Poko Pano St. Tropez Black Bikini – The Classic Black Seduction

Poko Pano St. Tropez Black Bikini
Poko Pano St. Tropez Black Bikini

This St. Tropez black bikini by Poko Pano swimwear is for all those ladies who have a hard time letting go of the classic charm! Women’s swimwear in black means sexy and seductive screaming out of each thread and this Poko Pano black bikini is a real screamer!

Poko Pano swimwear was also part of the recently held Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week recently held at Miami, Florida. This notable and highly desirable designer swimwear label has time and again shown its love for Brazil and all its beauty which is fairly evident in this brilliant St. Tropez Black bikini as well. As close to the spirit, earth and tune of the Brazilian tango as it can be– this Poko Pano swimsuit is a show stopper everywhere.

And don’t be fooled by this stunner and think that Poko Pano 2010 swimwear collection has abandoned its signature colorful semblance to take the darker route. Check out the entire Poko Pano 2010 collection at: https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com”St. Tropez” href=”https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com” target=”_blank”>St. Tropez swimsuit) features neck and back ties in the top. A skimpy cutie bottom with side panels and a sliding front and back panel that are daringly bold. Think you can handle some skin show then this bottom is going to make you really happy.

There are broad side straps on the bottom made from ultra soft fabrics and one that do not dig, pinch or make the damsel seem ready to pop from the wrong areas.

A bikini suit for all occasions, moods and fun! Don’t miss out on this great Poko Pano black bikini.

For more info, send us an email at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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Poko Pano Bahia Bikini – Brazilian Beauty Bikini

Poko Pano Bahia Bikini
Poko Pano Bahia Bikini

Poko Pano Bahia is a super-sexy swimsuit on offer at Molly Brown’s. Poko Pano is a high-end and a pretty sought after women’s swimwear brand. Designer Paola Robba has always given fashion forward and flattering designs.

Poko Pano Bahia bikini is a Brazilian cut swimsuit. The top of the swimsuit is triangular in shape and has red stripes over white base. The combination of red and white gives it a summerish look. The designer swimsuit top has chic rings at the ends of each triangle. It is a halter top with red ‘n’ white striped strings to tie at the neck and the back.

The bottom of the designer swimsuit is in a low cut. It has a tropical print and makes a perfect contrast with the stripes. The sliding front and back panels on the bottom of the designer swimsuit makes it all the more sexy and appealing.

Poko Pano Bahia – One of a kind

Poko Pano Bahia swimsuit is made of a very soft fabric. The designer swimsuit also has Lycra for added durability. The designer swimsuit separate can also be teamed up with a bright colored neck piece to add to the chic look.

Designer swimwear Poko Pano has always given one of a kind beach wardrobe which is fresh as well as classic. The designer swimwear label specialises in Brazilian and American style cut bottoms. To get the Poko Pano Bahia for your wardrobe, shop at Molly Brown’s swimwear store.

And if you wanna know more, contact us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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Poko Pano Restless Swimsuit – Cause a Stir Among Onlookers!

Poko Pano Restless Bikini
Poko Pano Restless Bikini
Poko Pano Restless bikini is definitely one haute couture piece that promises luxe, elegance and a plethora of compliments! It’s flamboyant and exudes a high fashion character.

One thing that we would like to confess right out front is why is it titled ‘Restless’? Since there seems to be nothing fidgety about this Poko Pano bikini. Everything about it is so fresh, crisp and active. May be the name is to designate the onlookers who would not be able to ignore you at all in the Poko Pano bikini (and may even become restless wanting to catch a glimpse of your glam;-)).

Anyhow, one thing that goes without saying about the designer swimwear is:Poko Pano creations are always in sync with the changing fashion impulses. And when we have the Restless bikini before us; the fact gets validated all the more. This swimsuit is definitely for the most fashion forward damsels who do not compromise on style and latest trends.

Restless Swimsuit – Set a rage wherever you go

The Poko Pano Restless is a fully reversible halter style top that has comfy neck and back ties. The designer beach apparel lends full adjustability and great support to your contours. Perfect for every bosom size, the Restless swimsuit exhibits black polka dots and dragon pattern. This swimsuit has a Brazilian cut that provides a skimpy coverage to your rear. All swanky and happening; this swimsuit is definitely a must have for every beach bunny who wants to be a STUNNER.

Grab your Poko Pano Restless bikini now at Molly Brown’s and look around for some exclusive accessories and cover ups as well. If you have any further concerns regarding swimwear or updates, drop in your query at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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Poko Pano Picture Perfect Bikini: Shutterbugs’ Delight

Poko Pano Picture Perfect Bikini
Poko Pano Picture Perfect Bikini
Poko Pano’s ever-adorable swimsuits are here again and topping the list this time around is the Poko Pano Picture Perfect bikini. Celebrate summers with Poko Pano, as the fashionistas’ favorite brings the most-sought after collection for beaches. Reinforcing luxury and sophistication, this teeny-weenie twisted bandeau is sure to leave you craving for more.

Poko Pano, designer swimwear, is a brand recognized globally and is much loved by celebrities. A swimwear collection that emanates grace, is made from tender fabrics and incorporates striking colors like aquamarine, greyish blue and baby pink, certainly has the potential to be the swimwear fashion fad of the season!

Poko Pano Picture Perfect Bikini – Get ready to be clicked!

Poko Pano Picture Perfect swimsuit has a beautiful polka-dotted twist bandeau bikini top which is just so-perfect and makes you feel bold and sensuous. The molded internal padding gives the perfect fit and a great support for all cup sizes. Bid adieu to those tan lines as this bikini top comes without any neck or back ties.

