Fitting Swimwear Accessories at Molly Brown’s


For all you beach enthusiasts, choosing the perfect swimsuit should be as important as to how to accessorise it. Molly Brown’s has an array of swimwear accessories to make you look all the more glamorous head to toe without much effort!


Let’s take a look at all that is in store for you!


Bags – To most women, a bag means much more than an accessory wherein they can carry all the essentials. Starting with an SPF lip balm, sunscreen, moisturiser and all other quintessential beauty products. Pair your one piece or two piece bikini with a stylish bag to add some zing to your beach outfit.


Tote Bag



Belts – Be it a leather, embellished or a suede belt, the list is unending and it is the quickest and the safest way to up the glam quotient of your swimwear. Pairing a belt with your beach outfit is quite an unusual way of looking chic. Wear it confidently and look your beach best!


Swimwear Belt



Footwear – Whether on a beach or elsewhere, it’s important to wear comfortable footwear unless you like walking barefoot, experiencing the ticklish touch of the sandy shores! Choose from colorful flip-flops from Havaianas and make your exclusive fashion statement.





Hats – If you are not really looking to get sunbathed for a tan, begin by choosing a wide-brimmed trendy hat to protect the sensitive skin of your face and look sun-kissed in a subtle way. Pick an Odabash cowboy hat to carry a voguish look on your vacation or a cool pool party.


Odabash Hats



Jewelry – Accentuate your beach look by pairing your ultra sexy swimsuit with a glitzy neckpiece or fine feather earrings. Jewelry not only helps in sprucing up your look and leaving you looking drop-dead gorgeous, but also adds an element of elegance and appeal to your outfit be it beach wear or anything else.


Beach Jewelry


Currently, Molly Brown’s is busy replenishing the stock; both swimwear and accessories for the 2015 swimwear season. There is a possibility of new brands being added with fantastic stuff to sweep you off your feet. Keep checking the space for updates on latest fashion in swimwear!


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How to ace the perfect beach look and what do you need for it.


Corsica Top Tortola Bottom
Corsica Top Tortola Bottom

The beach season is just around the corner and swimwear stores are abuzz with activity, bringing out the latest collections of major swimwear brands to display. But before you dive right into shopping to upgrade your beach wardrobe, you might want to make a list of what all you need to set the temperatures soaring at the beach. Lucky for you, we have done the homework. Without further ado, here goes:

A stunning bikini: This, of course, is the most important item of them all. With scores of designs and options available, from monokinis to bikinis to mix and match bikinis, pick one that describes your personality best. Check out the latest collections available at Molly Brown’s and pick the perfect bikini for you.

A stunning coverup: Gone are the days when a cover up used to be simple and just something you throw over a bikini. Cover ups have evolved into ultra sexy ensemble of fabric and are a fashion statement themselves. From dress cover ups to kaftans, cover ups are definitely something you need to shift your focus on. Experiment with long or short cover ups and watch how men and boys drool.

Beach hats: Not only do beach hats look uber cool, but also save your pretty face from the sun. Get a wide-brimmed hat for the perfect beach look.

Beach Bags: A good bag can make quite an impression. The 2014 collections have beach bags of all kinds, from printed totes to embellished ones to the unique jelly totes. Pick a beach bag that is large enough to hold all your supplies.

Accessories: No look, beach or otherwise, is complete without the right accessories. On the beach, you need to match your accessories with your bikini and coverup. If you are a fan of plunging necklines, get a statement neckpiece and simple stud earrings. Bracelets, rings and earrings are all accessories you need to be careful while using. Pick one unique accessory and let it do all the talking.

The Right Kind of Makeup: On the beach, natural looking makeup works best. Overdoing it will only make one look caked. Keep it simple. Have a light shade of lipgloss on your lips, ideally one that is a lip balm as well. On the eyes, stick to eyeliner and mascara only and do not go over the top. Stick to the style that suits you best. Add a slight blush to the cheeks and voila! You’re ready for the beach! Also, do not forget sunscreen. You do not want crazy tan lines!

The Right Kind of Hair: Loose waves, slick straight, top knot or a messy bun. On the beach, you can experiment with your hair, as you feel comfortable. Let them loose, mess them up occasionally or tie them up in a cute braid/ bun and pair some hair accessories with them. This one, do what your heart desires.

And, The Right Footwear: Beach footwear must be functional and stylish, so that you can frolic around in the sands and the sea without having to worry about spoiling your footwear. For this, we suggest getting flip flops, as they serve as the best beach footwear of all times. Browse through our footwear selection to pick one for this beach season!

