Be cast off to a lucid fantasy in this unadorned yet sexy bikini from Maaji

The designer duo behind Maaji, the Manuela and Amalia Sierra sisters, form the intertwining fabric of the brand’s creative brilliance. When you’re pampering yourself with the godly trio of sand, water and sun and suddenly your lucid dreams are interrupted by an explosion of vibrant colors and playful patterns, you’ll know you’re admiring the eclectic and romantic Maaji swimwear. You’ll want it badly and in return for your lust it’ll make you wish you’ll be living on the beach forever!

Blue Cast Off by Maaji swimwear is not just a simple gift of art. It is the embodiment of pure love for the land where nature’s plenitude of colors paint a kaleidoscopic sky – Colombia.

Maaji pieces, irrespective of their retro-inspired or bohemian influenced patterns, will bewitch both the wearer and the watcher in a spell-like fantasy.

Blue Cast Off by Maaji

The team behind Maaji turns the fantasy into reality because it works on its own terms and techniques, without compromise. When the design team gets to work, they instill in every piece all the right elements for a lucid fantasy: fun, fashion, attention to details, beauty, comfort, attitude, patterns and a dash of eclecticism.

The results are spellbinding and scintillating pieces of swimwear. To wear it is to believe. Shop the Blue Cast Off from Maaji right here and be among the women and young girls who’d die to have a Maaji touch their skin.

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Ecclectic, Fantastic and Out of This World!

We’ve always been entranced by the way Maaji Swimwear matches up such seemingly contrasting patterns with such ease. The result is wonderfully whimsical and evokes an underwater dreamland. Which is exactly where we feel like we live when wearing Maaji, and we LOVE it! Marrying quality swimwear fabrics with an eye for unique design, the Maaji spring/summer collection is both breath-taking and eye-catching!

From left to right: Mermaid Weave Shirt, Neon Dry Suit by MAAJI

With the scuba-inspired trends hitting runways and stores and streets all around the world, there’s no reason for the industry from which it originated to miss out, and Maaji does neoprene with major style.

From left to right: Starfish Glamour, Snorkelly Bloom by MAAJI

XOXO Molly <3

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Fit Guide: Tops II

Yes, tops again. But this time we’re focusing on what can be done to enhance a not-so-full bust. The options might seem limited, but doors open once you know what you’re looking for, so here are some easy style tips to think about when looking to find a flattering top for a smaller chest:

1. The Bandeau – Natural Accenting or Sleek and Chic

Left to right: Cartagena Bandeau by Pily Q, St Thomas Bandeau by Mikoh

Far too often we hear fit specialists tell smaller busted women to ex-communicate the mere thought of trying to wear a bandeau, but we are full believers that as long as the bandeau top fits correctly, it can be flattering. The balconette top at the left is totally wearable, and the three key factors why are: 1. the molded cups will accentuate your natural curves, 2. the sweet heart-shaped neckline gives the illusion of a fuller bust, and 3. it actually has a built in underwire AND pushup structure!

The strappy taupe bandeau just works. No really, it does, and the fact that you have a smaller bust actually works to your advantage here! The style is unorthodox – cut straight across – but we find that many that are hesitant to try it on end up falling in love. The material is ultra soft and the horizontal lines of the cut draw the eye across, creating a fuller look. Let’s be honest though, while the top doesn’t add too much size-wise, we think the look is flattering nonetheless: sleek, chic and model-esque!

2. Details that Add Body

Left to right: St Barths by diNeila, Pearl City by Agua Bendita

Subtle (or not so subtle) details like a ruffle or floral applique can do a lot to add body, as evidenced above. If you’re looking for a more traditional ruffled bikini, this minty green one and cream-colored one also work under the same principle!

3. Bold and Charming Prints

Left to right: Splendid Treasure by Maaji, Fantasy by Cia Maritima

Patterned tops really draw the eye upward, and can be extra helpful when paired with a solid neutral bottom. The fixed band on the Maaji top lifts and pulls together to create cleavage while the strategically placed stripes create the illusion of a fuller bust. The solid piping on the green top outlines your natural shape and the classic triangle styling gives you just the right amount of fabric to do so.

