LuliFama 2010 Swiwmear Collection Now Available at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

Newport Beach, CA May 17th 2010

LuliFama 2010 women’s swimwear line is now on offer at the resort wear store, Molly Brown’s Swimwear ( LuliFama swimwear by Miami-based designer duo  Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian can be viewed at:”LuliFama Bikinis” href=”” target=”_blank”>LuliFama bikinis, cover ups and dresses for the 2010 swimwear season revealed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week can be purchased at Molly Brown’s designer swiwmear store. Named, ‘Luli Quiere Rumba’ (“Luli wants to party”), the 2010 designer swimwear collection by LuliFama features Kaleidoscopic print bikinis, solid swimsuits and Latin inspired cut-outs and designs. Ruche bottoms also form the 2010 Luli Fama swimwear collection.

Talking about the 2010 Luli Fama collection, Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s, commented, “Luli Fama charms with Latino magic once again and this time around the women’s swimwear label is sexier, snazzier and something every fashion forward woman must have. Molly Brown’s brings you the best of this daring, edgy and flirty swimwear collection. LuliFama swimwear pieces  featured in the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated are available too!”

The women’s swimwear store is carrying a wide selection of LuliFama bikinis, cover ups and dresses from the 2010 collection. LuliFama’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week appearance can be viewed at:

“The Latino luxury and Cuban love for color seems to have been used to their full in LuliFama’s 2010 swimwear. Lourdes and Augusto have made sure that there’s not want of glamor and panache in any creation whether for the runway or the beach. So earlier, it was top models, celebrities and the who’s who of the beach world that couldn’t get enough of LuliFama and now it’s your turn to try and get hooked! Buy before we go out of stock!” added Donna.

To shop for LuliFama swimsuits and bikinis featured in Sports Illustrated 2010, visit:”LuliFama Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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LuliFama Paparazzi Bikini – Smile & Shine

Lulifama Paparazzi Bikini
Lulifama Paparazzi Bikini

Lulifama 2010 swimwear presents a sizzle for the season – the Paparazzi bikini! This show stealer swimsuit was featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated edition which isn’t surprising because it is a hot bikini number! The color, fit and design of this Lulifama Paparazzi swimsuit is gorgeous to the last detail.

The Paparazzi by Lulifama swimwear may not come across as a style revolution of the 2010 swimwear (because this one’s a classic triangle top paired with a classic bottom) but it sure will catch everyone’s attention due to its beautiful aqua and red flower print with tiny crystals! As the name suggests, wear it on and get ready to smile for the cameras!

Luli Fama swimwear has surprised everyone by having not just one or two but a total of 4 hotshot bikinis featured in the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated. And they are all available at Molly Brown’s women swimwear store. Shop for Lulifama swimwear at:”Lulifama Swimwear Bikini” href=”” target=”_blank”>Lulifama swimwear bikini on you.

Buy the Lulifama bikini now before it gets hogged down by fashion conscious women!

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Luli Fama Miami Glow Triangle Top Bikini – Flaming Hot!

Luli Fama Miami Glow
Luli Fama Miami Glow

Luli Fama Miami Glow bikini is true to its name! This Luli Fama bikini is both a sexy reminder of Miami and a glowing beauty oozing hot flames (metaphorically of course!). Part of the voguish swimwear collection of Luli Fama 2010, the Miami Glow Triangle top bikini will become your ace wear when you want to turn up the tempo by notches!

Luli Fama swimwear collection for 2010 recently wowed everyone with not just one but having four of it’s great bikini creations in the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated. All of them are available at the resort wear and sexy women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s! From Coqueta to Siera triangle swimsuit – get whatever took your breath away at:”Luli Fama Swimsuit” href=”” target=”_blank”>Luli Fama swimsuit has loads of!

And what about the scoop bottom, you ask? Does it stand up to the wonderful sensation that the bikini top is? Well the scoop bottom is not just a Brazilian cut bottom with minimal coverage, it is a heart-stopper that will cast an unforgettable spell on the onlooker!! The wavy edges long ruche detailing all down the back makes this bikini bottom hit the bulls eye.

Skimpy and sensuous, the Luli Fama scoop bottom is for the woman who gracefully carried a little seduction.

You in a Luli Fama Miami Glow triangle top bikini equals a furore at the beach, pool party or wherever the diva-you decides to descend 🙂

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Naughty & Nice – Luli Fama Charlie’s Angel Bikini

Luli Fama Charlies Angel Bikini
Luli Fama Charlies Angel Bikini

This is what Luli Fama does best. A women’s swimwear designer that takes innocence and blends it with sexiness and charm. The designers at Luli Fama know what stylish is, and it’s laced throughout every design, every fabric and every inch of their swimwear. Luli Fama create some of the most influential and celebrated swimwear styles on the planet. The pieces invoke images of sun-drenched beaches and starry beach nights.