Complimented with a tie-side horizontal striped bottom, Poko Pano Picture Perfect bikini is one of the rare swimsuits that makes you look both chic and elegant. Polka dots and stripes look great on this beautiful swimsuit. With Paola Robba’s imagination, anything is possible and the Picture Perfect swimsuit is perhaps a fine example of it!

Shop for Poko Pano’s Picture Perfect swimsuit now from Molly Brown’s, your ultimate destination for swimwear.

Apart from bandeau bikinis, Molly Brown’s offers all the latest from Poko Pano’s 2009 swimwear collection. Strike a stylish pose with this Poko Pano Picture Perfect bikini and be a shutterbug’s delight!

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Poko Pano Just My Luck Bikini – Chic is the Word!

Poko Pano Just My Luck Bikini
Poko Pano Just My Luck Bikini
Poko Pano has been a favorite among swimwear lovers since its initiation in 2002. It’s 2009 and Paola Robba gets the tradition going by introducing her latest Just my Luck bikini. Having graced celebrities like Angie Harmon, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Elle McPherson, Mischa Barton, Stacy Keibler, and Bridget from ‘The Girls Next Door’, the Poko Pano tag is definitely a numero uno, when it comes to chic swimsuit designs.

Ranked among top of the line swimsuit designers, Paola Robba has always managed to reign the beachwear fashion realm and with the Just My Luck swimsuit the top position does not seem to be far-fetched dream!

Just my Luck – Bikini prodigy is here

The Just my Luck swimsuit is finely detailed and spells elegance. It is a versatile piece which can be worn in three varied ways to give you three distinct looks.

Providing great support and shaping, the Poko Pano Just my Luck is feminine and sultry all at once. The polka dots embellishment is surely the cutest craft carried out. Bottom of the designer swimsuit covers your rear extremely well and the gorgeous white waist band complements your sassy bod contours perfectly.

Quench your beachwear quests at Molly Brown’s. The shopping station displays a wide range of designer swimsuits, accessories and cover ups.

Grab your Just my Luck swimsuit and get decked up to create a furor at the beaches this summer!

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Poko Pano Tangled Up In Blue Bikini – Beach Fashion at its Best!

Poko Pano Tangled Up In Blue Bikini
Poko Pano Tangled Up In Blue Bikini
Poko Pano’s 2009 swimwear collection is out with its latest range which is inspired by the musicality of Brazil’s very own Bossa Nova. The Tangled Up In Blue Bikini is a perfect example of Poko Pano’s vibrant impulse for the season. Touted as one of the best swimwear brands in the world, Poko Pano has been a regular on the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated etc.

Poko Pano traverses different fashion eras; ranging from retro style to modern graphic designs and patterns. Its romantic and intimate designs give a perfect-fit that help accentuate your curves while beautifully draping your body!

Poko Pano Tangled Up In Blue Bikini – True Brazilian grace!

The classic combo of white and blue is back in fashion courtesy, Paola Robba’s Tangled Up In Blue bikini. Though Poko Pano is best known for its intricate handiwork, artistic needlework and embroidery, yet this Tangled Up In Blue swimsuit adorns the minimalistic look along with a pretty, detachable flower.

Go minimal with this classic, triangle top bikini and bask in its comfortable and perfect fit. Grab this Poko Pano’s two-piece swimsuit at Molly Brown’s, online store for designer bikinis, swimsuits, cover ups and accessories.

Made with unique materials like muslin and taffeta, the Poko Pano swimsuit is also available in subtle colors like whites, aquamarine and light pink. You can pick and choose anything from the flirtatiously fabulous collection of Luli Fama at Molly Brown’s.

Adorn the brand sported by top models and celebrities. Get your Poko Pano Tangled Up In Blue today!

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Poko Pano Swimwear – Elegance Meets Sexy!

Poko Pano Swimsuits
Poko Pano Swimsuits
In 2005, Brazil’s darling Poko Pano first hit the American market. Since then, it has been a favorite of fashion conscious divas and beach bunnies alike. Poko Pano beachwear has won the hearts of celebrities and models including Angie Harmon, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Elle McPherson, to name a few.

Brainchild of the Brazilian designer Paola Robba, Poko Pano swimwear range has been gracing runways and ramps all over the world. The designer bikinis are definitely top self in the world of beachwear.

The beauty of Poko Pano’s latest swimwear

A designer swimwear brand based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the brand always manages to introduce designs which are at once fun, unique and eye catching. The 2009 Poko Pano collection has all the trademark elements of the swimsuits brand and much more. The focus is on going back to the basics, the retro times, when beachwear was all about stripes, polka dots and colors. The 2009 range is putting fun and playfulness back into swimwear with vibrant colors, lace detailing, floral prints and bold, colorful patterns.

The Poko Pano swimsuits this season are all about mixing and matching, blending together the tastes of today with retro styles. You can choose from halter tops, Brazilian cur bottoms, tie ups and much more. One of our personal favorites is the Poko Pano Miss Me. The cute anime on the bottoms is reason enough!

To buy a Poko Pano bikini from the comfort of your home, turn to Molly Brown’s, a renowned online designer beachwear store which offers all leading brands of swimwear. Find all the beach attire you need to sizzle this summer at one place. Everything from designer suits to coverups and accessories are available.

Poko Pano has made quiet a people swoon, now its your turn. Buy a Poko Pano swimsuit and get ready to turn heads this summer!

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