New Year New You. Bikini Fit for 2016.

Welcome to 2016 and another round of New Year’s Resolutions!!  We at Molly Brown’s are expecting a great year in 2016 and wish you the best as you move forward with your goals. One of the most common resolutions every year is to become healthier and more fit.  The mass exodus into every health club across the nation is proof of that.  Look again in February.  The number of people on the exercise floor will be considerably less.  To help with your fitness goals, we have come up with a few tips to help you succeed.


1. Set realistic goals –  Start small.  Setting a goal to run a marathon is admirable, but is it realistic?  Set short term goals that build up to you final goal.  Maybe setting a goal of running a 5k is more attainable early on.  You can then work up to a 10k, a half marathon, and eventually the marathon doesn’t seem so far out of reach.


2. Have a plan – Know what your ultimate goal(s) is and plan your new lifestyle around it.  Getting fit, eating healthier, or losing weight requires work on your part. Plan out your meals. Decide what days you are exercising and what type of activity you are going to do.  Determine how important that night out on the town really is.


3. Talk about  it – Let your family and friends know what your goals are and why.  They will be your best support group and hopefully motivate and support you as you move towards your goal.



4. Reward yourself – Making a lifestyle change shouldn’t be all work and no fun.  Reward yourself as you reach short term goals.  Buy yourself a new outfit, take in a movie with friends or have that dessert at dinner on Saturday night.


5. Track your progress – Keeping a workout and/or meal journal is a great way to track your progress.  It allows you to see the improvements you are making as you move forward.  It also helps focus on the end result.  Instead of focusing on the total weight loss goal, focus on the five pounds you just lost.  Congratulate yourself and move on to the next five.


6. Don’t beat yourself up – Realize that bad days happen.  You may miss a workout or eat an unhealthy meal.  It happens to the best of us.  The important thing is to recognize it’s going to happen, forgive yourself and move on to the next day.  Recommit yourself to the next 24 hours, then the next  24, then the next. One day at a time is the goal.


EIMG_9602 copy


7. Stick to it – Studies have shown that it takes 21 days for a new activity to become habit and 6 months to become apart of your personality.  All previous steps should help you reach step seven. Again, one day at a time.


8. Kbikini-cleanseeep up the good work – The old adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” falls into play here.  We didn’t get in the position we are in overnight, so you can’t expect change to happen overnight. Everyday should lead to the next.  Try a new activity, or sport, or fitness trend.  Try new ways of cooking your favorite foods.  Stay away from weight loss pills and diet fads.  Healthy eating and exercise are the ways to go.



Coach Greg Glassman, Crossfit Founder and CEO put being fit into his words.  Parts of his quote include the following: “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep food  intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts, master the basics of gymnastics, bike, run, row, etc.  Mix these elements into as many combinations as possible. Routine is the enemy.”


Now, are we recommending you to follow all of these guidelines? Absolutely not.  However, everyone can take a little something from this excerpt and adopt it into their lifestyle changes. Remember, the ultimate goal is a lifestyle change of getting fitter which leads to a healthier you and a happier you.







*A special congratulations to our December Instagram #MBwishyouwerehere contest winner, Lara Reeves, who receives a$50 gift card from Molly Brown’s.  We also think she is great inspiration for living the fit lifestyle.




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40% Off Flash Sale at Molly Brown’s! August Rush Begins and Ends Today

Molly Brown's Flash Sale

There’s a beach fairy out there who makes our wishes come true! We heard her and are offering a whopping 40% discount on a huge majority of our high-end 2014 swimwear collection! There are sexy bikinis, luscious cover dresses and sultry outfits to choose from.


All your favorites from Acacia, Pily Q, Despi, Vix, Planet Blue Life and others. There are also additional products such as the Svelte Skirt and Tassle dresses that are also available at this discount.


