Zimmermann’s One-Piece Swimsuit Sizzler – For all Divas Out there!

Zimmermann Thorn Corset Swimsuit
Zimmermann Thorn Corset Swimsuit

Zimmermann’s Thorn Corset One-Piece Rouge swimsuit is possibly the best pick of the season and a bit retro too. For all of you who believed that bikinis are the ideal beachwear, think again. To prove you absolutely wrong is this sizzler that has turned the heat on and is all out to burn various hearts now. Help the swimsuit in the naughty task by adorning it!

The color red and its charm coupled with the corset styling are gonna bowl you over. Thorn Corset one-piece red swimsuit is a show-stealer/stopper and yes, it is definitely very sexy! The swimsuit is a strapless that offers perfect fit and comfort. It contours and enhances. Offering complete coverage, the corset is a backless that laces up with many strings at the back. The designer swimsuit brings out the best of your curves and trust my words, the admirers are gonna go crazy with the praises.

The designer one-piece offers moderate coverage bottom that will not dig into your skin. It fits and rests perfectly on the skin. This Zimmermann swimsuit is lovely and with a perfect attitude you just add to its glamor. Let Zimmermann’s summer scorcher be your swimwear staple this summer.

Zimmermann’s One-Piece Swimsuit – It is no less than the hottest of bikinis

A stunning one-piece is no less than a skimpy bikini. A swimsuit offers more coverage yet its appeal and class remain intact. A one-piece can also be its sexy best. There is definitely no two ways about it.

Zimmerann designer bikinis have always been adventurous, casual and really fashionable. These have also been covered in popular fashion magazines including Elle and Sports Illustrated.

Get the designer one-piece swimsuit now. If you want to look stunning, you gotta have it on you!

For more info, contact us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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Zimmermann Noir One Piece Swimsuit – Of Cuts & Swank

Zimmermann Noir One Piece Swimsuit
Zimmermann Noir One Piece Swimsuit

Trust Zimmermann swimwear to come up with extra-ordinary resort wear and women’s swimwear. Forwarding the Zimmermann style baton ahead, this season is the Noir one piece swimsuit. Elegant, sexy and intriguing, the Noir swimsuit is a fine piece of art.

Black swimsuits are universal favorites and there are never too many black bikinis in a women’s swimwear wardrobe. So if you’re reasoning out of buying this one, you’ll not be succeeding. The cutout detailing in the front and that continues down to each side of the bottom.

For that little adventurous spirit fluttering inside you, the Noir is the ideal expression.

Hailing from Australia, Zimmermann swimwear is a hit in the American markets too. With all its Aussie awesomeness, Zimmermann brings for women a stylish desire.

Zimmermann Noir means Novelty – Cut out for charm

This noveau Noir one piece swimsuit by Zimmermann is as flamboyant as it comes. Wear it on and transform into a diva! It features a scoop neckline complimenting the cut outs which are sure to turn heads if not hearts πŸ˜‰

Also browse through other Zimmermann bikinis on sale at Molly Brown’s women’s swimwear. Find a perfect companion (a stunning swimsuit) to enjoy summers in. The Zimmermann is offering amazing bikinis in its 2010 swimwear collection.

Viva la fashion, viva la fashionistas – Zimmermann Noir is for you, grab it now!

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Zimmermann 2010 Swimwear Collection Rocks Rosemount Australia Fashion Week 2010

Zimmermann Swimwear
Zimmermann Swimwear

Zimmermann swimwear designers first shocked then rocked audience with its amazing collection of swimwear 2010 and 2011 at the Rosemount Australia Fashion Week! Shunning the usual bright colorfully extravagant opening, this year Zimmermann swimwear begun with blacks and whites! Surprising but it sure worked as the collection created a lot waves. Eventually going back to it’s old colorful self, Zimmermann moved from the grey pastel shades to their rainbow line of women’s swimwear.

Stunning and powerful, the collection presented by Zimmermann was not their usual cuts and curves type, it was more of high-waisted bikinis, frills and shimmer. Check out the review of the Zimmermann’s fashion show at: http://www.blk1.com/all-posts-2010-05-04T12:31:42Z-zimmermann-collection-2010-rosemount-australia-fashion-week-2010-images-photos-sydney-fashion-week-2010/

Zimmermann at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

The collection of Zimmermann bikinis and swimwear pieces assorted at the women’s resort wear store is hot n’ hep too just as the show went. Full of surprises, psychedelia and uniqueness, Zimmermann swimwear and bikinis are definitely not the regular sexy, the designer swimwear carries its own zing.

Zimmermann pieces are what will make you go WOW and others go OOOH! Shop for your favorite Zimmermann bikinis and one pieces at the resort swimwear store and cruise through summers being colorful, snazzy, swanky and all decked up in Zimmermann.

Great cuts and greater designs – with Zimmermann, you will be the uniqueness on the beach, pool and everywhere! Be peppy and perfect in the amazing Aussie fashion swimwear!

