Luxe Hermitage One Piece Swimsuit – A Piece of Luxury

Luxe Hermitage One Piece Swimsuit
Luxe Hermitage One Piece Swimsuit

Hold your breath because here comes deluxe women’s swimwearLuxe Hermitage one piece swimsuit. This Luxe designer swimsuit could have only come from the epitome of luxury herself – Lisa Vogel. Luxe is an ultra classy swimwear line that offers bikinis and swimsuits not just for mademoiselles but for madames as well!

Cut out for suave and sophistication Luxe women’s swimwear by Lisa Vogel is the cat’s pajamas of 2010 swimwear collection or should we say cat’s swimwear.

Elegant, chic, seductive and fabulous are only some of the words that define the vintage piece by Luxe – the Hermitage one piece in the color of luxury, Black!

Luxe Hermitage one piece swimsuit – Hottie & Naughty

Black swimsuits are hard to ignore anyways and this Luxe stunner will be hard to get out of mind even when out of sight. The Luxe black one piece swimsuit is marvelous and features a triangle top that lifts and contours. There are shoulder straps that lace across the back and making your back look sexiest.

There’s more, the front is far from a simple black fabric. Unique petal-shaped cut-outs are mark the front of the one piece. These are made in luxurious mesh. The mesh detailing is on the sides – so front, back or side – you will be looking as sexy from everywhere!

Team the Luxe swimwear up with some great accessories and you will feel like a beauty on a ramp and there will no paparrazzi deficit either!

Get this designer one piece swimsuit by Luxe now and enjoy summers like luxuriously!

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Odabash Hermoine Dress Bird – Rara Avis (Unique & Chic)

Odabash Hermoine Tunic Dress
Odabash Hermoine Tunic Dress

This Odabash tunic dress with a feathery semblance is totally rara avis or uniquer than unique! Sprawling it’s silky soft luxury on the you the Hermoine Dress Bird by Odabash swimwear is one of the season’s special! Melissa Odabash has done a fab job in letting this bird out of the cage.

The 2010 swimwear collection of Odabash swimwear is a promising one and in not one to pass through unnoticed. As always, the shimmer and silkiness are in great supply. Fantastic cuts and avant garde designs of Odabsh one pieces, bikinis and separates, cover ups, dresses make this designer swimwear label stand proud among the top brands.

Hermoine dress cover up by Odabash is made from luscious fabric that needless to say will feel like heaven soft against the skin!

Why Choose Odabash Hermoine Dress?

Because the Odabash tunic dress will transform you into a sexy diva. With its mid-thigh length and a waist belt, you would be a complete stunner walking on the sand  or strolling down in the dusk! Nobody would want to miss this bird on shore and some may even want to tame its beauty.

The dress won’t fit as a sleepshirt but will enhance your contours like never before! Your curves won’t get hidden but will be accentuated in the Odabash Hermoine tunic dress.

Buy this Odabash piece of luxury and make your summers sexy and super stylish. With the Odabash Hermoine dress, you won’t be needing a bikini or a swimsuit to turn on the heat.

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2010 Swimwear Collection at Molly Brown’s

Summer sun is going to be bright again in a few months and designer swimwear signatures are all decked up to exhibit their best hand at work. Fashion forward damsels can anticipate some haute couture beachwear collection to hit the markets this time round as well. We are all spruced up to cut the ribbon and display the novelty of the surf world designers. 2010 is just a few sleeps away and swimwear fashion is definitely going to be both versatile and far-out, yet again.

High rolling swimwear fashion getting recreated in 2010

We, at Molly Brown’s have kept our fashion selection doctrines intact and added some of the most unique creations of various beach apparel designers to our inventory. 2010 is definitely going to be one breathtaking swimsuit season that would definitely sweep you off your feet, to say the least. The new swimwear collection has spectacular cuts, designs, oodles of creativity and a profusion of color play.

The big winners of the surf fraternity seem to be applying their acute fashion recipes to their bikinis and cover ups. It goes without saying that there’s going to be something for everyone. No matter what body shape you have, there is something exclusive for all those chic and fashion conscious dames. There would be glitter, shimmer, luxe and heaps of style in the upcoming swimwear collections.

The newest assembly of 2010 designer beachwear would soon be available at both Molly Brown’s online and ground store at California. But, if you can’t and don’t want to settle your urge till later this year when these creations get displayed for sale, we suggest you take a peek at the designs beforehand.

Send in your queries or feed back at the following address The preparations are on!

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