The only downside of this discount is that it will last only for 24 hours! Yes, you have only a few hours to get everything you want before the sale ends. Molly Brown’s staff has been working round the clock, first to set up the sale of our choice swimwear pieces and now to replenish our stock with 2015 resort wear.


Molly Brown’s Sale Bikinis
Molly Brown’s Flash Sale on Bikinis and Dresses



























The sale doesn’t require a coupon code as the products are already marked down! All you have to do is, browse through the collection and pick your style of bikini or a cover dress and pay 40% less for it.



To view the entire collection of discounted Molly picks, visit:


There’s not one product in the collection that you won’t give your heart to and may be want to get as many as you can!


And if you are worried that stocking up on this year’s swimsuits and bikinis will result in an outdated wardrobe for the next year, then let us assure you that these swimwear pieces are not dated at all and can be timeless keep sakes and even passed on to your daughters a few years down the line.

Molly Brown’s Sale on Dresses



Each design is a brilliant surge of creative fashion and won’t go out of vogue ever ! So whatever your style is, find it in the collection and because it’s called a FLASH SALE – you got to hurry up and be fast!


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Green July – Our Top Green Bikinis For This Month! (Women’s Swimwear Special)

The color green, in our opinion, has been overshadowed by its bolder and brighter counter parts. One can see it in the stores, on the ramps and even around us, but it’s rarely ever acknowledged like the orange and the blacks! Anyway, we decided to give the humble yet honorable green its rightful due by showcasing bikinis and swimwear in varying shades of the beautiful and refreshing green! We decided to celebrate July as the Green month because this month is mostly a harbinger of verdure and rains in many parts of the world.


Let’s go!


The Vix Bia One Piece:

Vix Bia 1 Pc Swimsuit

We’ll unveil this envy-inducing list of green bikinis and swimwear with the magnificent – Bia 1 Pc from Vix swimwear. This one piece is made for the goddess of the beach. Exuding elan and loads of style, the Vix one piece swimwear has a satiny sheen which is further enhanced by the metallic hardware detailing and also by the solid spread of green. Sizzle when you step out on the beach wearing this Vix piece and give people a reason to think beyond the hot pinks or the sunset oranges.


The Pily Q Zen Halter and Braided Bottom:

Pily Q Zen Halter & Braided Bottom

Cute, perky and the cause of so much envy, the Pily Q Zen Halter and Braided Bottom is aesthetically sexy. With its cuts and contours, the Zen Halter bikini features braided detailing both on the halter top and the skimpy bottom. This Pily Q bikini is in pristine pistachio – the sweetest green that you can find. Need we say more? Oh yes, get it right here.


Dolcessa Coins Underwire Beachwave Bikini:

Dolcessa Coins Underwire Bikini

This bikini is splashed with the sea – literally. Imbued in beachwave colors of soothing blues and the greens, the Dolcessa Coins Underwire bikini will be your special pick for a special day out at the beach. Single ladies most definitely should own the padded and ruched bikini underwire top and scrunched bottom. What makes this bikini absolutely indispensable to a wardrobe is its ability to crush boys’ hearts at a single glance.


Cecilia Prado Rendado Dress

Cecilia Prado Rendado Dress

Green, green crochet dress, makes you look like a beach princess! Behold the Rendado beach dress by Cecilia Prado. This beautiful piece of cloth is to be worn only when you’re surrounded by endless sea and sand. A refreshing designer outfit, it puts you in the right spot whether you like it or not.


Planet Blue/ Blue Life Summer Night Dress

Planet Blue Life Midnight Dress

This dress starts off as a maxi dress and comes just a bit lower from mid-way, turning into a sexy killer with a slit that hits right where it hurts the most. If you believe in following your own rules and swagger, this Blue Life dress is the one that will provide the confidence and the right attitude for you to stand tall among the rest. Wear a sexy bikini underneath when you are are ready to unsettle some waves and are tired of smoldering the sand.


So there you have it: the green apples of our eyes. Could have July been some other color? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ and we’ll cover the color that make your smiles bigger and eyes brighter.


