””>

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Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini Bikini – Swanky Swimsuit for a Splash!

Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini Bikini
Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini Bikini
Lisa Lozano’s Hampton Mini Bikini is swanky, snazzy and superlative in terms of style and design. The latest from Lisa Lozano, the former TNA label, is a head turner for sure. The numero uno swimsuit from the designer swimwear brand speaks for itself with its classy and sexy Brazilian looks.

Lisa Lozano has carved a niche for herself among the fashion elite and is perhaps one of the most sought-after labels for bikinis and swimwear. Unique designs, beautiful colors, modern prints and Brazilian cuts – you’ll find that all and more in a typical Lisa Lozano bikini piece.

Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini Bikini – Numero Uno style bikini !

Lisa Lozano Hampton bikini’s sexy halter with a roll over bottom has an appeal to die for. With a silver metal ring between the bust, it offers great support and fit for all cup sizes. Coupled with comfortable neck and back ties, Hampton Mini bikini top offers you the perfect shape you’ve been looking for.

The roll over bottom with a cinching detail gives you an ultra sexy look. Long ties with metal accents make it classy and cute. Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini swimsuit has a contemporary and chic appeal. This one is definitely a must-have if you’re looking for something different this season!

Available at Molly Brown’s in different colors and all sizes, you can pick your Lisa Lozano Hampton Mini Bikini from the gamut of top line swimwear labels. Molly Brown’s offers the best of the brands and accessories for swimwear!

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Lisa Lozano and Ravishing Ruffles Reign Again in 2009

Lisa Lozano Swimwear
Lisa Lozano Swimwear
Mention ruffles or micro bikinis and Lisa Lozano is a name which cannot go unnoticed. A trendsetter beachwear range, Lisa Lozano has created immense waves over the years and has yet again hit the fashion markets with her signature; ruffles.

This time, it’s even better with the brand’s latest collections enticing fashion moguls and the crème of the celebrity hive, already. Whether it’s the Braids swimsuit, Bohemian Ruffle bikini, the Basket Weave or the Cutie Pie, Lisa Lozano has rolled up her sleeves to take the entire fashion realm by awe with her creations.

Lisa Lozano Swimwear – All what it takes to be a designer brand

Initially labeled as TNA, Lisa Lozano got the current tag after 2006 and is still going strong. Lisa Lozano swimwear brand is well acknowledged for its unique, teenie-weenie and totally feminine bikinis. Ruffles, unconventional colored tops and bottoms, multi colored stripe bottoms along with gorgeous embellishments are just some of the highlights of their swimsuit designs.

Get your hands on these frenchie style Lisa Lozano swimsuits at Molly Brown’s and let the diva in you grace the beaches this summer. If you think your wardrobe requires some more beachwear upgrading, then Molly Brown’s has some exclusive cover ups and accessories as well.

Go on girl, adorn yourself with any of the Lisa Lozano bikinis and let the onlookers stare at you with amazement!

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Lisa Lozano Sun Days Bikini – For Sultry and Sensual Summers

Lisa Lozano Sun Days Bikini
Lisa Lozano Sun Days Bikini
Lisa Lozano swimwear range presents another feast for sunbathers, Lisa Lozano Sun Days bikini!. Beat the heat this time in retro style. Known for itsy-bitsy bikinis, Lisa Lozano designer swimwear label, brings the ever-so-adorable polka dots back in vogue. Lisa Lozano’s sexy cuts are sure to make a statement and grab the attention this season!

Available at Molly Brown’s on SALE now, the polka-dotted Sun Days two piece swimsuit is definitely going to be a nice add-on to your beachwear collection. Check out the Molly Brown’s online shopping portal for more colors and set the temperature soaring. Lisa Lozano is a hot favorite amongst beach-goers and with the Sun Days bikini, the swimwear designer just exceeded its potential.

Lisa Lozano Sun Days – For sexy sunny getaways!

Adorn the classic look with panache in Lisa Lozano Sun Days swimsuit. While the sliding halter top gives you the perfect fit, the lycra ribbon with a bow, adds a dash of naughtiness to the HOT bottom. Available in all cup sizes and fits, this cute bikini makes your sun days all the more enjoyable.

The polka-dotted Brazilian beauty swimsuit is a perfect sunbathing apparel and gives you the chic look that you have been looking for!. The sliding halter has a support for that perfect fit and the petite-framed bottom makes you look sensuous like a beach-diva.

Pair the Lisa Lozano Sun Days bikini with accessories of your choice and get ready for a splash!

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