There’s no denying it. This Luli Fama bikini is exciting. A butterfly halter with a flawless fit. It’s adjustable and gives supreme support and shaping! Pink trim on the wavy edges and a sexy thick bow at the center completes the look, and is guaranteed to turn some heads. It’s nicely naughty too; revealing, but leaving a little something to the imagination!

Luli Fama Charlies Angel Bikini – Low cut, high fashion!

The Charlies Angel bikini bottoms have cute pink side ties, a long ruche detail all the way down the back and is cut Brazilian style for minimal coverage! If you’re the kind of girl that adores showing off what you’ve got, then this Luli Fama bikini is for you!

Blending soulfulness and beauty, Luli Fama makes no compromises, and the  Charlies Angel bikini is no exception to the Luli Fama rule! It’s sexy, alluring and shows a self assured confidence you won’t find anywhere else.

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Luli Fama Sweet Summer Nights Bandeau Bikini – Black is Better!

Luli Fama Sweet Summer Nights Bikini
Luli Fama Sweet Summer Nights Bikini

The Luli Fama Sweet Summer Nights bikini is a beautiful alternative to the eternal black suit, with a mesmerizing white pattern weaved throughout the design. The bandeau top ties at the back for a flawless fit, claimed to be one of the best fitting bandeaus to be found this year!

Luli Fama swimwear stands for lively intense colors in modern chic shapes, unique and dramatic, blending both innocence and more than a little sexiness! A dream of sun-drenched days and sparkling nights drive Luli Fama to create some of the most influential and celebrated swimwear styles on the planet.

Sexy and Sophisticated – Luli Fama’s Sweet Summer Nights Bikini

The Luli Fama Sweet Summer Nights bikini bottoms sit low on the hips, with sexy solid panels adding to the comfort factor! The bottoms complete a bandeau bikini that is perfect for any occasion; be at the beach, pool or a party!

Blending soulfulness and beauty, Luli Fama make swimwear collections that will grab attention wherever they go, with the Sweet Summer Nights swimsuit being no exception to the Luli Fama rule!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your hand on some something sweet bandeau bikini style now and dazzle the world with Luli Fama’s charm!

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Luli Fama Joy Bikini – A Striking Beauty!

Luli Fama Joy Bikini
Luli Fama Joy Bikini

Luli Fama Joy Bikini is a sprightly and flirtatious creation, that would leave your onlookers spellbound with its jaunty appeal! A sexy bikini cut to flatter your curvy contours, it is bound to fetch you unfathomable admiration with its killer looks!

Experience an aura of elegance and gentility flaunting this out-and-out sexy swimsuit! A cool pick for regular fashion mavens, who have a fetish for high-end designer swimwear.

Luli Fama Joy Bikini – Stylish beyond comprehension!

Luli Fama Joy Bikini features a sexy halter top that has an adorable stripe-print and ties comfortably at the neck and back, ensuring a customizable fit.

It features trendy Brazilian cut bottoms, that fit low and ensure just the right amount of coverage!
It has sizzling gold side rings that contour comfortably across each hip without digging, to ensure the most flattering fit ever! You will be floored by their sensational appeal!

Don’t just sit back and watch.  Buy this super gorgeous Luli Fama swimsuit at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and get set to enjoy a rocking time at the beach! It would be available in mid-December.

Feel free to mail in your queries pertaining to designer swimwear at

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Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic – You Just Can’t Take your Eyes Off it!

Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic
Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic

Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic is an amazing creation by the coveted designer swimwear line, that is bound to make a splash with its cute and feminine appeal! Credited with crafting designs that exude an undeniable Latin flair, the Luli Fama swimwear pieces have been making waves in the surf world for quite some time now!

This sensational tunic carries forward the Luli Fama lineage with the same vigor and vitality. With its smoking hot design and flawless fit, it is sure to make a place in your heart even before you know it! Grab this sexy tunic for yourself at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and get set to handle oodles of admiration that come your way!

Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic – Grab the wow-factor!

Luli Fama Fiesta Tunic perfectly encapsulates the attributes of luxury swimwear, in the true sense of the words! Crafted in a stunning aqua and cream print, this incredible swimwear beauty would capture your heart with its striking silhouette and killer semblance.

