Surviving New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve!! This annual event can turn into the best party of the year or the most stressful, sometimes both happening at the same time.  Molly Brown’s has come up with a few tips to help survive this one night.






1. Plan out everything.  How to get to and from your event?  How long to stay at each location? What should you bring? And most importantly, what are you going to wear? Not every New Year’s Eve Party requires a formal dress. Molly Brown’s has many offerings available for the informal, casual or beach party on New Year’s Eve.









2. Install a “find my phone” app.  Let’s be honest here, too many of us have our whole life stored on our phones.  And why wouldn’t we with the capabilities available today.  Credit info, boarding passes, address books, social media.  Everything is at the touch of a button.  Losing that capability for one day can be a sour start to 2016. Once inhibitions go out the window, who knows where our phones may end up.




3. Travel safely or find a hotel.  Designate a driver, hail a cab, or if available, utilize transportation companies such as Uber or Lyft.  AAA also has a great holiday safe ride program that offers free rides home until the early morning hours.  Getting home safely is of utmost priority on this night.  If you don’t plan on doing the above, then the next best idea getting a hotel room.  The options are endless on a safe space to stay following the evenings celebrations.  Of course, if you happen to be in Vegas, you can come visit us in The Cosmopolitan.








4. Utilize a Traffic-Aware Navigation App.  Even a sober evening can be ruined by drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve.  If you must drive, a good navigation app (Google Maps, Waze) will keep you up to date on busy areas, including avoiding heavy traffic, accidents and police cars.












5. Ease your hangover on New Year’s Day.  Not all of us have the self-control required to avoid the dreaded hangover.  Obviously, the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink too much, but let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve is not always the best night to start your resolution.  There are all sorts of myths and tricks to cure a hangover, but in short you need to drink re-hydrate (drink water), replace electrolytes (coconut water, gatorade), eat a decent breakfast and try to avoid coffee and more alcohol.




These are just a few tips available to have a stress free evening.  We are positive that there are many more ideas out there.  Feel free to add your tips to our list.  Have a great New Year’s Eve and here is too a successful and exciting 2016!!!



















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Red Carter Swimwear – Fashion Fantastic!

Whenever Red Carter launches his swimsuit designs the beach bunnies fall helplessly in love with his creations. What makes his designer bikinis an out-an-out heart throb is that they exude character, innovations, rock-n-roll, vogue, exclusivity and not to overlook the ‘off the wall’ appeal.

Red Carter swimwear has always managed to adhere to his mantra of keeping fashion fresh and new. And hence his beach apparels are always unique and discrete. Red Carter designer swimsuits are downright sexy and haute couture.

Red Carter Swimwear – A new reason to fall in love with beachwear!

Fashion moguls and style gurus have been singing Red Carter’s praises since it’s launch. Fashion forward ladies do not hesitate in swearing by its name. Imbued with great fashion sense, Red Carter makes sure his swimsuit creations surprise and delight swimwear wearers.

In business since 2004, the Red Carter beachwear primary features include fit, form and function with subtle details and bold prints. The designer swimwear signature’s technical constructions make it distinct from its counterparts. Red Carter recently took initiative to support Breast health and Breast Cancer awareness. The swimwear designer also collaborated with Jessica Simpson to bring out a swimwear line in unison.

The bikini brand has taken swimwear designing to a level with a distinct class of its own. Get to choose from an array of Red Carter swimsuits only at Molly Browns. The online one stop store, for all your beachwear needs, displays designer swimsuits, accessories and cover ups.

You can send in your queries at the following email address:

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Swimwear Designer Red Carter to design for Jessica Simpson Label

Red Carter Swimwear
Red Carter Swimwear
Pioneer Swimwear designer and fashion mogul, Red Carter will now design swimsuits for Jessica Simpson! The suave swimsuit designer recently collaborated with the Camuto Group to lend his immense talent and great fashion sense to bikinis and swimsuits for the Jessica Simpson label. Looks like swimwear fashion is getting hotter and hotter by the minute!

Red Carter, famous for his gorgeous swimsuit collections and sophisticated swimwear designs has signed a multi year contract with the Camuto Retail Group. The association, that fuses together the genius of Carter and the charm of America’s sweetheart, Simpson, will be nothing short of fantastic!

Fashionable Fusion – When Red Carter meets Jessica Simpson!

Promising to be a total knockout, the Jessica Simpson swimsuit collection, designed by the expert himself, will feature glamorous and sexy bikinis, one-pieces and cover ups. The swimwear will not just be haute couture but very light on your pocket as well. With the separates priced between $30 to $50 and cover ups starting at $120, you can be rest assured of a summer of affordable high fashion!

The Jessica Simpson designer swimsuit line is also expected to be a sartorial revolution with bold prints and graphic designs being the dominant themes. With Red Carter’s unbound experience and not to forget his genius, this swimwear collection can very well be the next big thing in beachwear!

Red Carter has already made a huge mark in the swimwear fashion circuit owing to his deep knowledge of beachwear couture and brilliant knack for style. Check out the Red Carter swimsuit collection at Molly Brown’s and get a glimpse of the label’s stunning designer swimwear.

Whether you opt for one piece swimsuits or swanky bikinis, the Irresistible singer’s designer swimsuit collection will definitely make you the ‘Sweetest Sensation’ in summers, after all Red Carter is the buzz!

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Red Carter Monaco Triangle – It’s Contagious Fashion

Red Carter Monaco Triangle
Red Carter Monaco Triangle
Red carter swimwear has always been among the big sellers of the surf world. Red Carter, the man behind the signature is a much renowned iconic swimwear designer of the fashion fraternity. For all those who have been anticipating to update their fashion diaries, take note, the latest Monaco Triangle from the house of Red Carter beachwear, has hit the markets and is set to take the entire circuit by storm.

