Classy Yet Edgy 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

Remember the Rendado Pants by Cecilia Prado we featured last month at Molly Brown’s? Well, this time around we have another fashionable leggy pants that can’t be missed – the 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants! These are going to be a rocking hit this season!


The exclusive printed silk pants are solid teal at the waist, fade to a lighter shade of teal going down to the bottom and has a snakeskin print on the sides. Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants because of its classy yet edgy design will many a hearts this season. It is an absolutely fab designer resort wear designed to make you look a class apart from the usual swimwear clad girlies.

Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

The see-through-it Snakeskin Silk Pants will grab attention from both men and women alike. Men for the thrills and women for sinking all its reptile glory.


A Fashion Tip to Sizzle the Beach

Team up the Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants with the Snakeskin Tie Up Tunic for a fully covered yet a sensual look. The tunic is also teal in color and has a similar print like the pants. Wear a chocolate or darkest brown bathing suit with the designer tie up tunic for attaining maximum attention.


Do it different this season and experiment with designer pants on the beach. It’s stylish, high fashion and very classy. Look stunning and feel beautiful dear Molly Dolls.

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Sheer Genius.

When shopping for a great coverup, it’s sometimes nice to find one that allows you to show off your summer bikini bod AND the favorite bikini you’re wearing underneath it. We love the idea that covering up doesn’t mean you have to hide it all away, and these pretty dresses are as tasteful as they are sexy!

Fish Net Dress by SAUVAGE (also available in black)

Depending on your style and your what you’re dressing for, this dress can be worn in various different ways. You can pair it with a navy or red suit and go the nautical route or with a chic white, beige or nude bikini and go for the summer-tonal look. Either way, this dress is a winner.

From left to right: LA Coverup by DESPI, Cozumel Coverup by LETARTE

The detailed floral beading and metal & fringe embellishments on these coverups save them from looking too “bare-all.” They’re light-weight and versatile in their black and white, so they’re perfect for pairing all your swimwear to and perfect for hot hot summer, day or night.

XOXO Molly <3

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Sauvage Peacock Bikini – Charisma Reincarnated!

Sauvage Peacock Bikini
Sauvage Peacock Bikini
When it comes to high end designer swimwear, Sauvage continues to be a leader with its flirty and feminine bikinis and swimsuits. Under the able guidance of Elizabeth Southwood, Sauvage has earned recognition over the years with its versatile designs and contemporary silhouettes.

The Sauvage Peacock bikini is another timeless creation by the designer swimwear brand and is favored by the celebrities and socialites around the world. This vintage inspired bikini is made in a bold peacock print that lends it an irresistibly seductive and classic semblance.

Sauvage Peacock Bikini – Pamper yourself!

Sauvage Peacock Bikini features a fully adjustable triangle top with black sparkle straps that tie at the neck and back for ultimate fit. This versatile piece accentuates a sensual look, with its cutting edge design. The low rise bottom has moderate coverage and matching black sparkle straps at each side that contour comfortably across the hip.

All in all, Sauvage Peacock Bikini is a perfect piece to add to your designer swimwear collection. Shop for this sizzling bikini at Molly Brown’s, the one stop station for designer swimwear, and get set to handle the attention that comes your way!

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Sauvage Swimwear – Nothing but Pure Class!

Sauvage Designer Swimwear
Sauvage Designer Swimwear
Sauvage swimwear line has been a fascination among stylistas and beach lovers since the 1980s. A much coveted beachwear brand, the Sauvage couture is a blend of glamor and class. Designer Elizabeth Southwood combines high quality fabrics and jaw dropping designs in all her creations. No wonder she is counted among the pacesetter designers of the surf world.

Sauvage bikinis have graced cover pages of premium American fashion magazines like Elle, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Revolt and Ocean. One of the most sought after swimwear lines, the Sauvage signature is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle for all fashion forward women.

Sauvage Swimwear – glitz & glamor are all yours

Whether you want to bask at the beaches or have fun at pool parties, Sauvage swimsuits are ideal for both. Your fashion sense can never be on the wrong end with this designer beachwear tag around.

Youthful designs, fun prints or unique trends, you name it, and Sauvage swimwear range offers you everything that can glam up your beach getaways. If your mission is to get onlookers nailed this summer, Sauvage is the beach wear brand for you.

The ultimate shopping station, you ask? Molly Brown’s is what we suggest. The store has an array of designer swimsuits, cover ups and accessories. You will not have a hard time locating your favorite swimwear with Molly Brown’s around.

Get set to look a sex kitten via the Sauvage swimwear line at the beaches this summer!

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Sauvage Caviar Swimwear – Caress Gleam & Glitz this Summer!

Sauvage Caviar Swimsuit
Sauvage Caviar Swimsuit
One of the pioneer swimwear designers, Elizabeth Southwood set the ball rolling in the surf world a decade ago and remains a numero uno among fashion forward communities. Come tropical season and beachwear fashion becomes a buzz throughout the haute couture realm. Like always, Sauvage swimwear line presents one of their breakthrough swimwear designs with the Caviar swimsuit.

All scintillating and sizzling, the Sauvage Caviar bikini is a bandeau top featuring boned side support. The designer swimsuit has a gold snake metal detailing at center bust and is fully lined which makes this piece incredibly exclusive. The Caviar is made out of stunning black fabric with shimmer and sparkle embossed on it.

Sauvage Caviar Swimsuit – it’s more than just ravishing!

The imported nylon-lycra potpourri design and the removable straps of the swimsuit are perfect for tanning and giving you the ultra svelte look at the beaches. Bottom of this designer bikini features high waist fold down band that fits your contours pretty well.

The Sauvage Caviar provides you with moderate backside coverage and has a roll over panel that embraces your rear perfectly. The sexy back shimmer material remains the mainstay of the whole creation.

Grace your wardrobe by adding the newest Sauvage Caviar swimsuit to it. Shop at Molly Brown’s for your favorite bikini and further drape yourself with accessories and cover ups. A one stop station, Molly Brown’s is an ultimate destination for all your beachwear needs.

Fashion Parade begins now with Sauvage Caviar swimsuit. Pick your piece and join the flock today!

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Sauvage Serpent Swimwear – Tamed by the Snake!

Sexy Serpent Swimsuit
Sexy Serpent Swimsuit
Ever wondered what it would be like to adorn a snake? Designer swimwear brand Sauvage is giving you the chance to do the same! Thanks to Sauvage designer Elizabeth Southwood, divas will hit the beach this summer wearing one of the most beautiful, crystal studded snakes. Yup, you guessed it! We are talking about the latest swimsuit from the Sauvage collection, aptly named the Serpent swimsuit.

The Sauvage Serpent bikini is already wooing fashionistas and celebrities.
In business since 1980s, Sauvage has been introducing cutting edge bikinis which are made up of finest European fabric. Their swimsuits have been featured in top notch magazines like Cosmo, Vogue and the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Sauvage Serpent Swimwear – All about it

The Serpent swimwear of the Sauvage brand is a royal pieces and clearly stands apart from the rest. The gorgeous feminine ruche detailing of this designer bikini is incredibly stunning and the sleek crystal snake neck strap is seemingly gorgeous.

The moderately cut bottoms of the Sauvage Serpent swimsuit make the piece clearly exquisite. Get your hands on this astonishing royal swimwear at Molly Brown’s and feel exclusively beautiful. If your desires still aren’t at peace, you can pair your bikini with some accessories and apparels as well. But the barer, the better! Choice is yours.

It’s snakilicious fashion this summer. Own the royalty with the Serpent swimwear today!

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