There! This is pretty much what you will need to perfect the sexy, sultry, sun kissed look. Did we miss anything? What are your essentials to get ready for the beach? Share them in the comments below! :)



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Sparkles & Shines at Molly Brown’s – Jewelry that Compliments Swiwmear

Despi Luminous Bracelets
Despi Luminous Bracelets

Thought it was only Molly Brown’s women’s swimwear and resort wear creating ripples in women’s hearts! Well here’s another sweet temptation that you won’t be able to resist. It’s shiny stones and shimmering gold by Despi! You guessed right – Luminous Bracelets on sale at the resort wear store!!

These bracelets are so elegant that they will add a lot of charm to your personality. Despi bracelets are available in regal purple, dreamy sea-like turquoise and ultra-elegant black! And it’s not just shine that it adds to you but a whole lot of glamor, finesse and luxe.

Designed by Despi, the leading designer swimwear, Luminous bracelets have all that make Despi bikinis a heart throb among girls.

Swimwear Jewelry – Wear on your charm

When choosing jewelry to go with swimwear, you have to that jewelry does not overshadow the swimwear or you in a chic bikini. In fact whatever jewelry piece you accessorize with, should only add on to the grace and not draw the attention solely towards it.

Perhaps that’s why bracelets by Despi are so perfectly created that they neither radiate too much to take the focus off you nor are so dull that these pass unnoticed. Stylish to the core and brimming with a lot of luxury, Luminous bracelets will transform you into a high-styled Diva! However, don’t worry the swimsuit that your pair it up with will have it’s own story to tell and people will be there to listen!

Buy Despi Luminous bracelets from Molly Brown’s resort wear store and be a shining star or a sun goddess; but you’ll definitely up and above the mere mortals.

Buy now!

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Swimwear Accessories – You Just Can’t Do Without Them!

The ever-evolving women’s swimwear world is brimming over with innovative and stylish bikinis, swimsuits, one-pieces and other dresses that zap the swimwear fashion followers! However, it would be wrong to say that swimwear is just about sexy and feminine apparels. After all, a fun-filled beach or pool spree involves much more than mere coltish and ravishing swimwear pieces.

Swimwear accessories are an integral part of any dedicated fashion follower’s wardrobe! These include a wide array of items that help you look stylish and stunning quite effortlessly and, brilliantly bring out the best in your personality! These may include anything from cover-ups and sarongs to water shoes and aqua mats!

A dig at the latest swimwear accessories!

A sneak-peek at the latest swimwear accessories presents before us a world of enticing options! Some of the most common beachwear accessories include sarongs, board shorts, havaianas, flip flops, swim-caps, sunglasses, kickboards, waterproof watches, active belts, aqua mats, water shoes and waterproof radios!

The list of swimwear accessories is just ever-multiplying! It would not be wrong to say that these help in adding a dollop of glamor and just the right amount of attitude to our semblance! Besides, they are easy to choose, attractive to look at and most importantly, they bring out the best in you!

So next time when you shop for women’s designer swimwear, don’t forget to pick some frisky swimwear accessories along! After all, swimwear is all about looking cute and sexy!

For any designer swimwear query, feel free to contact us at

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Evergreen Swimwear Trends – A Rage Yesterday, Today and (May Be) Tomorrow

Swimsuit trends get transformed with changing seasons but there are others which somehow never have the sun setting on them. These bikini and swimwear designs never fail to render you a fashionable appeal and make you look like a diva wherever you go.

The certainty of these beachwear trends, to rock every time, is as inevitable as that of the changing seasons.

Let’s take a peek at some of the forever-in-vogue and ever green swimwear trends which have always been a safe bet among fashion forward people, specially when it comes to making a pick on the spur of a moment!

Here you go:

  • Metallic and shimmer beach apparels will always gather more admirable looks than you can handle. Pair them up with some cool cover ups and accessories and you are all dazzling to flaunt it at parties or night outs or even beach after hour get-togethers.
  • Bikinis with ruffles, frills and tiers look very feminine and yet very stylish. These look extremely cute and you can easily coast through looking like a Glam Doll.
  • Natural and bright colors have always proved to be big winners. Many swimwear designers use bright hues in their swimwear pieces that always strike a welcoming cord with the ladies!
  • Floral prints are also in demand for quite some time now. There are different varieties on the market from where you can make your pick and be sure of looking sensuous and playful.
  • Molly Brown’s is the place where you can get hands on most of these bikini trends. So, the next time you get into the sun to pick some voguish bikini, you would know what to select and where to go.