Summer time is in full swing and a sexy swimwear against the backdrop of a panoramic beach is as staple as soaking up the sun. With Red Carter around, rest assured that your sense of style can never go wrong. Combining fine details, bold prints, modern technical constructions and of course the perfect hint of his creative vision, Red Carter has always managed to reign style charts and hearts ever since he launched his brand in 2004.

Red Carter Monaco Triangle – Infinitely stylish

Red Carter seems to have conjured up the same elements in his latest Monaco Triangle bikini as well. Unique designs, stunning side strings, flamboyant fit and, needless to say, the classic finishing is all what define the Monaco Triangle swimsuit.

A purely sexy triangle top, the Monaco Triangle is just apt to be worn any and everywhere. If you are quite fond of turning heads, this minimal bikini is the perfect attire for you this season. It ties at the back and lends full adjustability and comfort. All chic and sensuous at the first glance, the Monaco Triangle is for those who insist on luxury and class.

Wait no longer to grab this swimsuit at Molly Brown’s. Make time to look around the store as well, for it displays an array of designer swimwear, accessories and cover ups as well.

Don the Red Carter Monaco Triangle swimsuit and flaunt a high fashion look. Don’t forget to wear the confidence though!

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Red Carter Siegfried & Roy Swimsuit – Get ready for a Wild & Wet Summer!

Red Carter Siegfried and Roy Bikini
Red Carter Siegfried and Roy Bikini
Summer has arrived and with it sexy beachwear, stylish swimsuits and sensational bikinis. Red Carter cannot be left behind, when speaking of swimsuit fashion and beach styling. This summer, Red Carter, one of the pioneers of the beachwear fashion is all set to rule with one of their wild entries, the Siegfried and Roy bikini.

The Magic of Sensation continues – Red Carter Siegfried & Roy Swimsuit

Sigfried & Roy swimsuit features a sexy zebra sliding triangle top that ties at the neck and the back. This provides ultimate fit and comfort. Adorned with beautiful gold charms at the center, the Sigfried & Roy bikini top will enable you to tame others while you wear your them animal attitude!

Equally stunning is the bottom that spells out style in its own unique way. The appealing string sides have the same ultra-chic gold charms hanging from them. The coverage of Red Carter Siegfried & Roy swimsuit is just enough to prevent the scrutinizers from being completely blown away.

Choose from a wide range of Red Carter swimwear, cover ups, and bikinis available on Molly Brown’s swim wear. Grab the fantastic Red Carter Siegfried & Roy swim suit and baffle the spectators not with illusions but with real style and appeal!

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Red Carter Santorini Swimwear – All set to be the Stunner-du-Jour?

Red Carter Santorini Bikini
Red Carter Santorini Bikini
A peek at Red Carter’s swimwear line and it will come as no surprise to you that why his signature is unparalleled in the entire fashion industry. Whether it’s about flamboyance, playful streaks or scintillating appeal, Red Carter beachwear has it all. And this time round, it’s their Santorini bikini which is proving out to be a stunner at the fashion runways and for style moguls.

One of the trendsetter designers around, Daniel William Carter and his pieces are a blend of sophistication and frolic. Also tagged as the ‘reigning king of South beach’, Daniel Red Carter initiated the brand back in 2003. And if you ask why Red? An instant conviction spells that the color is bold, inspirational and timeless.

Red Carter Santorini Swimsuit – Suave & Fun

Hailing from the same designer house, the Santorini designer swimsuit features a stunning triangle top that embraces your curves perfectly. Playfully classy, the designer bikini ties at the neck and back for optimum adjusting.

An amalgamation of vibrant colors and gold rings at the top of each triangle gives you the real ultra chic look. Drop dead gorgeous gets well justified with this bikini around. The fun and sexy bottom has flirty tie sides and is 100% ravishing. There are small gold beads which gives the Red Carter Santorini a final touch.

Where to look for? Molly Brown’s is the station for you to pick your favorite swimsuit and accessorize yourself with some gorgeous adornments and cover ups.

Fashion is lifestyle with Red Carter Santorini swimsuit. Grab your bikini today and create your signature too!

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Red Carter Swimwear – Be a Part of the Chic Culture!

Red Carter Beachwear
Red Carter Beachwear
With tropical season comes sultry fashion! ‘Sexy’ is what Red Carter Swimwear spells this summer. Where on one hand the exclusive fabric gladdens your skin, the sightseers on the other are left intoxicated. Go lady, the pool is all yours. Well, that’s just one form of luxury. The rest of the version is taken care of by the Red Carter Swimwear range.

Along with luxury, elegance is something which this swimsuit range doesn’t ignore at all. Magnificent printed fabric and gorgeous neck straps are just one side of the story. Red Carter Swimwear’s exquisite designs and astonishing cuts give you a royal feel. However, the gold side rings remain the mainstay in most of the designs.

Pamper your curves with Red Carter Swimsuits

If you haven’t been getting a satisfactory hug from your beloved lately, Santorini bikini from the Red Carter Swimsuits range might just fulfill your longing for one. It ties at the back and neck for perfect adjustability and comfort. Its vibrant colors are just to die for.

Whether you wear this swimsuit bare, or match it with any coverup, is your choice. The feel doesn’t erode away, you look sexy as ever. At Molly Brown’s store, we exhibit a vast array of Red Carter swimwear and coverups which are exclusive without biasness.

Flirting is no more about uttering; Red Carter swimsuits range does the job for you. Get your bikini today!

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