Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be hard… especially when it’s down to the wire! We’ve styled our favorite suits with some cute accessories that will make anyone jump for joy this holiday season.

For the flirty and sporty girl:

Holiday gift Guide
Flynn Top and Pixie Bottom

This suit by L*Space is great for anyone that is more active in the water. It is in a beautiful dusty rose color which is right on trend for this year! It has fun detailing in front and a fully adjustable back. These bottoms fit great and will not move whether they’re paddle boarding or splashing around!

For the free spirit:

Holiday Gift Guide
Deep V One Piece

This one piece is STUNNING in person! It has the most beautiful gold shimmer stripes that reflect the light. It is fully reversible so it’s like a two in one! The style and accessories lend themselves to a more boho luxe vibe. Any free spirit would be stoked to receive this look as a gift!

For the sweetie:

Holiday Gift Guide
Moss Top and Carmen Bottom

This set is a must have for any swimwear lover! It is made from a beautiful rose colored ribbed fabric. This set paired with the Sugarfina Rose gift sets is a match made in heaven!

For the lover of lace:

Holiday Gift guide
Lace Bralette and Fanned Teeny

This set is a best seller for Molly Brown’s and it is easy to see why. It is effortlessly chic and sexy. This is a bikini that will never go out of style!

Stop by any Molly Brown’s location or visit our website for any last minute gifts.

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Mikoh: Where Fashion Meets Function

With eclectic designs that are truly original, Mikoh Swimwear is perfect for those who like to stand out in the crowd and make a stylish statement. The creative brains behind Mikoh, Oleema and Kalani Miller wanted to give the ladies of the world one of a kind swimwear, that every girl would love to own and wear. Hailing from San Clemente, oceans and beaches were a part of their childhood while growing up and both sisters have a deep seated love for the sun and the sea. Oleema has a keen eye for fashion and created herself a unique wardrobe, one that could not be found anywhere, after learning to sew from her mother. The creative gene was present in Kalani as well, who found her passion in art, painting and writing. Both of them shared the love for beaches and this love found its way into Mikoh and is clearly evident in their swimwear designs and silhouettes

You will find all the elements of the beach infused into this collection, from the swirling blues of the ocean to the sparky hues of the sand. Mikoh swimwear is not just stunning but also has a class of its own; with no other swimwear line as dynamic as this or with such elaborate designs, luxurious fabrics and a fit to die for as this brand assures of. Mikoh swimsuits are seamless and hardware free, which means that you get style and comfort both in one!

At Molly Brown’s, we want our ladies to get the best of them all, with as much of variety as possible and how could have we not included one of the most happening and sexy swimwear collection of them all. Grab your Mikoh swimsuit before they all sold out and make your own statement!

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We’re Talking Body

Buying a swimsuit can be one of the most daunting things a woman can do, especially nowadays! Strings, high necks, wrap arounds, underwire etc., the style list goes on and on!  On the bright side, more styles means more fits for every body.  And thankfully, we’re here to help you find the perfect suit for your perfect body!






Tiny Top– For those of us who don’t have the upper half of Kate Upton

  • Embrace your chest or lack therof! Less chest means less support. You can get away with tiny bandeaus and scoop necks

Vitamin A- Neutra Bandeau & Hipster













Large Bust– For girls with the girls, try this style!

  • Molded cups, thicker over the shoulder straps give support and won’t create neck strain


Vitamin A- Bella Bustier & Sasha Hipster







Perfect Pear– Bootylicious is a real word!

  • Stay away from boy shorts, extra material will draw attention where you may not want any!
  • Go for a top with an added detail or design to avert the eyes upward!


L*Space- Jaime Top & Itsy Bottom













Athletic- Straight and narrow

  • Bold prints and detail draw attention and create a curvature to your body where there may not be one


Luli Fama- Crystal Wavey Triangle & Tieside Bottom








Curvy- Coke Bottle Body

  • Color blocking and patterns bring in your waist and flatter your curves

Pily Q- Embroidered Phoenix 1Pc



At the end of the day, wear what you feel most comfortable in & embrace your body whatever shape it may be!