The stylish tunic features a plunging V neckline, an exquisite belted waistline and sexy side slits. The stunning colors and chic silhouette add a dollop of glamor to this otherwise super sexy and feminine dress.

Wait no more! Buy this sensational Luli Fama tunic and indulge in some soul shopping at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station!

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A Just-So Special Luli Fama Cover Up – Fiesta Jumper

Luli Fama Fiesta Jumper
Luli Fama Fiesta Jumper
Luli Fama cover up, Fiesta Jumper is a superb change from regular swim cover ups, flowy dresses and classic tunics. This stylishly designed jumper by Luli Fama swimwear would be a perfect attire to flaunt your leisure and playful mood.

Luli Fama swimwear is known for its exclusive designs and snazzy cuts, but this Fiesta Jumper is a class apart that may give other swimwear designs a run for their money. So if you are bored with standard cover ups or swim dresses then drape yourself in this fantastic Luli Fama beachwear piece. You can get the Fiesta Jumper from Molly Brown’s in mid-November.

Luli Fama Fiesta Jumper – A Pretty Fashion Fable

The aqua and cream print of this beautiful Luli Fama Jumper features a strapless design which is belted at the waist line. The tuck at the waist enhances your curves and the long flowing pants further add a dash of elegance, making you look like a stunner!

With the Luli Fama Fiesta Jumper draping your frame, summer season would be hotter than expected. Wear the Fiesta Jumper over a sexy Luli Fama bikini or swimsuit and you will be the object of everyone’s attention and may be affection. The sensational color combination on you is not going to be missed by many and is a must have for every damsel waiting to be a fashion diva!

So gear on for the 2010 swimwear season and give it a head-start with this Luli Fama Fiesta Jumper.

Want to know more? Then send in your queries at

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Luli Fama Play Thing Bikini – Pristine Sensuality

Luli Fama Play Thing Bikini
Luli Fama Play Thing Bikini
Luli Fuma Play Thing Bikini is a remarkable creation by the high-end designer swimwear line, that takes swimsuit designs to a different level! Luli Fama Swimwear, a brainchild of Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian, has been making it big in the swimwear surf world with its undeniable Latin flair, ever-so-gorgeous designs and finest imported fabrics.

The refreshingly exquisite Luli Fama bikini designs having been gracing countless fashion publications and exclusive boutiques for quite some time now. You may shop for this drop-dead-gorgeous Luli Fama bikini and other Luli Fama swimwear pieces on Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station.

Luli Fama Play Thing Bikini – Playfully Sexy!

Luli Fama Play Thing Bikini features an enticing, traditional triangle top with a sexy and eye-popping twist. It sports wavy edges that lend it an incredibly playful and feminine look! The sexy top ties at the neck and back offering great adjustability and comfort.

The trendy bottoms feature edges that have been sewn with the tiniest of seams to prevent any pinching. They also feature a mesmerizing gold heart centered at the top of a ruche detail down the back.

The sexy Luli Fama Play Thing swimsuit is just so astonishingly sexy that your onlookers won’t take their eyes off you in it! Go for this attention-grabbing bikini at Molly Brown’s before any one else chances upon it!

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Luli Fama Swimwear – Dramatically Sensuous

Luli Fama swimwear is crisp sexiness and alluring elegance! Sensuous is the name of the game when you seek swimsuits and Luli Fama is definitely one of the leading players, when it comes to designer beachwear. The signature bikini brand is a celebration of modern silhouettes and vivacious hues of the tropical season.

Lourdes Hanimian, innovator and owner of Luli Fama swimwear is regarded as one of the most influential designers in the surf world and has always managed to make damsels project the ‘GLAM DIVA’ image through his swimsuit creations. The lablel’s creations have everything that a beach bunny would want in her designer bikini. Consider your search over if you had always desired your designer swimsuit to have an exotic appeal. Luli Fama is the brand for you!

Luli Fama swimwear – Be the hottest thing around

Celebrities, style gurus and fashion forward women have confessed their unconditional admiration for Luli Fama bikinis over the years. Hanimian is a master in fabricating beachwear that helps women tout their best assets and conceal what they don’t wish to show. Isn’t that what we call a wizard?

Luli Fama has been churning out designs which instantly attain the numero uno status among stylistas and make their presence felt in the upscale bikini category. Luli Fama swimsuits embrace your curves just in the perfect measure, Neither too much nor too little!

Pick your Luli Fama bikini today at Molly Brown’s and brace yourself to make men go weak in their knees! Where, you ask? Even if the sun isn’t around much, you still have pool bashes and after hours get togethers. Pair up your swimsuit with some jeans or cover up and coast through looking gorgeous.

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