One Trend Hogging the Limelight in 2014 Swimwear Season – Color Block Swimsuits


Have you played with the color blocking trend yet?


We’re sure the buzz around color blocking and of course the fashion diva in you has pushed you enough already to bare it all in a color block swimsuit. But what is it that’s holding you back molly girls? Is it the bizarre color combinations or the striking neons trending high in color block swimsuits?


Whatsoever it maybe, we suggest you shed all inhibitions and walk on the beach sands in color block swimwear soonest possible. Color blocking has evidently become an indispensable trend this 2014 swimwear season. Extending from all sorts of apparels, bags and even footwear, it’s now dominating the swimwear circuit, with nearly all leading designers bringing forth their creative genius in color block resort wear.


Simply put, color blocking is to pair a couple or more solid colors together. It allows you to explore various color and pattern themes, making swimwear all the more interesting and obviously, more beautiful.




But you know what? If you’re not prepared to invest in a color block swimsuit as an experiment, you just don’t have to. Pair up your existing bikini tops and bottoms, in highly contrasting shades and you’re ready to scorch the beach. And please don’t kill the color block spirit by pairing subtle and neutral colors! Match up a bright yellow and dark purple, or a milky white and a solid navy, or even better, a neon green with a dark sunny orange. However, don’t go overboard with neons, as they might turn against the trend. Use neon with a solid, and you’ll look fabulous.


What’s exclusive in designer color block swimwear?


Well, if you pick designer pieces, color blocking is used exquisitely in those. Swimwear designers use color blocking in horizontal and abstract sections to make it interesting and a visual treat. This even helps hide the troubling areas of body and highlight the sections you are comfortable with.




Check out the sensual and enchanting color block swimsuits at Molly Brown’s Swimwear by L Space, Sauvage, Pily Q, Vitamin A and more!


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Do tan lines really look sexy? A list of best swimwear at Molly Brown’s to give you perfect tan lines


Tan lines yes or tan lines no?


To each his own, but we give tan lines a thumbs up, only if done naturally. Who doesn’t like to splash in water, wear the sexiest bikini and just relax on the beach in summer? If a girl is doing all that, she will get tanned. And why not? It clearly means that she’s having all the fun at the beach and doesn’t act like girlie-girlie hiding from the sun.


Tan lines are pretty sexy we say. And also is the art of flaunting them correctly. What we hear tells us that thin tan lines on the neck and back are most enticing to guys. Broader tan lines are a turn off for sure. So girls, keep them thinner and sexier.


One tip – You must apply a high SPF nourishing sun protection lotion before baring it all at the beach. Also, see how much tan you want to flaunt – Light bronze or a very dark evident bronze shade of tan. Keep in mind it’s not going away for months, so let it develop over all those beach sundays.


Molly Brown’s has the most gorgeous designer swimwear to give you the perfect tan lines. Here’s our list of most sexy bathing suits by our leading labels :

Sofia by Vix


Sofia by Vix has a superb line of swimsuits in super attractive colors. This one is perfect for tan lines at the back which you can flaunt in a strapless/backless dress at an after party.




L Space


L Space is popular for its sexy and edgy swimwear, and why not! The side cut outs in these one-piece swimwear just add so much oomph to resist wearing these.







Mikoh’s 2014 swimwear collection is glamorous! Wishing for the perfect tan lines? You need to have at least one of Mikoh’s beautiful pieces this summer.





Pily Q


Pily Q designer swimwear is as enticing as the look in the lady’s eyes. The prints and cuts are perfect to complement you on the beach.




Vitamin A


And Vitamin A does it yet again! Superb fabrics, fabulous designs and lots of sensuality. Tan lines + Vitamin A is definitely a die-for combo.






Do let us know what you think of tan lines and don’t forget to check out the designer swimwear at Molly Brown’s. Let summers be nothing less than a fashion party at the beach!

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Spring is here and so are the festivals! Our “Festival Ready” Couture Collection is here to Fix All Your Wardrobe Worries

Sunny days, starry nights, flowers all around and the music so fine! Yes! It’s the happy month of March and soon it will be April a.k.a the best time of the year – Spring and then there would begin the onslaught of festivals. (Yay!) Are you lovely Molly dolls ready or worried about keeping your festival dates because of a retrograde wardrobe? If you’re ready with your dresses, swimwear, head-to-toe accessories, then we’d like to entice you with something and if not then our “Festival Ready” collection will be your savior!

There’s still time as festivals are still a few sleeps away as most of them would pick pace in the month of June. But still being ready in time will prevent a lot of anxiety later on. Just like the spring we’d rather have our Molly dolls smiling and all-sunny instead of fretting on what to wear. So just relax and browse through our Festival Ready Collection that has the following for your wardrobe and style:

1) Tank and Maxi Dresses – Sometimes a teeny dash of fabric won’t do the magic as much as a cascade of silk wrapped around your body. Yes, we are talking about full length and short beach dresses which are oh-so classy and perfect for those laid-back mornings and dusky evenings which make perfect settings for sunset parties and alfresco musical shows.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi Dresses

2) Crochet Shorts – There’s nothing cuter than our bottoms hugged by skimpy crochet shorts! How can you resist having one of these pretty-little-things in your wardrobe when they guarantee you a wonderful look and style statement.