    To know further about designer swimsuits, accessories or cover ups, feel free to write to us at

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    Swimwear Accessories – Complete the Beach Look!

    Swimwear Accessories
    Swimwear Accessories
    Swimwear is one genre of clothing that could not be complete without the right-kind-of-accessories. In fact, inapt accessories with swimsuits can mar your look at beaches and completely kill your style appeal for the season. So, make sure you’ve all the necessary accessories to go with your sexy bikinis and swimsuits.

    We chalk out a few swimwear accessories for all the ladies who want a complete look for beachwear season!

    Havaianas – Swimwear accessory that you just cannot do without at beaches is the ever-so comfortable havaianas. You may either pick up a simple mono-colored havaiana or may go in for floral or printed ones depending on your beachwear. You can add a bling factor here by opting for embellished havaianas or the ones with silver, golden or bronze-colored straps. Molly Brown’s has a gamut of havaianas to choose from, right from simple subtle ones to blingy printed ones.

    Bravo Pads – Molly Brown’s also offers another important accessory for your swimsuit, namely Bravo Pads. Available in different styles and shapes, you may choose the pads as per your bikini’s fit and the shape you want.

    Cover Ups & Glasses – A sexy cover-up or a sarong is best when you’re riding the waves. Cover ups can be used as accessories when you do not want to adorn a skimpy look. You may also compliment your swimsuit with fine glares. Apart from giving an ultra-glamorous look, it also serves as a utility while you’re surfing. It protects your eyes and is-a-must to shun the glaring sun rays. You can go for polarized sunglasses as they’re perfect for water activities wherein the polarized lenses reduce the reflection of water in strong light conditions.

    Other accessories could be earrings, a belt, a hat or a neckpiece that suits well with your bikini. Right accessories can make you look like a beach diva. All you need to do is pair the right accessory with the right swimsuit.

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    Beach Bunny Swimwear 2009 Collection available at Molly Brown’s

    Newport Beach, CA, June 31, 2009

    Beach Bunny Swimwear 2009 Collection that includes bikinis, swimsuits, bathing suits and cover-ups is now available at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store ( The latest Beach Bunny range can be browsed at””>2009 Beach Bunny collection features alluring Brazilian cuts and silhouettes, inspired by the couture lingerie. The ultra seductive and feminine designs form the highlight of this latest collection, designed by Angela Chittenden.

    Beach Bunny swimwear line came into existence in the year 2004. A brainchild of the former swimsuit super model Angela Chittenden, it earned recognition in People, Instyle, USA Today, E! News Daily and other top notch magazines. With intelligent designs and immaculate emphasis on detailing, Beach Bunny Swimwear boasts of a clientele that includes Jessica Simpson, Eva Longerie Parker, Salma Hayek and the likes.

    The notable pieces of the latest collection of Beach Bunny Swimwear can be clubbed under 6 new lines viz Pucker Up, Nautical But Nice, Tequila Sunrise, Malibu Barbie, Wild Child and French Collection. The prominent styles that would be ruling this year are Steal My Kisses, Sail Away, Uptown Girl, Wicked Games and Lady Marmalade.

    “Excellent attention to ornamentation and a desire for perfection is what that helps Beach Bunny stand out among its contemporaries. The glamorous and stunning swimsuit designs are the pillars behind the breath taking success of this designer swimwear line and the 2009 Beach Bunny Collection proves all that and more!”, shares Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s.

    Beach Bunny swimsuits never fail to attract me, and their 2009 collection is just amazing”, quips Mariel, an excited customer. More information about the 2009 Beach Bunny Swimwear Collection is available at””>high-end & unique swimwear & accessories. The store’s online retail division ( has been successfully serving shoppers for around 5 years. The store specializes in designer beach & pool apparel. Molly Brown’s retails collections of leading designers like Vix, Despi, Beach Bunny, Volcom & many more. The establishment is actively involved in celebrity photo shoots, high profile events & fashion shows.

    Hollywood’s A list & fortune 500 professionals are among their clientele. Free ground shipping is provided on all orders of $100 above.

