Molly Brown’s Fourth of July Special Picks!

The fourth of July is just around the corner and you know what this means? It’s time to take out the stripes and stars out and start preparing for the barbecues, beach parties, poolside cookouts and the fireworks. Wherever you plan on celebrating the holiday, get into the patriotic spirit with these awesome swimwear pieces we picked for your 4th of July wardrobe! Blue, White and Red is a great color palette to choose from and you can mix and match to create lots of outfits. Instead of opting for a one color bikini, why not mix and match the colors or wear stripes in flag colors. Something like these maybe ? 😉

Byrdie Bandeau & Estella Bottom - L*Space Swimwear
Byrdie Bandeau & Estella Bottom – L*Space Swimwear


This striped bandeau top from L Space can be paired with a solid colored bottom, ideally in red or white.

Spring Raja Bandeau & Indigo Hot Short - Pily Q Swimwear
Spring Raja Bandeau & Indigo Hot Short – Pily Q Swimwear

Add a twist to the normal white and blue combination in these denim hot shorts and embroidered bandeau top by L Space again!

Neutra Bralette & Neutra Hipster - Vitamin A Swimwear
Neutra Bralette & Neutra Hipster – Vitamin A Swimwear

Classic blue and white combination by Vitamin A. Add the red with a floppy beach hat or a cute hairband!

First Mate Triangle Top & Tieside Bottom - Sperry Top-Sider Swimwear
First Mate Triangle Top & Tieside Bottom – Sperry Top-Sider Swimwear

Anchors, red, white and blue, this Sperry Topsider Bikini has it all!

Sail Away Stripe Triangle Top & Tieside Bottom - Dolcessa Swiwmear
Sail Away Stripe Triangle Top & Tieside Bottom – Dolcessa Swiwmear

This Dolcessa Bikini! White and Blue stripes on a red background, now that’s truly patriotic! Now that your bikini for the pool or beach party is sorted, all you need is a trendy cover-up to keep away the cold while you get mesmerized with the traditional 4th July fireworks display! How about these?

Storm Watch Silk Romper - L*Space Swimwear
Storm Watch Silk Romper – L*Space Swimwear

Casual and classy, this silk romper is perfect to throw over your bikini, with a little colorful peekaboo as well 😉

Olivia Strapless Maxidress - Vitamin A Swimwear
Olivia Strapless Maxidress – Vitamin A Swimwear

This flowy crochet maxi will look amazing on your sun-kissed skin, comfy enough for you to snuggle up with your boo and sexy enough too!

Erica Dress - CA by Vitamin A Swimwear
Erica Dress – CA by Vitamin A Swimwear

Since we are on maxis, we thought we’d share this one too because its simply too cute to resist!

Rendado Kaftan - Cecilia Prado Swimwear
Rendado Kaftan – Cecilia Prado Swimwear

And our favorite of them all! The Rendado Kaftan is best to cover up and show off at the same time 😉


We have also curated some of our favorite bikinis in Molly’s Patriotic Picks, just for you. Check them out!


No outfit is complete without the right accessories. So pick up some Fourth of July themed accessories such as hair bands, even hair ties, sparkly bracelets, floppy hats and cute sandals to add the final zing to your patriotic look and knock everybody’s socks off!

Some more mix and match bikinis here:

Now, all you have to do is have a blast with your friends and family! Happy Independence Day! 🙂  

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June 21st 2014, International Surfing Day for the Soul Surfers


It’s International Surfing Day today and you can’t be missing out the fun at the beaches! Water and waves are the first love of a surfer and International Surfing day is held annually to encourage the sport and bring together soul surfers for some adrenaline rushing rides on the waves. June is also the World Ocean Month, and it’s so apt considering the tempting beaches luring us to take a dip.


International Surfing Day started in 2004 and is celebrated worldwide sporting various beach events. Surf contests, film screenings, beach sports, barbecues and other surf related activities are performed to have a day full of fun and excitement.


A surfer or not, 5 things you must do this International Surfing Day are:


  • Go surfing. It’s adventurous, exciting and worth a try!
  • Participate in beach activities/sports if you’re not a surfer.
  • Read and learn more about oceans and why surfers love what they do.
  • Read about surf etiquettes (interesting) and share them with your surfer/non-surfer friends.
  • Hit the beach with your friends, grab a beer, cheer the surfers riding the waves and have a fun day.


Most importantly, for an eventful day like this, you need a swimwear to suit the occasion. Sperry Topsider at Molly Brown’s is the brand for soul surfers. The fabrics, the cuts and the fit of Sperry Topsider swimwear for men and women is perfect to go surfing. The nautical brand has a collection that’s too amazing to let go!




Also, Molly Brown’s has a stunning rashguard swimwear collection to woo the ladies. The rashguard swimsuits by Pily Q and Vitamin A are ideal for a surfing day at the beach. For men, Lightning Bolt swimwear has boardshorts designed for utmost comfort when taking a dip in the water. So, let the water lover in you shed all inhibitions and dive in the ocean to experience waves in full current.




Have a great surfing day! Meet people and enjoy surfing stories from people around you.


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The Nautical Style Sperry Topsider Designer Bikinis – For the love of the ocean


Nautical styles go hand in hand with the sun, sand and the sea. And what better style than Sperry Topsider to wear on the beach, a style that represents the surf lifestyle better than everyone else.


Paul Sperry was born in a family that loved the sea. A sailor for life and inventor by nature, he gave the world its first boat shoe. The boat shoe by Sperry went on to become world-famous with almost every sailor wearing the Sperry boat shoe. And Sperry Topsider was born. The company later delved into apparel and swimwear, all centered around the nautical theme and love of the sea.


Sperry Topsider swimwear is, in one word, nautical. Yes yes, we’ve thrown around that word quite a lot now, but really, it truly is nautical. See for yourself if you don’t believe us!






Sperry Topsider designer swimwear embodies the sea like no other brand does. Whether it’s the classic stripes or colors reminding you of the cool ocean breeze or the enchanting patterns or the little details thrown here and there, you can definitely see and feel their love for the ocean.


If spending time on the beach, listening to the waves and enjoying the vibe of the beach is your favorite thing to do, then Sperry Topsider bathing suits are truly made for you. Made from the finest fabrics and designed to ensure perfect fit along with comfort, Sperry Topsider swimsuits are one of the best things you can get for yourself this beach season.


Check out this amazing nautical swimwear collection at Molly Brown’s and pick out your favorite before they’re all gone!


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Ivy League Americana — Sperry Swimwear!

We’re so excited about picking up Sperry Swimwear this season, and the preppy-chic Ivy League style translates perfectly across this designer’s nautical themed collection. Simple designs that highlight an Americana twist on the French Riviera, we are confident that you will find adventure and fun wearing these classic pieces, and know you’ll make some memories in them!

Maiden Voyage Dress, Lifesaver Dress, Anchors Hoodie, and Yacht Clubbin Bikini all by SPERRY SWIMWEAR

So good.

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