Crochet Shorts
Crochet Shorts

3) Lace Tops & Fringe Bottoms – Women and lace are like the perfect shoes with a dress – a little incomplete without each other. Lacey swimwear is an evergreen favorite among all kinds of beach divas and rarely misses the mark in any season. This year too, 2014 swimwear trends willingly acknowledge the eternal femininity of laced swimwear and tasseled designs.


Lace Tops
Lace Tops
Fringe Bottoms
Fringe Bottom

















4) Haute couture pants – If you ever want to flaunt your long curvaceous legs in something other than a skirt or shorts then those relaxing yoga pants would be our choice for you. Surprised? No we are not talking about those flattening and comfy-but-sloppy yoga pants. We are talking shapely pants that play the sexy for whatever you wear on top.

Crochet Pants
Crochet Pants

Apart from these, we have a great collection of bikinis which are embroidered in the right amount of Boho spirit that you need to live the festival spirit! Plus there are beach accessories that you can shop to complete your entire festival look.

Hurry, shop before everyone walks away with their favorites, except you.

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Is Neon ‘the’ style of this season?

Bikinis, bikinis everywhere but are you still stuck on what to wear? Well, open your eyes and look around – what do you see? Neons! Yes, the flashy, fancy and luminous tones are back and with a bang!

2014 is witnessing the rise of many unique trends and neon swimwear is one of them. Although traces of it have been seen before, never has it been so popular than it is now. Many designer swimwear brands are taking the plunge into neon and coming up with swimwear pieces that not only catch the eye but also your heart!

Neon Bikini and Cover Up

 Neons are quite in demand. And why wouldn’t they be, when they make the wearer stand out from the crowd and flaunt their bods in the best way possible. Neon bikinis will keep you in the spotlight from dawn till dusk! What’s more, this retro-trend is not just about colors but also about designing and style, because the latest 2014 neon bikinis are not just bright pinks, reds or greens, they are stylish triangle tops, fringes, bandeaus and everything that makes them ever more coveted among beach goddesses.

Neon Bikinis

Why Neons?

If your plan for the season is to make the sun shine brightest on you, then go for neon without a second thought. Or if you want something new  to work with as a contrast to your prints, flat pastels and naturals with something zesty this season – go for neon!

The good thing about neon is that there’s never a dull fashion ensemble in your wardrobe! Plus when you don’t want to be all-too-colorful then you can throw a macramé or mesh-woven cover up or a dress of a nude/ neutral tone over it and create a great look for the season.

The question of whether neon is the style this season, still remains though. Our answer, not quite. It’s certainly one of the more popular trends but to call it the top trending style statement of 2014 is definitely over stretching it a bit. It will be some time before the neon bikini replaces the little black dress.

Our verdict on Neons: A most definitely yes! Not just for the sake of trying a new or the latest trend but for wearing a bold and beautiful style statement. Forget about your beach-gal-type for a moment and be unabashed in embracing new looks for this season. Even if the little neon bikini is a bit out of your comfort zone, why not try it out and maybe the glammed-up look becomes your style eventually! :)

Check out the Neon swimwear at our store here:

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2014 Swimwear Trends – The Year Of Free-Spirited Fashion!

Each time a new year dawns, the Internet fashion circuit and all the fashion magazines start speculating about the trends to follow in that year. The dawn of 2014 is no different and the topic too relevant to be ignored. So here’s our take on the 2014 swimwear fashion trends.

Our store, if you have noticed is already stocked-a-block with the latest designer swimwear inventory from all top players. And the common streak in all of the bikinis, swim suits, cover ups and dresses this season is an unabashed neglect for following any kind of trend!

Whether it’s going back to the 70s, reviving last year’s trend, re-inventing a love for colors, prints and embellishments or incorporating different cultural influences into bikini designs. – this year’s swimwear fashion spectrum has it all! Let’s see what’s in store for our beach divas, who wouldn’t be disappointed one bit with swimwear fashion being at its eclectic best!

What’s New? 

2014 Bikinis and Swimsuits
2014 Bikinis and Swimsuits
  • A heartwarming love for naturals! Yes, from working with natural colors to going for natural fabrics, designers are nodding a full-headed yes to going all natural. There are certain brands such as Greenleeswim who have introduced the Little Recycled Bikinis or (LRB) and met with huge success.
  • As 2014 is witnessing no single predominant or prevailing trend in terms of colors or fabrics, the preference for natural tones and pastel shades is perfectly balanced by corals, neons, bright solid tones and digital prints for bikinis, dresses and cover ups.
  • Use of embellishments is back. Although the revival is not that pronounced but this trend sure makes its presence felt in beaded bikinis and dresses with beaded tassels.
  • As for the prints – you can sense a massive influence of different places, technology and the unabashed acceptance of and openness to the flea market vogue around the world.