    For more information, contact us:

    Donna Allen
    Molly Brown’s Swimwear
    2116 Newport Blvd.
    Newport Beach, CA 92663

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    Letarte Crochet Dress – Summer Sweet Indulgence

    Letarte Crochet Dress
    Letarte Crochet Dress
    Letarte Crochet Dress by the leading swimwear designer, Letarte, is a sweetly crafted summer dress that is perfect for tropical indulgences and beach visits. The stunning Crochet Dress by Letarte swimwear is ready to define the ultimate chic look this season.

    Whether you want to lounge by a pool side at night or stroll the sandy beaches during day, the Letarte Crochet Dress will prove to be your best summer pick. With an ultra sexy design, the Crochet Dress will win you more compliments than you can count.

    Letarte Crochet Dress – Sweet and Stylish

    Letarte Crochet Dress beautifully showcases the Hawaiian spirit and sensuality which is the insignia of Letarte swimsuits and bikinis. Designed in a luscious way with elegant peek-hole crochet detailing, the Letarte Crochet Dress promises you a classy appeal. The Letarte Crochet Dress is fully lined, so you don’t have to worry even if it gets wet.

    Long sleeves and a short length makes the Crochet Dress by Letarte look astoundingly retro with a unique contemporary appeal. The Crochet dress made from light and soft fabric guarantees you a sweetly styled appearance this summer season.

    Letarte Crochet Dress is offered at Molly Brown’s store along with an exclusive range of Letarte bikinis and swimsuits. Molly Brown’s presents bikini collections and beach wear accessories by leading swimwear designers.

    Enjoy sweet scents of the summer dressed in an equally lovely Letarte Crochet Dress.

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    Swimwear Beyond Bikinis – Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress

    Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress
    Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress
    Swimwear designer, Vitamin A Silver has yet again presented a sensation with its trendy Catalina Sun Dress that lends ‘cute’ a whole new dimension. The Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress presents a pleasant deviation from the usual swimsuit and bikini swimwear collections. Talk about non-conformity and this Catalina Sun Dress becomes ideal for breaking the bikini monotony this summer season.

    The designer dress by Vitamin A Silver, can also be used as a cover up over a designer bikini or a Vitamin A Silver swimsuit. The cute Catalina Sun Dress is perfect for a sunny getaway at the beach or a night out on the town with your friends.

    Whether you are at a sandy beach or a snazzy pool party, the Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress, will win you more admirers than you can manage.

    Swimwear fashion redefined Sun Dress Way!

    The Catalina Sun Dress by Vitamin A Silver is a strapless dress that beautifully graces the body. Lined at the bodice for maximum comfort and opacity, the Catalina Sun Dress is made from a soft fabric. The lightweight of the dress further adds to it gorgeous appeal, making you look refreshing and full of vitamin fashion!

    Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress comes in various colors that are perfect for summery outings. Catalina Sun Dress is available in a wide range of hues from sultry coco to pristine aqua. Take your pick and be prepared for absorbing some vitamin D, in a chic way.

    Want more from Vitamin A? Then team up the dress with the designer’s bikinis and swimwear accessories available at Molly Brown’s, one stop shop for all women’s swimwear needs and wishes.

    Get your Vitamin A Silver Catalina Sun Dress for an ultimate chic look this season!

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    Red Carter Siegfried & Roy Swimsuit – Get ready for a Wild & Wet Summer!

    Red Carter Siegfried and Roy Bikini
    Red Carter Siegfried and Roy Bikini
    Summer has arrived and with it sexy beachwear, stylish swimsuits and sensational bikinis. Red Carter cannot be left behind, when speaking of swimsuit fashion and beach styling. This summer, Red Carter, one of the pioneers of the beachwear fashion is all set to rule with one of their wild entries, the Siegfried and Roy bikini.

    The Magic of Sensation continues – Red Carter Siegfried & Roy Swimsuit

    Sigfried & Roy swimsuit features a sexy zebra sliding triangle top that ties at the neck and the back. This provides ultimate fit and comfort. Adorned with beautiful gold charms at the center, the Sigfried & Roy bikini top will enable you to tame others while you wear your them animal attitude!

    Equally stunning is the bottom that spells out style in its own unique way. The appealing string sides have the same ultra-chic gold charms hanging from them. The coverage of Red Carter Siegfried & Roy swimsuit is just enough to prevent the scrutinizers from being completely blown away.

    Choose from a wide range of Red Carter swimwear, cover ups, and bikinis available on Molly Brown’s swim wear. Grab the fantastic Red Carter Siegfried & Roy swim suit and baffle the spectators not with illusions but with real style and appeal!

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