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Molly Brown’s presents Xingu by Vix swimwear – Take the Jungle to the Beach!

From the mysterious and lush Amazon riverbed emerges Vix, a swimwear collection that has become one of the most desired beachwear brands across the globe.


Named after Parque Nacional Xingu in Brazil, this tribal patterned outfit delights the eyes of passersby with cosmopolitan cuts and silky fits which have long since become a trademark of Vix swimwear. The Xingu fit embodies the voraciousness of the wild Amazon and the simplicity of the indigenous lifestyle, topped by a refined and mind beguiling motif. It’s perfect for both the naughty and the nice.

Xingu Bia Top & Bottom by VixXingu Bia Top & Bottom by Vix



Make a bold statement with this breathtaking Xingu bikini. The halter top features gold adjustable notions above each bust to allow for a custom fit and is great for small or larger bust sizes. Spend your summer in this timeless beauty!

The Brazilian cut bottom has gold adjustable notions on each side, and a gorgeous roll over panel!


Xingu Isa Caftan by VixXingu Isa Caftan by Vix


Don this sublime loose fitting caftan and become filled with joy by the bold colors and patterns. Great for throwing on over your bikini and lounging around the resort.


Every time Vix launches a new collection of swimsuits and resort wear, Paula proves to the world that she is truly a class apart when it comes to exclusive patterns. The vibrant colors and the bold prints used in the collection, celebrate the spirit of femininity with something for both the sybarite woman and the coquettish lady. 

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Beaches and Bikinis (IV) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of watercolors and sand for those great beachcapades

Fraser Island, Australia

Beaches and Bikinis

Perched on the sunny coast of Queensland at about 161 miles Northeast of Brisbane you’ll find an out of this world sandy paradise. Definitely worthy of your charming presence Fraser Island stands apart from any other island is the world.


Rated in the top 10 by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful beaches, this wondrous place is the largest sand island known to man. A World Heritage Site, Fraser Island is an ecologist’s dream, with 640 square miles of unspoiled natural paradise. Its breathtaking elegance and natural attractions makes it one of the most sought after beachcapade destinations. Rain forests with 1,000-year-old trees sprout from the sand!


Rich Aboriginal heritage and a colorful European history are integral to Fraser Island. This intricate blend of cultures makes Fraser Island one of the most rare and mysterious features of Queensland’s coastline.


The countless lakes on the island have their own individual character. From lakes stained red with tannin to others with pure white sand and crystal clear water, you won’t resist the urge to simply plunge in and enjoy. Swimming in these unique lakes is going to be an experience worthy of remembering.


Lodgings here accommodates a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans. So, whichever you are, you shouldn’t miss it for anything.


And what better Bikini to wear on this sandy marvel than the Bia Top & Bottom by Vix.

Beaches and Bikinis

Sophisticated cuts and flattering fits are a staple of Vix swimwear, perfect for both the naughty and the nice, celebrating the essence of womanhood. Made for both the sultry woman and the demure lady, the Brazilian cut makes this skimpy bikini purely delicious. And yes, perfect for showing off that hot bod of yours! Paula puts a keen focus on fit and function, blending style with comfort effortlessly.


Checkout Vix swimwear at Molly Brown’s and get set for your next beachy escape. Fraser Island is it?

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Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday Pick of the Week – The Jambo Collection By Vix

Ola Ladies! Are you feeling it? #TGIF?


Not yet? Still wrapping up things at the work desk? Well before you head out for the weekend don’t forget to take a look at Molly Brown’s Fashion Friday – pick of the week – which is guarantee to make you scream TGIF on the top of your voice – The exquisite Jambo Collection by Vix.


And also, since it is from our WEEKLY SWIM collection, if you buy a bikini or a dress of your choice from our today’s picks, you can get them at 20% off! Use coupon: WEEKLYSWIMSTEAL at the time of checkout to get a discount. If that’s not the stuff of beach dreams then what else is?