This year’s beach and resortwear is inspired by summer, sea, parties and all things fun! There has never been more variety than what each designer is offering this season.

Carried Over from the Past


2014 Cover Ups and Dresses
  • Some things never go out of fashion and why should they, especially when they are crochet or bustiers. Do we see a smile there? We knew you would love crochet dresses and sexy bustier bikini tops!
  • Apart from crochet, the knotty macramé makes a powerful come back on innovative monokinis and bikini designs.
  • Cover ups, maxi dresses and trendy beach pants are also ruling the runways and will be the hot things this season.

There’s a new entrant this season – Activewear – the stylish Fox swimwear for sporty gals who want the comfort, functionality and oodles of style threaded altogether in their swimwear –

Nothing is same as it was; yet the more things change, the more they remain the same that is: sexy, sensual, stunning, full of character and fabulous!

Connect with us on Pinterest, to know the latest 2014 swimwear trends at: or Instagram at:

Shop the best among the best swimwear and activewear pieces at Molly Brown’s!

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Is 2014 About Bikinis or Cover Ups?

January is almost over but still you can sense the Euphoria in the air. Especially since the beach season is fast approaching! We have all seen the latest designs and collections and are now ready to try them on at the beach and see what happens!

The 2014 swimwear collections have mixed bright colors, bold cuts and silhouettes with funky, vibrant prints, incorporating embellishments into the designs and creating some really amazing bikinis. But another trend has emerged. And that is of the cover-up taking the center stage than ever before.

2014 Bikinis
2014 Cover Ups


















Earlier cover ups were just an accessory and one did not see much innovation in them. But now, cover ups have become haute couture with more and more designers paying more attention to the swim cover up. There are Kaftans, embellished cover ups, beach dress cover ups in bright hues and bold whimsical prints.

But is 2014 the year of the bikini or is the spotlight going to shine on the cover ups? The bikini is and will always remain evergreen, with slight changes in the designs or styles. But 2014 is definitely the year of the cover ups. We are seeing a lot more versatility in the designs, the flowy fabrics used, the silhouettes to even the length and the sexy cuts. The newest addition are cover up dresses which can even double as an evening dress for the hot date you scored in the beach! The cover up is evolving and we’re loving it!

Browse the 2014 collection of beach dresses at Molly Brown’s and get ready to sizzle more as you cover up!

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Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store All Set For 2014

It’s only going to get hotter now! Fellow Americans, we know how the record breaking temperatures have made us all sun-starved; but not for long because Molly Brown’s promises to bring some real steamy hot respite as the year progresses.

What’s on the platter for January?

Brand new designer swimwear brands! We have the latest 2014 collection from all leading designer swimwear and new high-end brands on the block, as mentioned below:

  1. Boys + Arrows – Yes, this spunky bikinis and swimwear brand can now be found at your very own Molly Brown’s store.
  2. Cecilia Prado – This brand offers prettily cut and flirty feminine cuts that can give any old player a run for his money in the swimwear industry; watch out for this sexy range in 2014.
  3. Beach Riot – This brand couldn’t have been named better. Perfectly designed so that whenever you step out in the sand or sun wearing a swimwear piece from this brand, you will cause a stir, nothing short of a riot.
  4. Bettinis – We thought we had seen all the ‘sexy’ out there. But Bettinis put us in our place with is stunningly sensual line of 2014 bikinis.
  5. Frankie’s Bikinis – Cool, casual and effortlessly stylish, Frankie’s Bikinis are for all those laid back beach girls who want to look good but don’t want to stress about it.
  6. Lolli – Have you wondered what would it be like to gift wrap yourself in sexiness? Well that’s exactly what Lolli swimwear pieces are –cute and sexy wraps for the sexy you.

The list is long! We have Eberjey, Fox (Swimwear and activewear), Dolcessa and we are also overloaded on beachwear and swim accessories! If there’s anything that you can be sure of in 2014, it’s about looking your best ever self on the beach with a little help from us!

And Boys: This year Molly Brown’s big basket of amazing beachwear fashion also includes sporty and manly men’s swimwear too! We have added a huge stock of men’s board shorts, beach tees, hats and other apparels. Yes, men will have another reason to visit our web store now 😉 – to shop!

So get up and ready to stock for the summer months! Shop online or at any of Molly Brown’s in-store locations in California: Newport Beach and Laguna Beach; and Nevada: Las Vegas.

Before we forget: All the latest 2014 women’s and mens swimwear are available for purchase at our online store.

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