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Zimmermann & Tori Praver Swimwear Now Available at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

April 24th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

Women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s (https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com/) now offers Zimmermann and Tori Praver swimwear. Recently added to the Molly Brown’s swimwear inventory, Zimmermann swimwear and Tori Praver collection are among the four new swimwear labels now available at Molly Brown’s. The other two new women’s swimwear brands being Maaji and Kirsti Grinna Collection. A special Free Ground Shipping offer for spring break has also been announced by the leading designer swimwear retailer. Any purchase of $100 or more will get free ground shipping on all U.S continental orders.

Bikinis by Zimmermann and Tori Praver can be viewed at: http://mollybrownsswimwear.com”Tori Praver” href=”http://mollybrownsswimwear.com” target=”_blank”>http://mollybrownsswimwear.com”Zimmermann Bikinis” href=”http://mollybrownsswimwear.com” target=”_blank”>Zimmermann bikinis and one-pieces. The Australian swimwear label provides a stunning selection of swimsuits with unique color combinations, dynamic cuts and feminine designs. Zimmermann has been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Mari Claire and also Sports Illustrated.

Launched by super model and cover girl, Tori Praver, the Tori Praver swimwear line presents bikinis that are comfortable, perfect fit and voguish. Halter tops, classic triangle tops are some of the features that make Tori Praver swimwear famous. The signature ruche detailing in Tori Praver bikinis is another highlight of the collection.

β€œ2010 swimwear trends are exciting! And the two new designer swimwear lines adding to the heat are Zimmermann and Tori Praver.” says Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s, β€œand both are now on Molly Brown’s! From ultra sleek and sexily casual designs of Zimmermann to the confident, comfy and oh-so-glam bikinis by Tori Praver – these bikinis are for the girl who wants to have total fun this summer! Lounge, surf and soak up the sun in swimwear by Zimmermann and Tori Praver”

The 2010 swimwear inventory on Molly Brown’s also includes top designer swimwear and resort beachwear brands such as L*Space, Luli Fama, Despi, Vix, Chio, Odabash and many more. Apart from Zimmermann and Tori Praver, Maaji and Kirsti Grinna Collection are the other new swimwear labels added to Molly Brown’s swimwear store. Free ground shipping is offered on all purchase of and above $100 and is applicable on U.S continental orders only.

β€œFind a bikini to suit both your tropical and style adventures at Molly Brown’s. Not only revolution, 2010 swimwear collections are all about fashion evolution and Molly Brown’s swimwear invites you to be a part of it!”, concluded Donna.

To view the Tori Praver collection at Molly Brown’s, visit http://mollybrownsswimwear.com”Zimmermann” href=”http://mollybrownsswimwear.com” target=”_blank”>http://mollybrownsswimwear.com”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com/” target=”_blank”>https://www.mollybrownsswimwear.com

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Be a Bikini Bombshell with New Hot Swimwear Designers on Molly Brown’s

New Designer Swimwear
New Designer Swimwear

Done with boring bikini fads, styles and fashion? Good..because Molly Brown’s brings a sizzling and superb line of 2010 swimwear, bikinis and 2 new uber-hot designer women’s swimwear lines – Tori Praver and Zimmermann.

Sexy is passe, this 2010 is all about dropping some style bombs and wiping everyone off the ground! So if you want to get wet and go with the summer then get the latest and the hottest collection of 2010 women’s swimwear from Molly Brown’s!

Need to upgrade your summer or beachwear wardrobe, then..see

How Tori Praver, Zimmermann and sexy swimwear from Molly Brown’s gets you pure panache?

The new swimwear designers offered at the women’s swimwear store are a niche in their own rights. If Tori Praver swimwear and bikinis don’t compromise on the comfort and confident appeal, then Zimmermann has made clever cuts its signature. Both swimwear labels have such a distinct style and variety that women of every size and shape can perfectly swim through summer and enjoy the escapades on the beach (and all it entails) without worrying about the strings, straps or whatever that spoils your fun on the sands!

Pick a Tori Praver or a Zimmermann swimsuit and have a great time being the belle of the beach!

Some Molly Brown’s Favorites from Tori Praver and Zimmermann are:

  • Tori Praver Daisy Top Mint and Kalani Bottom Mint bikini and the also the sand in the same design – The ruche detailing (that gives each Tori Praver bikini piece its je ne sais quoi) is just superb and steals your heart in the first glance!
  • Marilyn One Piece Black – Tori Praver takes bikini fashion to a whole new level by experimenting with the classic look and coming up with a total stunner!

Now these are just what we thought should be in every woman’s kitty. May be the one you will fall in love with lies among the ones not mentioned. So don’t forgot to look at all the bikinis!


  • Noir One Piece – Beautiful and catty, the cuts will enhance your body like never before!
  • Thorn Corset One Piece Rouge – If you’re looking for sexy in a one piece swimsuit then this would be perfect!

The above one pieces only mean there are others that just can’t miss your notice! So zap up in style with Zimmermann!

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