The idea is to not overwhelm a small frame with too much material. Most of the time with a smaller bust, the hardest part in choosing a top is getting the right size.  As a general (but not completely strict) rule, stay away from thicker halter tops, the extra fabric adds too much where there is none and can actually make you look smaller. And when trying tops with molded cups, bring your size AND one size smaller to the fitting room, a lot of the time tops with molded cups run slightly larger than normal and these tops work best when they fit snugly!

XOXO Molly

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Maaji – Turquoise Barricades

Maaji - Turquoise Barricades
Maaji - Turquoise Barricades

One of a kind mixed-matched designer swimwear is perfectly represented in the women’s designer swimwear brand Maaji. The Columbian based, family owned and operated brand offers excellent quality and design.

Maaji’s world-renowned reputation has made way for them to recently grace the pages of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Maaji is known for offering combinations of unconventional prints, patterns and colors all in one suit! These bright colors and fun and flirty prints will make a great addition to any summer swimwear collection.

From the vibrant colors to ruffles, buttons and bows these designer swimwear pieces are for women that wants to make a statement while feeling sexy and feminine.

The Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Maaji bikini Turquoise Barricades can be seen under our Sports Illustrated section on Molly Brown’s online boutique.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this one of a kind ruffled bikini!

The mix and matched cutesy turquoise ruffles and wave print are perfectly paired. This suit offers a triangle top with excellent support and fit with a perfectly cut low-rise hipster bottom with ruffle details at the top.

Do you love the idea of having a designer swimsuit apart from the rest? Make your summer bikini appearance in Maaji and all eyes will be on you! Purchase Maaji swimwear at Molly Brown’s online swimwear boutique and find all of your summer designer swimwear and resort wear.

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Echinatum Dots Bikini – The Trend Maker Floral Bikini

Maaji Echinatum Dots Bikini
Maaji Echinatum Dots Bikini

The Echinatum Dots bikini by Maaji designer swimwear is one swimwear piece that you just won’t let go off! It is cute and absolutely summerish. The perfect beachwear bikini for the season allows you to stand out with its uniqueness!

The bikini flaunting a combination of polka dots and floral print is all out to grab various eye balls. It will enchant a few and jealous many!

The top of the designer floral Maaji bikini has orange polka dots on white base. The halter has thick tie straps at the neck and at the back. It ensures complete comfort and an amazing fit. The designer top will also lift and shape perfectly. OMG! Isn’t that just too good! Great fit, awesome design and a popular label!

Perky & Peppy Maaji Echinatum Bikini

It’s your chance to look absolutely perky and peppy in this designer bikini by Maaji swimwear. The bottom of the swimwear piece has a purple floral print. It also has a very pretty solid ruffle at the upper end of the designer bottom. It offers a low cut and ensures complete comfort.

What more can a girl ask for! Amazing combination, polka dots with floral print, cream with purple, beautiful designs, great fit, total comfort! We guess this is the floral bikini you have been looking for!

Get the Echinatum Dots bikini now! Feel the change in your own personality with the designer bikini’s amazing look! Order your Maaji bikini now or know more at:

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Maaji Barrelieri Bikini – Berry Berry Sexy!

Maaji Barrelieri Berry Bikini
Maaji Barrelieri Berry Bikini

If the ethereal look is on your mind for the summer then the Maaji swimwear pieces are what should be on your body. Presenting another piece of swimwear delight, Maaji give you the Barrelieri Berry bikini. And is it a women’s swimwear piece to adore or what. With a super sexy semblance and a promising fit – the Barrelieri Berry swimsuit will become a girl’s best friend in a jiffy!

And it won’t matter whether you want to flaunt, lie under the sun or don’t mind some fun this summer this mix and match Maaji bikini will be perfect for all occasions and even moods. The Maaji swimwear piece features double straps on the traditionally yet uplifting triangle top paired with a Brazilian cut bottom.