Weekly Swim Steal

Before further ado, we’d like to present to you the Jambo Collection from none other than the stellar swimwear designer Vix!

Vix Jambo Long Dress
Vix Jambo Bia Bikini

























Check it out – Blance et Noir (black and white) stripes are back and they are sexy as ever!


We have triangle top bikinis, full length maxi dresses and so much more for you to choose from and all are at 20% off! Just for today, though!


So see it, buy it, slip into it and turn that pool party over the weekend or your beach escapade with family and friends into your favorite memory!


Have a fantastic weekend, Molly dolls! 🙂

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Prints — Just in Time for Spring!

The bold and the beautiful– we are having a full on print obsession, and we’re just as impressed with Mara Hoffman’s swimwear line as we were her ready to wear. The same tribal prints that balance modernity and tradition perfectly, and the kind of color palettes designers dreeeam of! Juxtaposition of brights and darks, and subtle pairings of more muted tones. Pure artistry.

And since we’re not the type to leave anyone out, here are a few other prints you might fall in love with upon seeing if you’re not so into the native feel of Mara.

I know we’re talkin’ prints here, but come on. Aside from the just-in-time-and-perfect-for-spring print, this Razzle Dazzle Jumper by Pily Q is straight up astounding.

Also, we can’t ever resist watercolored stripes– Mozambique Bikini by VIX

AND, periwinkle is totally the new black as seen here, here and above (Naomi by VIX). Plus we’re thinking no one else can resist the hand beading and abstract print on the Zambia bikini by VIX (right).

xoxo Molly

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Effortless and Ready to Wear Maxis.

Every woman’s day begins with the oh so difficult decision of what they should wear, and this season the wide range of maxi dresses are so versatile you’ll be able to wear them as coverups by the pool, or for a hot summer night out.

Lana Silk Maxi Dress and Malawi V Long Dress by VIX

What’s nice about a maxi dress (as opposed to the also amazing maxi skirt or a tunic) is that it’s all one piece, which means if you need to run out the door on a summer outing, it’s a no brainer. Pair with some bangles, your favorite sandals and sumer awaits!

Mavericks Dress by MIKOH, Belle Long Dress by PILY Q

Nothing is hotter than white-hot, and the slinky fit of the Mavericks Dress with the side slit is as flattering as it is sexy. There’s something about a long white dress (that ISN’T a wedding dress 😉 ) that makes us feel like we’re on vacation. Especially when that white dress has gorgeous eyelet detailing all over it.

On second thought however, if anyone was getting married… lets say on the beach perhaps… these white beauties would make the perfect wedding and/or reception dresses!


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6 Days to Go, 6 Coverups that Flow!

It’s not bikini season yet, but Christmas is on its way! 6 days left and we’ve got 6 flowy dresses that’ll make the perfect addition to any one of your lady-friend’s swimwear closet. From long column dresses to floral chiffon, there’s something for everyone!

Left: Positano Dress by ACACIA, Right: Celeste Dress by CHIO

Left: Nicola Coverup by AQUA DI LARA, Right: Swept Away Coverup by CAFFE

Left: Biarritz Dress by MIKOH, Right: Malawi V Long Dress by VIX

Whether you’re shopping for your friends or just gearing up for summer, these flowing maxi dresses are the answer! Ready for a destination Christmas? Weeeeee are! <3 Molly

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Tomorrow night Molly Brown’s will be participating in Hospitality Night in Laguna Beach! We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with some of your/our favorite designers and will be doing 8 (EIGHT!) amazing giveaways. Enter to win amazing suits, coverups and shoes! Not to mention all the other fun things that will be going on– drinks, hors doeuvres, music and previews of our brand new 2013 collections complete with complimentary gifts with all of your purchases!

Come visit the Laguna Beach store tomorrow night from 5pm-10pm and partake in the festivities!

xo Molly

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