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Be Kind To Your Suit: Swimwear Care

Much time and effort goes into the buying process of your swimsuit…There’s the shopping and browsing stage, the always favorite trying on stage, and finally the decision making stage.  Any one of these stages can be rough, but everyone can agree that once the ritual is over, you’re happy with the result and it was all worth it!



Now who wants all of that hard work to go to waste? Swimwear is made with many delicate fabrics and are built to last when taken care of properly!



  • NEVER, and we mean NEVER, put your suit in the washing machine.  This is sure to compromise the suits material, color, or any decorative elements of the suit.
  • Don’t sit on rough surfaces, this may cause delicate materials to snag
  • Avoid harmful detergents.  Chemicals in detergents can break down the coloring and cause fading.
  • Wait until your sunscreen, body lotion, tanning oil, etc., dries before putting on your suit.
  • Alternate suits!  Most swimsuits have memory fabric in order to maintain their integrity, allow 24 hours for your suit to bounce back!



  • It is important that you rinse your suit after every wear!  Things like dirt, sunscreen, chlorine, and salt water can eat away at the fabrics of the swimsuit and lessen the elasticity.  If there is a shower at the beach or pool you’re at, just hop in for quick rinse!
  • If you have the time, fill your sink with cool water and let soak for about 20 minutes
  • Do not wring out your swimsuit! Roll your suit up in a towel or lay flat out of the direct sunlight
  • For any stains, we’ve found that OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover has been the best helper!  Spray directly on the the area and rinse through gently





It can be rough out there for your suits!  The forces of nature are against you, but following these care steps will keep your suit looking as good as new and in tip top shape!

Happy Caring!



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Christmas Wish List from Your Molly Dolls: Newport Edition


As Christmas is rapidly approaching, here are more Christmas Wish List items from your Molly Dolls in Newport Beach, California!

Acacia- Prague Silk Dress

“Such an effortless piece– it’s a no-fuss high-neck beauty that you know will look exactly like what you envision in your head, every time you put it on.”



Costa Mesa, CA

Acacia- Prague Silk Dress













Vitamin A- Jaida Crop Rashguard & Adriana Hipster

This is an amazing silhouette!  Creme cropped rashguard with black contrasting trim.  Bikini bottoms offer coinciding contrast with the black cutout in the front.



Huntington Beach, CA


Vitamin A- Jaida



Tiger Lily- Agar Mumu

“This is my favorite because it is an easy throw on piece! In the winter, I would pair it with leggings, boots and a scarf! It is also an easy coverup during the summer, or dress it up and go to brunch! Great staple piece in any wardrobe.”



Costa Mesa, CA

TL- Agar Mumu



Bettinis- Onesie Jumpsuit

“This jumpsuit is bringing sexy back! Bell bottoms give a bohemian-gypsy-goddess vibe to the piece.”



Huntington Beach, CA







Beach Riot- The Shine Bright 1 Pc

“If glam or glitter is your middle name, then this is the ONE piece for you! Sexy and classy with no back and high neck..UH-MAZING!”



Costa Mesa, CA


We hope you enjoyed this series of Christmas Wish lists from our Molly Dolls from Laguna Beach, Las Vegas, and Newport Beach!

Have a Molly Jolly Christmas!


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Ballad of The Bikini Line: Orange County Edition


Ah…the bikini line. The most dreaded of hair removal areas and many time the most necessary!

Luckily in today’s society, there are a few different options and you can find the best one that works for you.  Winter is the best time to find out what hair removal method you prefer. So throw away that razor and get to trying new things!


1) Strip Wax


Let’s break it down.. strip waxing is pretty self explanatory.  The hot wax is applied, a strip of cloth laid on, and soon the cloth is ripped away with hair, skin, and usually your dignity.  Although painful, this is the most basic waxing procedure and can be found at nearly any salon.


2) Hard Wax


Hard wax is wax that is applied to the skin, let to dry, and then taken off quickly, sans the cloth strip.  Still, a painful experience, but more bearable.  Hard wax is great for those with sensitive skin.

If hard wax is the one for you, try OC Waxing.   Locations in Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel, California.  Friendly staff that will make you feel comfortable!