Maaji Barrelieri Berry Bikini Wonder – Not only for the swooned-out stares

This super cute and sexy designer bikini is not only for you to stare and admire but buy it and make others jealous! Perfect for the beach, a getaway on the sea or some beach ball fun. This bikini suits all. The top has double red strap neckties that assures extra comfort and adjustability.

This Maaji Barrelieri Berry bikini is sure to turn you into a walking sizzling beauty one that is not on the TV or an exclusive ramp show. Wear on great fashion with Maaji designer swimwear today! It is heat beach fashion this season.

Want to know more about Maaji swimwear bikinis, drop us an email at:

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Maaji Black Bow Exaltus – For the Alpha Female

Maaji Black Bow Exaltus Bikini
Maaji Black Bow Exaltus Bikini

Maaji swimwear the designer label makes the hearts of many a fashionistas melt with its exotic bikinis and swimsuits. And if you thought you’ve seen it all by this fashion fantastic women’s swimwear brand then get your heart ready for the Black Bow Exaltus bikini. This Maaji bikini with all its feminine flair gives enough reason for you to feel exalted about being a girl.

Maaji Black Bow Exaltus is a halter bikini that has style, sensation and loads of sweetness about it. It features a cute noticeable black bow on the left neck tie. The Maaji bikini has thick neck ties and ruffle detail on the Brazilian bottom. The bikini bottom rests low across the hip.

Maaji Black Bow Exaltus Swimsuit – Dare Doll  Swimwear

This Maaji swimsuit is a beauty that will enhance yours. Both the halter bikini top and the Brazilian bikini bottom has Paisley print to give it a classic appeal. The paisley is complimented stunningly by a unique star border which is enough evidence of Maaji’s creativity and playfulness.

The support and adjustability is simply Maaji – great in our vocab! The blended print, ruffle detailing, black bow detail makes the Black Bow Exaltus swimsuit the have-it-all piece of women’s swimwear.

Be whatever – beautiful, chic, flirty, feminine, naughty, hot and have great fun all the way through summer! Add on to your fancy feminitude with the Maaji Black Bow Exaltus bikini.

For more info, contact us at:

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Maaji Cynara Bikini – A Motley Beauty

Maaji Cynara
Maaji Cynara

Maaji’s Cynara is a girly temptation that will melt your heart even at a cursory glance! This elegant yet outdoorsy bikini features stripes complemented by a beautiful motley print. If Maaji swimwear had to give the brand a face then the Cynara swimsuit may be it! Just like the flower this bikini swimsuit is striking and sui generis – one of its kind!

Capturing the Maaji designers’ (Manuela and Amalia Sierra) penchant for creativity and probably their academic impulse (both of them are business graduates); this sweet n’ sexy bikini is a unique blend of high-end styling (black and white stripes) and a free play of imagination (melange of colorful prints).

So the classic triangle bikini top has black and white stripes on the triangle, motley colorful print on the halter straps and a triple-layered pink scalloped trim at the hem! The trim of the Cynara bikini is so cute that it gives the whole swimsuit an ultra-feminine and chic appeal!

The bikini bottom provides Brazilian coverage cut in hipster style. The hipster style bottom features the same mosaic print as the neck straps coupled with striped side panels to complete the all-in-all look!

For a complete smashing look on the beach, you just can’t miss the…

Maaji Cynara Swimsuit!

Molly Brown’s women’s swimwear and resort wear collection presents a stunning swimwear 2010 collection. Featuring cutting edge designers not only like Maaji but Tori Praver, Zimmermann, Mikoh and Kirsti Grinna too! And also sticking to old favorites such as L Space, Lulifama, Despi, chio and others.

Browse through the wide selection of Maaji swimsuits and bikinis at Molly Brown’s! If not the Cynara (though we doubt it) something else will definitely make your heart flutter like a butterfly!

Be chic, be urban, be all that you want in the Cynara bikini!

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