Straps, Strings or Crochet Detailing. How Do You Like Your Bikini Tops?

We all <3 bikinis! From bandeaus to halters to triangle tops, is there really a bikini top design that you’d rather not have in your wardrobe? Of course there are! Everyone has preferences, but no style or design is favored over others when it comes to women picking out from the available lot. Yet, there’s something that women do have very clear preferences about. The kind of support they want from their bikini top which in turn is determined by the bikini top design: with straps, strings or crochet detailing.

Of course, support and shape must remain a primary criterion when choosing a bikini top. If your bikini top leads to wobbly, awkward or uncomfy moments for you at the beach then you must make functionality a priority in your selection of bikini tops.


Each kind of bikini – whether it’s a strap, string or with drawstrings – offers a different kind of support and shape. It’s also better to know how your beach day is planned out so that you can dress up accordingly. It goes without mentioning that, if your day will chock-a-bloc with sporty stuff like a game of beach volley ball or water sports then we recommend not a teeny weeny sensuous number but a functional and protective rash guard swimwear. But if your day will be spent getting that dusty tan then we recommend a luxurious piece of tiny fabric with the thinnest strings and draw strings. Once this is clear, it’s high time to come to the second most important parameter – your comfort!


Your choice of the support of your bikini wear should be contingent upon your comfort, more often than not.


So here are our top picks among bikini uppers that you can choose and mix match with your existing bottoms or get the full bikini.


1) Regular Triangle and Halter Tops – These bikini tops come with strings that are either tied to the neck or on the back. They are great for comfort as the strings can be adjusted to give shape, firm up or push in with a fitting support. These are ideal for tanning as the drawstrings are thin and do not give you unbearable and ugly tan lines.



                    Despi Rock and Roll 1 Pc       


Cecilia Prado Optico

2) Broad, Braided and Straps with Embellishments – These are excellent for support and are perfect for women who are a bit bustier. With a guaranteed strong support and firm shape, broad strapped bikinis make up for a really good swimwear for an active day at the beach or by the swimming pool. Bikini tops with sturdier straps are also less likely to experience an embarrassing malfunction.

Despi Georgia Quince



Mirame Black Hi Waist                                                 Byrdie Bandeau & Estella Bottom




Lady Lux Call Me Baby




3) Bikini Tops With Mesh and Crochet Detailing – Crochet detailing and bikinis came back with a huge bang in 2014 and it looks like the trend has received only favors from swimwear enthusiasts. So gear up for the 2015 season where you will see a lot of mesh work around the neck or back for a gorgeous ensemble and great support. Yes, the neck work keeps the fit and shape in tact. The support is not that sturdy but not that bad either. It is recommended for women who are confident and carry it off with the panache it demands because turners will turn!


Salon Allure House of Au-Ora                                              Seychelles 1 Pc





Issa De Maar 006



At Molly Brown’s we have a huge variety of bikini tops of all kinds! Some of the products from the Salon Allure collection are available only for pre-order. Let us know which is your type of bikini top and which form of straps you prefer.

Shop the latest swimwear and stock your wardrobe with magic for the 2015 swimwear season!

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Look What We Fetched For You From the 2014 Salon Allure Tradeshow!

Molly Brown’s feels so privileged to be partnering with the 2014 Salon Allure! Not only did we get an up close and truly amazing view of the show but also some of the high-fashion pieces due for the 2015 swimwear season. All the Salon Allure bikinis and one pieces available with us will be shipped in early November of this year and can only be pre-ordered for now.


But that’s good enough! Believe us when we tell you that selecting their designs wasn’t easy at all! We were bombarded with glossy, glamorous and true blue beach fashion like never before! If the Salon Allure is to be considered then the 2015 swimwear fashion will be a shot with an unprecedented emphasis on personality and character. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this Issa de Mar 006 stunning number and you’ll know that the future, a year from now, belongs to exclusivity and non-conforming style.



Let’s take Issa de Mar 006 for example and investigate its style trends further:


Issa de Mar 006

Issa De Mar is a bandeau piece, technically, but the strap detailing that begins from the bodice up to the neck is quite uncommon and also rarely attempted in bikini designing. The neck is quite common for maxi dresses but on this 006 Issa de Mar number, it looks absolutely refreshing.







Also, going perfectly well with the unique neck mesh detailing is the indigenous print reminding us of our earthy roots. The piece looks both inspired and inspiring. Girls who do not want ascribe to a certain swimwear style must own this. It’s a beautiful looking bikini with a lot of thought put behind designing. If the bikini top is overtly fashionable and striking then the bottom is a balancing act. It’s a simple skimpy bottom with solid side straps.







This bikini is what happens when bohemian meets fashionista. At Molly Brown’s, we have various haute couture pieces from the Salon Allure. See, select and shop.


Remember, that like the Issa de Mar 006, all other Salon Allure bikinis and one piece swimwear are only available for pre-sales right now and are expected to be shipped in November 2014.

So if you like, all you have to is book it for the 2015 summer.

Being ahead of times never hurt anyone :)

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The 2014 Salon Allure in Partnership with Molly Brown’s – Starts July 19th 2014


Salon Allure Event
Salon Allure Event


The 5th annual Salon Allure trade show for luxury swim and resort wear brands is just a fortnight away, emitting too much sexiness around Miami beaches! The unique trade show with a class apart designer collection is doing a grand show this year in partnership with Molly Brown’s – designer swimwear retailer, Lycra and others, starting July 19th 2014 – July 22nd 2014 at W Hotel South Beach, Florida.


The 2014 Salon Allure is one of its kind trade show that features leading designer swimwear, resort wear and fabrics by popular manufacturers. The event has a beautiful set up each year and this year will be no different. The designers will feature their beautiful swim/resort ensemble in luxury show spaces, in a 4-star property that truly speaks for your brand values and image.


Amara, Bridge Swimwear, Frankie’s Bikinis, Indah, Koru Swimwear, Kovey, Lolli Swim, Mikoh, Tyler Rose Swimwear are some of the high end designer swim labels featuring their superb resort wear at the event in Miami.


The high profile event is a great platform to showcase your designer swimwear and resort wear collection. It’s not done up with trade-show feel and gives you a completely finished showroom space, with classy interiors and set up. So, there are no environment building expenses as it’s all done at the W Hotel already. You can get more info on pricing, food, paperwork, benefits of participating in Salon Allure event here.


For more details on the Salon Allure event, check out the links below:


General Info :

See packages :

To register :



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