3) Sugar


Sugaring is an all natural alternative as well as my personal choice for bikini hair removal.  This method dates back to ancient Egyptians.  The ingredients are essentially water, sugar, and lemon.  Even after a few sugar treatments, the hair begins to deplete and grows back thinner.

Many times with waxing, the wax hardens around the hair, and breaks the hair rather than taking from the root, allowing the hair to grow back sooner.  Sugaring, however, attaches to the hair and does not rip off the skin, reducing irritation and ingrown hairs.


If you’d like to try sugaring, SUGARED, sister business of BRONZED, is the place to go!


– First time clients receive a Buy One Get One for free which results in two Brazilian waxes for $49 or two Bikinis for $39
– Returning clients can receive $10 off for every referral and/or can become a SUGARED member which covers over 20% in savings every month!
Locations in both Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California.  Stores to come in NYC and LA as well.
Amazing and helpful specialists that make you feel like you’re catching up with one of your girlfriends for thirty minutes.
So let your hair down, muster up some courage, and try these methods out!
Never go into any appointment on an empty stomach. The method I prefer is to pop two Advil and eat a candy bar on the way…taking the edge off and creating a sugar rush 🙂
Good luck!
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Quickie Cleanse

Molly Dolls!

Whether you haven’t been hitting the gym as hard as you could be or you don’t even know where the nearest one is, your vacation is only a couple days away! We get it, you’re busy… You could be juggling work, your kids soccer practices and play dates or maybe you were just a little too busy being a socialite this summer, life is exhausting enough as it is! Here is a quick and easy 2-3 day detox drink recipe to get yourself feeling brave enough to sport that hot new bikini. You’ll look great and feel even better after this cleanse, whether you’re going to Aruba or maybe just your in-laws vacation home (if the latter, maybe add a shot of Stoli in the mix…just kidding).


-2 Tablespoons of organic Lemon Juice

-2 Tablespoons of organic Grade B Maple Syrup

-1/10 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

-Fill the rest with pure filtered water, 10 oz total


A couple things to keep in mind while on the cleanse:

The lemon juice should be freshly squeezed.

Cayenne pepper will help increase blood flow and is a good source of B and C vitamins.



You can drink the above recipe 6-10 times a day or whenever you are hungry! It is recommended to add a plate of fruit or vegetables in addition to this cleanse to replenish your body with needed nutrients and energy!


Happy cleansing (:




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Diaper Dilemma- Bikini Bottom Crisis

“I went to the beach one day and all of the sudden I felt like I had walked on the set of a Huggies commercial.” – Krissy Moyer


For those of you who have received a fit session from any one of our Molly Dolls, you have probably heard the term “diaper butt” dropped more than a few times.  Although Webster hasn’t caught on to the phrase quite yet, a diaper butt occurs when bikini bottoms are a size too big and once in the water, the extra material sags and looks like, you guessed it, a diaper!


The diaper dilemma with bikini bottoms is one that should be avoided at all costs and here are some ways to accomplish such:

1) Going a size up does not always mean more COVERAGE on your bikini bottom

-This is an urban legend, much like when my grandma told me that if I ate the crust on my sandwiches I would have curly hair.

-The COVERAGE on any bikini is all about the CUT, not the size.

Vitamin A Triple BraidL*Space Nomad Bottom

 Vitamin A– Chloe Triple Braid                                               L*Space– Nomad Bottom


2) When in doubt between two sizes of bikini bottoms, the rule of thumb, or should I say bum, is to go with the size down.

-In water, the fabric will stretch up to a quarter of an inch.

-Through the year the elasticity in the material will continue to give and form more to your body, therefore you want to get the most out of your suit and wear it season after season!


3) With all this being said, we want you to be COMFORTABLE in your new bikini! And you are the only one who knows where that level is (:


Be a part of the movement! Follow these simple tips and the diaper dilemma will be a thing of the past, much like platform sandals and Lindsey Lohan’s sobriety.

Besides, you never want to be featured in a “Who Wore It Best” alongside Blue Ivy…no offense Queen B.

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