Fit Guide: Tops II

Yes, tops again. But this time we’re focusing on what can be done to enhance a not-so-full bust. The options might seem limited, but doors open once you know what you’re looking for, so here are some easy style tips to think about when looking to find a flattering top for a smaller chest:

1. The Bandeau – Natural Accenting or Sleek and Chic

Left to right: Cartagena Bandeau by Pily Q, St Thomas Bandeau by Mikoh

Far too often we hear fit specialists tell smaller busted women to ex-communicate the mere thought of trying to wear a bandeau, but we are full believers that as long as the bandeau top fits correctly, it can be flattering. The balconette top at the left is totally wearable, and the three key factors why are: 1. the molded cups will accentuate your natural curves, 2. the sweet heart-shaped neckline gives the illusion of a fuller bust, and 3. it actually has a built in underwire AND pushup structure!

The strappy taupe bandeau just works. No really, it does, and the fact that you have a smaller bust actually works to your advantage here! The style is unorthodox – cut straight across – but we find that many that are hesitant to try it on end up falling in love. The material is ultra soft and the horizontal lines of the cut draw the eye across, creating a fuller look. Let’s be honest though, while the top doesn’t add too much size-wise, we think the look is flattering nonetheless: sleek, chic and model-esque!

2. Details that Add Body

Left to right: St Barths by diNeila, Pearl City by Agua Bendita

Subtle (or not so subtle) details like a ruffle or floral applique can do a lot to add body, as evidenced above. If you’re looking for a more traditional ruffled bikini, this minty green one and cream-colored one also work under the same principle!

3. Bold and Charming Prints

Left to right: Splendid Treasure by Maaji, Fantasy by Cia Maritima

Patterned tops really draw the eye upward, and can be extra helpful when paired with a solid neutral bottom. The fixed band on the Maaji top lifts and pulls together to create cleavage while the strategically placed stripes create the illusion of a fuller bust. The solid piping on the green top outlines your natural shape and the classic triangle styling gives you just the right amount of fabric to do so.

The idea is to not overwhelm a small frame with too much material. Most of the time with a smaller bust, the hardest part in choosing a top is getting the right size.  As a general (but not completely strict) rule, stay away from thicker halter tops, the extra fabric adds too much where there is none and can actually make you look smaller. And when trying tops with molded cups, bring your size AND one size smaller to the fitting room, a lot of the time tops with molded cups run slightly larger than normal and these tops work best when they fit snugly!

XOXO Molly

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